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  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Oct 06, 2011 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Theatrical Version (represented by the German MGM DVD) and the Director's Cut (represented by the UK MGM DVD).

- 102 differences, among them:
* 21x alternate footage
* 5 recuts

- Difference: 14:21 min

The Movie

Tobe Hooper's trashy but entertaining sci/fi vampire thriller from 1985, which completely and utterly flopped and was partially responsable for the fall of the Cannon studios back in the days, has been shortened for movie theaters by TriStar. Actually, the movie was supposed to be called The Space Vampires, just like the novel by Author Colin Wilson the movie is based on. Cannon scheduled a budget of $25 million, which is quite much for a Cannon production. But it was supposed a blockbuster and the title reminded the people too much of the usual B-movies Cannon releases all the time, so they changed the title and cut out some particular scenes that refer to the vampire subject.

The Versions

The only released version in Germany e.g. is the Theatrical Version. In the UK and US on the other hand, the only available DVD Version is the longer Original Version, referred to as Director's Cut.

Lots of footage got cut out but most of the cuts were probably made for pace. As already mentioned, lots of scenes refering to vampires have been cut out. Apart from that, the investigations of incidents with vampires, which have been removed from the Theatrical Version, are much shorter as well. Some scenes really benefit from this because the timing is better but in most cases, the Director's Cut is the better and more convincing version.

Potential censoring could be interpreted in the many kiss sscenes with the female vampire and some action scenes lack some shots here and there, too. All in all, it's nothing serious - only some plot scenes are missing to hcover up the vampire thing.
Recuts have also been made, but only a few. One scene e.g. pops up a couple of minutes later, another one half an hour later in a different context. But I figure it's a question of taste what is better here.
Furthermore, some comments have been deleted from the audio track. But then again, comments have been added to different scenes as well. Presumably to explain some things that got cut out earlier. The reason for the deleted comments are unknown, so that can only assume. Voice overs needed to be more done one more time, even though the dialog were often equal. In the context of pace and timing, it would make sense for the shorter version sometimes. Nevertheless, it's kind of ineffable.
Also very conspicuous: parts of the original score by famous composer Henry Mancini have been replaced by another score by Michael Kamen but that's not going to be mentioned in the following comparison.

Facts and Figures

Interestingly enough, the English wikipedia article e.g. mentions a version for the UK market while the 15 min longer DC is being considered an "International Theatrical Version". That article implies only the Americans got a shortened version but the Europeans got the uncut version. But the fact of the matter is that, at least in Germany, only the shorter version is available (theaters, VHS, DVD, TV). On the other hand, the US DVD and the US LD only contains the longer version / Director's Cut.

Time index refers to
Theatrical Version (German DVD) in PAL / Director's Cut (UK DVD) in PAL
Alternative Footage
00:00-00:45 / 00:00-01:43

The two versions start off totally differently (neglecting the different company logos).

In the Theatrical Version, the credits can be seen on black background, the movie title then can be seen with some effects.
Following is a text, which informs about the Churchill space ship's mission. In the background the space ship slowly comes into view.

The Director's Cut starts with a tracking shot over the planet with the credits.
Then the shot of the space ship starts a bit earlier and is less darkened, an commentor from the off talks about the mission.

Director's Cut 58,3 sec longer

00:52 / 01:50-02:29

The space ship can be seen a tiny bit longer, then the interior shot starts earlier and the crew notices the alien ship.

A more elaborate commentary from the off: "(Their mission: to intercept and study the comet bearing Dr. Halley's name.) The Churchill is the first spacecraft equipped with the Nerva engine. It propels the Churchill with constant acceleration enough to create Earth-type gravity for the first time on an extended flight. (The Churchill is on course for its rendezvous.)"
One of the astronauts says: "Sir, this is odd."
- "What?"
- "I'm getting a small radar cross section just ahead of the nucleus in the coma of the comet."
Woman: "I've got it too. Check the length. It's at the limit of my scan angle."
- "What's going on?"
Cpt "You run an equipment check?"
- "Every five minutes. Radar states 150 miles."
- "150 miles what?"
- "Length."
- "150 miles long?"
Another one joins them: "What's 150 miles Long?"

39,3 sec

The next exterior shots in the Theatrical include some credits, as the DC already displaxed them they are of course missing there.

(Partially different color filters were used in the two versions, which can be seen in these two and especially in later screenshots.)

Theatrical VersionDirector's Cut

The same applies to the exterior shots after the next cuts, but will not be mentioned again.

01:43 / 03:20-03:25

One of the men comes to Carlsen, then a view from the window the two men stand in front of.

