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Santa Sangre

Rumble in the Bronx


  • International Version
  • Japan DVD
Release: Apr 26, 2009 - Author: Scat - Translator: van lightning - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the internatinal version (taken from German Pay-TV-Chanel Premiere, US-Version should be identical) and the Japanese version (Pioneer DVD)

As with many Jackie Chan films, the German version has been cut, mostly scenes concerning plot and comedy were omitted. On the other hand, some small scenes included in the German version are missing on the Japanese DVD. These have been marked in the censorship report with italic characters. At several points the dialog has remained uncommented, as the Japanese Pioneer DVD contains the original audio track which is partly in English and partly in Chinese and, sadly, I do not understand the latter. The stated time data refers to the Japanese DVD, unless otherwise indicated.
The intro, including the landing plane, is missing on the Japanese DVD. The Japanese DVD begins with the scene at the airport. Credits follow.
+103 Sec

Now you can see the credits in the Japanese version, while further takes of the city can be seen. These scenes are missing in the German version.
15 Sec

Anita Mui says a few more words.
2 Sec

Jackie goes on fooling around. In between you get lots of takes of Anita Mui, who tries hard not to laugh.
28 Sec

After Jackie’s uncle tells Anita Mui: ”We’ll see what we can do about that“, you get a take of her smiling. This is missing on the Japanese DVD. Unfortunately, I cannot say for sure where this scene would be on the DVD, as the take of Jackie’s uncle is longer on the DVD, followed by the camera jumping back and forth from the uncle to Anita Mui, until they leave the room.
+1.5 Sec

Jackie tidies up the carts, a car arrives. This scene appears earlier in the German version (in the Premiere version at 0.08.27). Here, on the Japanese DVD, this short sequence comes after Anita showed Jackie that she could watch him joking the whole time.
no time difference

Two dudes walk up to the store. Jackie’s uncle talks to them shortly (seem to be two wierd dudes who come by now and then to collect ”protection money”).
38 Sec

Jackie und Anita Mui turn around once more. A small bit of the following scene is missing, as well.
4 Sec

Jackie’s uncle says goodbye, a bit is missing where he waves his arms.
2 Sec

The eagle-eye take of the gang appears earlier in the German version (in the Premiere version at 0.11.05).
no time difference

Some frontal takes of the two motorbikes driving over the cars are missing.
12 Sec

2 further takes of the lady bikers.
3.5 Sec

Jackie’s uncle doesn’t wake up; slight rearrangement of frames.
no time difference

Again missing scenes of the lady bikers.
2.5 Sec

The take of Jackie goes on for a few more frames, showing his arm go down.
0.5 Sec

The take of Jackie begins earlier and ends later.
3 / 3.5 Sec

A closeup of Jackie, still screaming up to his uncle, is missing.
8.5 Sec

Conversation between Anita and Jackie continues for a longer period of time.
19 Sec

Scene of Jackie’s uncle and the latter’s wife singing, is missing.
76 Sec

Jackie’s training scene starts earlier.
18.5 Sec

Tracking shot on Jackie’s training. The German version is cut to a direct closeup.
15.5 Sec

The last take of Jackie is slightly longer.
1 Sec

Jackie observes still another gang member stealing something.
10 Sec

Missing take of both gang members. Begin of the following take of Jackie also slightly cut.
2 Sec

Take of Anita Mui staring at Jackie is slightly longer.
2 Sec

Cut after Jackie says: "That’s Chinese Kung Fu." Jackie goes on talking about it – in Chinese, however. The man and the saleslady ask Anita what Jackie said. After a while, Anita answers in Chinese. They look at each blankly.
33.5 Sec

Anita’s dialog starts earlier.
3 Sec

Jackie’s take (putting down the trashcans) starts earlier.
0.5 Sec

Anita can be seen for slightly longer.
1 Sec

Take of Jackie starts earlier. He takes a look around before dashing off.
3 Sec

Take of Jackie throwing his shopping bag aside starts earlier.
1 Sec.

