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Modern Vampires


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Sep 21, 2010 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: matze_hg - external link: IMDB
This vampire flick can be regarded as a persiflage of the whole genre and never takes itself too seriously. This starts off with decadent vampires and continues seamlessly with a hoary Dr. van Helsing, who hired the Crips to aid him in hunting vampires. The movie didn’t cost much, but the story wouldn’t have needed a higher budget anyways. It’s a nice b-movie without aspiration and an easygoing atmosphere one will rarely encounter in the vampire genre.

The German VHS version is yet unrated, in contrast to the USA where two different versions have been published. The r-rated version has been edited MPAA-style, which means that scenes including violence and nudity were cut by several frames. Seeminlgy the r-rated version was only published on VHS, the only difference between its cover and the one of the unrated version is a Special Director's Cut sticker on the unrated DVD.

Comparison of the uncut unrated version with the cut r-rated version .

13 differences:
8 cuts
4 scenes mit alternative footage.
1 additional overlay

The unrated version is 10.68 seconds longer than the r-rated version.
Additional overlay
0:0:24:Both versions show different logos before the actual movie starts.

The German version features a text field explaining the term „Revenant“:

"1. A person returning (after a long time of absence).
2. A person whose ghost returns after their death.

The r-rated version instead already displays the first actors‘ names and the movie title. However, thanks to the logos, the r-rated version has longer opening credits.
+ 15.8 sec.

Alternative footage
0:15:00: Among the sparsely clad ladies and gentlemen, there are some lacking any clothing at all. While the r-rated version has no problems showing off bare breasts, the private parts of two women hat to be camouflaged digitally.
no time difference


0:22:48: Some bloody frames of Vincent getting impaled are missing.
0.48 sec.

0:22:52: Again a few frames of the impalement are missing.
0.52 sec.

Alternative footage
0:23:00: The unrated version features a close up of the stake in Vincent’s wound, whereas the r-rated version shows van Helsing.
The r-rated version is one frame longer (0.04 Sec.).


0:24:09: The first three frames showing van Helsing’s henchman starting to saw through Vincent’s neck are missing in the r-rated version.
0.12 sec.

0:24:15: A close up of the sawing in the bloody wound was cut by another few frames in the r-rated version.
0.32 sec.

0:24:18: The view of the head getting separated from the body was censored.
2.2 sec.

0:24:23: A close up of the knife cutting in the wound was cut.
0.84 sec.

Alternative footage
0:47:53: In the unrated version the camera pans along the lovers’ profiles, showing off Dallas’ naked butt in process. The r-rated version averts this view by zooming at the beginning of the scene, slowing down the sequence and rewinding it afterwards. The shot of the clouds sets in earlier as well.
The unrated version is 0.16 sec. longer.


Alternative footage
0:48:27: Here the r-rated version utilizes a zoom to prevent showing off the naked butt. Consequently enough all following shots have been zoomed in order to eliminate any arising suspicions.
No time difference


1:10:29: The sex scene was expanded for the unrated version.
3.76 sec.

1:21:20: A scene featuring a naked woman fleeing from a cage has been removed.
2.32 sec.