2 takes are missing: one of the rocker gang and a closeup of Jackie. Then they run up the stairs.
2 Sec.

Alley take is slightly longer.
0.5 Sec

Jackie dodges a second bottle. About 2 seconds after he raises his head, you can see some blood running. This scene also appears in the German version, but, in between, you can see two rockers shake hands and no running blood can be seen. In the German version, the camera jumps back to Jackie, and the blood is already there, thereby omitting 2 seconds. The hand shaking scene appears on the DVD only after Jackie grasps his throat.
2 Sec

The scene of Jackie being bombarded with bottles has been shortened by several takes and cut together differently. Many bottles hit his stomach. A take of Nancy and the other girl, both watching appalled, is missing, too.
26 Sec in total

Jackie can be seen lying on the floor for slightly longer.
1.5 Sec

The boy can be seen for slightly longer.
1 Sec

A whole sequence is missing: Jackie comes into the store. Anita slags him off a bit. He leaves, insulted. The two dudes come into the store. Jackie follows them and gives them a stern look. They leave the store again. One of them says: ”I think he’s a cop”.

A few seconds later the gang drives up once again. Jackie leaves the shop by the back door. The gang comes in. One of the guys pesters Anita. The boss says: ”You hurt my buddys. I want compensation money or we take your store.” They snatch shopping carts and fill them up with all sorts of stuff. Jackie comes up to the store and sees Nancy bowing her head in shame. When the gang comes out with their loot Jackie cries out: "Stop, you pay for this!" The gang boss answers: "Who do you think you are?!" Jackie says "I`m the Boss here!". Anita says something to Jackie and gets slapped by a gang member. Jackie says he is going to call the police. The gang starts throwing stuff at Jackie, and lo and behold: the police arrives. The gang flees, the police ram the shopping carts and drives after the gang. Jackie takes a seat close to Anita, who is still very shocked and frightened. Jackie gets up and leaves Anita by herself. The saleslady takes a seat close to Anita.
273 Sec

Shortened take. Jackie walks down the street for slightly longer.
4.5 Sec

Jackie fights with his entangled balloons. One of the gang members dashes at him and Jackie runs off.
3.5 Sec

On the DVD you can see two different takes of the gang ramming the popcorn machine. In the German version, both takes were cut together.
1 Sec

2 takes are missing: Jackie runs away, the gang drives after him.
5 Sec

Jacky starts running away a bit earlier.
0.5 Sec

Longer take of Jackie: He goes on running, opening a gate.
3 Sec

Longer punchup scene. End of the first take (pic. 1) and the whole following take are missing (pic. 2).
4 Sec

Jackie wants to climb to the next floor / gang member runs towards him -> These takes come vice versa in the German version.
no time difference

When Jackie gets to the top of the building, he asks a lady for help. She flees in her car.
6.5 Sec

Missing take of the car driving off.
2 Sec

End of take is missing. Jackie runs away.
1 Sec

A missing take of the gang pushing the truck backwards.
1 Sec

Take of Jackie starts earlier.
1.5 Sec

There are 4 takes of Jackie jumping from one house to another (not counting the first closeup) on the DVD. In the German version the second one and the beginning of the fourth one in missing.
2.5 Sec in total

No missing scene, just a different order of takes of Jackie and the gang.
no time difference

The arriving car is missing on the DVD.
+2 Sec

Missing take of Angelo and Nancy.
3 Sec

Take of the guy inspecting the diamond starts earlier.
2 Sec

The take of the other guy’s dialog is cut towards the end and the beginning of the following take is missing.
1.5 Sec

Take shortened at the end (Jackie and the boy in the wheelchair).
1 Sec

In the German version, the take of two gang members turning around already appears after the first car crash. On the DVD, this take comes after Jackie looks up in alarm.
no time difference

Take of the two gang members starts earlier.
4 Sec

A missing take.
1 Sec

Take starts earlier.
0.5 Sec

Take of Jackie/wheelchair starts earlier.
2 Sec

Appears only later in the German version: Gangster inspects Angelo. In the middle of the take, the scene where Jackie gets the pillow already can be seen in the German version. Then, the take continues. On the DVD, the scene of Jackie getting the pillow is at 0.51.11.
no time difference

Take of the boy goes on for slightly longer.
0.5 Sec

Take starts earlier.
0.5 Sec

Another take which has been shortened at the beginning.
1 Sec

Shortened take: again, the beginning is missing (Jackie pushes the the wheelchair into the living room).
0.5 Sec

End of Jackie’s dialog is missing.
7 Sec

End of the take missing. The boy still says: "...and i can’t". The dialog itself is complete in the German version.
2 Sec

Missing dialog scenes with Jackie and the boy and takes of Nancy who starts crying.
32.5 Sec

Take of Nancy starts earlier.
1,5 Sec

Take of Nancy hugging her brother is longer.
3 Sec

Take starts earlier.
1.5 Sec

Longer take of Nancy crying. Her brother asks her, why she is crying.
2 Sec

Missing scene in department store: The two guys come in again and demand money. The saleslady hands them some money, but Anita barges in between. She snaches the money and tries to look fierce. One of the guys, fully unimpressed, breakes her glasses and takes the money. Anita remains frozen for a few seconds before collapsing.
28 Sec

The policeman tells the typist to take that piece of ”dog crap” out of his mouth.
6.5 Sec

In the German version, you get a fadeout to Angelo going down the stairs in nightlight Manhattan. On the DVD, a simple cut ensues and then the following sequence is missing: Anita Mui obviously found a purchaser for the store, Jackie comes in, Anita tries to talk her way out of the affair, so Jackie doesn’t find out she wants to sell her shop again. Jackie has a short conversation with Anita and the merchants and leaves again. He gives her a thumbs-up sign to show her that he supports her, she answers by winking.
95 Sec

After the take of nightlight Manhattan (fadeout mentioned before), a scene of the cops observing Angelo (missing in the German version) follows.
7.5 Sec

Longer take of Jackie.
2.5 Sec

One of the gangsters asks Jackie: "Do you've seen any diamonds ?" The first frames of the following scene are also missing.
3.5 Sec

On the DVD, a scene is missing in which Jackie and Nancy flee. Nancy topples all motorbikes with a single kick.
+22.5 Sec

Missing dialog with Nancy.
1 Sec

More missing dialogs. After Nancy inquires: ”Do you have a girlfriend?”, the following is missing: Jackie (a bit confused) says: "yes, in Hongkong." Nancy answers: "I like a man who’s honest." Her dialog isn’t missing, but can be heard when the camera shows Jackie. The translation is different, though. She says: ”because you’re very sweet“ instead of "I like a man who’s honest".
4 Sec

The park sequence comes first in the Japanese version, then comes the rockers-raiding-the-department-store-again sequence. The department store scene is not quite complete (see below).
no time difference

Missing take of the gang boss lunging out twice with a baseball bat and breaking something.
1 Sec

The take after the shelf-toppling is slightly longer.
1.5 Sec

A take of the departing bikers is missing.
2 Sec

Missing dialog. A gang member says: "I don’t know what you’re talking about."
2 Sec

2 missing takes: "give them the message" says the boss and drives off, while one stooge gives a sign to another.
2.5 Sec

Missing sequence: Jackie and Nancy come home, kiss, Anita Mui shows up, slags Jackie off because the rockers demolished her store, slaps him, he runs after her. Another missing scene when Jackie reaches the department store. As he enters, the German version catches up.
55.5 Sec

Missing dialog with Anita Mui (take starts earlier).
4.5 Sec

More missing dialogs.
7 Sec

Longer take, Anita starts crying and the following take starts slightly earlier.
4 Sec

Jackie says: "Let’s go". Nancy hesitates. Jackie repeats: "Go!" Now they start moving.
3 Sec

Anita starts taking off her glasses a bit earlier.
3.5 Sec

Two takes are missing: one of Jackie, one of gang boss Tony walking up.
4.5 Sec

Slightly longer take of the guy falling with a bottle in his hand.
1 Sec

Dude swings the baseball bat twice (longer take).
1 Sec

Jackie thrashes one more.
3 Sec

Longer take of Jackie stopping in front of the pinball machine. Two gang members throw bottles at him.
5.5 Sec

One of the gang members tries to hit Jackie with a bat, misses, and hits wood. This scene is longer on the Japanese DVD, and also includes Jackie eluding the gangmen by pushing the pinball machine. A closeup ensues (1.11.25) and the German version catches up.
4.5 Sec

Cut after the man in red hits the side of the pinball machine: Jackie dodges some hits.
3 Sec

Longer take (Jackie first wants to leave by turning right), he gets hit and rolls in the other direction.
3 Sec

Missing punchup scenes.
3.5 Sec

Jackie’s take (whirling a ski board around) is slightly longer.
0,5 Sec

Longer take of Jackie insulting the gang.
5 Sec

2 takes are missing: one of Tony and one depicting a gang member.
4 Sec

Two run away, screaming (take starts earlier).
2 Sec

Longer take: stooges leave, another one shows up.
1.5 Sec

Missing take of the stooge asking: "where`s the diamonds?" Can still be heard in the German version, as it was inserted in the previous take of Jackie, Nancy and Tony.
1 Sec

Longer take, rocker boss Tony ruffles up again.
1 Sec

Take of the boy in the wheelchair starts earlier.
1 Sec

Jackie opens the door (take starts earlier).
1 Sec

Shot starts slightly earlier (guy carries the boy).
1 Sec

Longer take: stooge leaves.
2 Sec

Take of Jackie arriving at the department store and take of the department store shown in alternate order. Slightly longer take of Jackie arriving.
tenths of a second

A take of Jackie stopping shortly and then running towards the department store.
2 Sec

The take of Jackie running into the department store starts earlier.
1,5 Sec

Longer take of Anita Mui.
2 Sec

Take starts earlier (Jackie and the boss on the phone).
2 Sec

Jackie and Anita scream more at each other.
8.5 Sec

Longer take of Anita Mui. The following take starts 1 second earlier.
3.5 Sec

Longer take of the cop. The following take starts earlier.
1.5 Sec

In the Japanese version, a take of ”White Tiger” playing golf is missing.
+6.5 Sec

Missing take. The cop says: "Backup, did you copy ?".
1.5 Sec

Take of White Tiger starts earlier.
1 Sec

Stooges’ dialogs are missing.
8 Sec

Take starts earlier. Jackie says: "okay, I tell you where’s the diamonds." 5 Sec

Longer scene:
Jackie: "If you let them escape they kill my friends"
Cop: "Don`t tell me how to do my job. The place will be surrounded."
The cop says something using a walkie-talkie.
16 Sec

The cop askes the guy who got shot, if he’s ok, Jackie runs away. Then a take of the stooges fleeing. These scenes appear in alternate order in the German version. The last part of Jackie running away is missing (1.30.23): the cop yells something after him. This can also be heard in the German version in the previous take.
2.5 Sec

Missing take. One of the stooges yells "Let’s go you guys! Move!". The beginning of the following take is missing, as well.
2.5 Sec

2 missing hovercraft takes: first someone switches something on and then a take of the propellers.
2.5 Sec

Take of the hovercraft, then scenes of it whirling away the small market. Jackie runs onto a boat and climbs up the mast. Alternate order in the German version.
no time difference

Scenes of the cops being splashed by the boat. In the German version they appear approx. 20 seconds earlier.
no time difference

Take of Jackie running (in slow motion).
2 Sec

Slightly longer take of the stooge who says "Damn!" .
0.5 Sec

Slightly longer closeup of Jackie in the water.
1.5 Sec

Jackie’s bum hits the hard water surface twice more.
3 Sec

Take of the cops on the ships starts earlier.
2.5 Sec

Slightly longer take of Jackie.
1.5 Sec

Missing take of hovercraft and cops’ boats and missing take of one of the stooges staring in disbelief at the huge mass of cops.
2.5 Sec

Take of Jackie and eagle-eye take of boats appear in alternate order.
no time difference

Take of Jackie starts earlier.
2,5 Sec

Missing take of Jackie.
3.5 Sec

Longer take of the helicopter.
1.5 Sec

Take of Jackie, as well as the following take, are both slightly longer.
0.5 / 0.5 Sec

Missing take of the hovercraft steering towards other fishing boats and missing take (from hovercraft perspective) of the fishermen jumping into the water.
3 Sec

Longer take.
1,5 Sec

Missing: frontal take of hovercraft. Jackie soars over even more boats. Another hovercraft take.
9.8 Sec

Longer take of the hovercraft.
1 Sec

Missing take.
1.5 Sec

Slightly longer take.
1 Sec.

One take missing of the boat turning.
3 Sec

The two following scenes appear in alterate order in the German version.
no time difference

3 takes missing of the cops pulling out in their cars.
6 Sec

Take of Jackie arriving in a rush and of a girl in a sand pit -> alternate order in the German version.
no time difference

Longer take of Jackie and the child running away from the boat.
3 Sec

Longer take of Jackie and child.
1 Sec

End of the first of three takes of Jackie being run over by the hovercraft is missing.
0.5 Sec.

Longer hovercraft take.
1 Sec

Longer hovercraft take.
0.5 Sec

Longer take of Jackie who just manages to get a grip on the boat while falling down.
2 Sec

Longer take (hovercraft drives towards the street).
1 Sec

Take of the bus driver missing.
1 Sec

Longer hovercraft take, take of Jackie, stooge shoots at Jackie, Jackie dodges.
6.5 Sec

Short frontal take of the hovercraft driving towards the cars.
1.5 Sec

Now things get chaotic: first of all, 6 (by the way, well filmed) takes of the hovercraft ramming cars nose to nose or cars swerving are missing. The last one (number 6) shows Jackie gripping in despair. In the German version only 2 can be seen: first the 5th (perspective from a car) and then the 2nd take (but the beginning is missing).
12.5 Sec in total

Take of the truck honking coming to an emergency-stop starts earlier.
0.5 Sec

One take is missing of Jackie falling from the boat under the truck.
1 Sec

Longer take of Jackie.
1 Sec

Missing cop dialog: "We’re in position, we’ll stop him."
2.5 Sec

Longer take of the hovercraft driving away.
1.5 Sec

A take of the people at the rock concert is missing.
3 Sec

A take from the hovercraft and a take of the stooge saying ”Go on! Turn around!” -> alternate order in the German version.
no time difference

Another take of the rocker band’s fans.
1.5 Sec

The cop screams at Jackie for a longer period of time. Only a bit in the middle is missing (in the German version, 3 takes of the hovercraft turning during the rock concert can now be seen. Then again, you get the cop yelling at Jackie. The 3 takes at the rock concert appear later on the DVD).
2 Sec

After Jackie runs into the store, the story continues with the rock concert. 4 takes follow. The first one is missing in the German version. The next three are those which appeared in the last entry. The third of these (someone is stuck to a tree by the tail of his costume) is slightly longer on the DVD. The 5th (pic. 1), 6th (pic. 2) and 7th take (pic. 3) are also missing in the German version.
9.5 Sec in total

Take of the hovercraft arriving starts earlier.
1 Sec

Frontal take of the hovercraft starts earlier (Jackie crashes into the picture from the back-left corner).
1 Sec

Longer take of the cops.
1.5 Sec

Longer take of the stooges.
1 Sec

Longer take of Jackie, take of Anita Mui, then again Jackie.
2.5 Sec

Take of two stooges shooting at the hovercraft -> comes after the take of Anita Mui crouching in the German version.
no time difference

3 takes of the fleeing stooges are missing, as well as one of Jackie.
5 Sec

Anita Mui take missing -> appears 6 sec. later in the German version, but the last tenths of a second are missing. A take of the boss fleeing is also missing.
2.5 Sec

Longer take of the run-over boss.
2.5 Sec

One more outtake of Jackie in his wheelchair.
3 Sec