5,1 sec


When the crew conquers the space ship, only in the Director's Cut their conversation takes place, even though it mostly can be heard from the off. It stretches over the following cuts, but due to simplicity reasons, here it is in one piece:

- "Where do you suppose this thing came from?"
- "Was it exploring the comet?"
- "Come on, guys, let's do it."
- "The surface looks badly pitted."
- "In that case, it's been here a Long time."
- "It's derelict, whatever it is."
- "Stand by, Churchill. We're going in."
- "Roger, Carlsen. We copy. We have you going in."
- "Churchill, it looks like some giant artery, organic."
- "I almost have the feeling I've been here before."

Alternative Footage
03:18-03:19 / 05:00-05:08

The Director's Cut shows the shot longer, then there is an additional shot of the crew members gliding through air.

In the Theatrical Versionm there is a fade over to the next shot instead.

Director's Cut 6,5 sec longer

Alternative Footage
03:26-03:27 / 05:15-05:21

Same thing as earlier, the cut to the next shot can be seen after an additional shot in the DC. (Pictures from that additional shot.)

Director's Cut 4,9 sec longer

Alternative Footage
03:30-03:31 / 05:24-05:34

And again, the Theatrical fades to a shot earlier than the DC, which features two additional shots (the crew is flying and another shot of Carlsen) in between.

Director's Cut 8,6 sec longer

Alternative Footage
03:40 / 05:43

The transition to the first scene in the interior is a fade over in the DC whereas it is a hard cut in the Theatrical.

no difference in running time

Alternative Footage
03:44 / 05:47

The same thing before the first shots of the astronauts.

no difference in running time

03:54 / 05:57-05:58

The shot is a bit longer and the commentary "Oh, shit." can be heard.

1,1 sec

06:08 / 08:12-08:15

The crew members can be seen insignificantly longer, then Carlsen can be seen a lot earlier and he commands: "Nobody's going anywhere. Stay where you are."

3,4 sec

06:20 / 08:27-08:28

Insignificant shot shortenings at the beginning and the end.

1 sec

06:22 / 08:30-08:55

Some chat over the radio, the scared crew members can be seen.
Voice: "Nothing, sir. It's stopped opening. It's just sitting there."
Carlsen: "Can you tell what it's made of?"
Churchill employee: "Not metal. It's radar transparent."
Carlsen: "Okay. If it starts up again, let me know. Any activity out there. You understand?"
Voice: "Yes, sir."

24,8 sec

At least a part of "Nothing, sir. It's just sitting there." was moved over the remaining shot of Carlsen in the Theatrical.

06:46 / 09:19-09:36

An addional shot of Carlsen, then the crew can be seen flying towards the light from a different perspective. A bat can be seen stuck in a spider's web.

17,4 sec

08:45-08:52 / 11:35-11:42

The Director's Cut contains an additional radio message (with the same imagery).
"Churchill, if you read, there are two nude males and one female."
The first words of the answer are missing: "This is Churchill..."

picture for orientation

09:16-09:18 / 12:06-12:08

Only the Director's Cut features the woman speaking over the radio: "Derebridge, what's wrong?"

picture for orientation

Alternative Footage
09:59-10:02 / 12:49-12:52

Während das Bild bei der KF am Ende schwarz bleibt (nicht bebildert), wird im DC mittels Texttafel auf ein Zeitfenster von 30 Tagen hingewiesen.

no difference in running time

10:02-10:29 / 12:52-13:22

The Theatrical shows the Churchill flying through space first, then two shots of Mission Control.
In the DC, the two shots of the interior are shown first and then the Churchill in space can be seen a tiny bit earlier.

Director's Cut 3,5 sec longer
pictures for orientation (in the DC's order)

10:29 / 13:22-13:47

Afterwards, the DC shows some more talking in Mission Control. They want to send the Columbia up.

Dr. Bukovsky: "How's their orbit look?"
Officer: "You can see it's stable, but they're slightly off. They should have adjusted coming in...but they haven't."
Dr. Bukovsky: "What do you make of that?"
Another, probably higher ranked man enters: "It would appear that they set their course just after they left the comet and haven't updated it since."
Dr. Bukovsky "The Columbia?"
The other man affirms: "The Columbia."

24,8 sec

10:29-10:36 / 13:47-13:54

In order to make up for the missing scene, somebody is saying "And we have a signal as the Columbia rises to reach the shuttle Churchill." in the Theatrical.

picture for orientation

10:36 / 13:54-13:55

The monitors can be seen insignificantly longer in the DC.

0,9 sec

Theatrical Version longer
10:39-10:44 / 13:58

Only the Theatrical shows an additional shot of the monitors showing the start of the Columbia alongside the commentary "Despite official denial, there is known to be growing concern over the fate of the crew who have not returned as scheduled from their mission to study Halley's comet."

+ 5,6 sec

13:03 / 16:17-16:41

The Churchill's black box is being picked up by one of the astronauts.

"Nothing down here, Columbia. I'm going into the tug bay. I'll get the tapes."

24,5 sec

13:04-13:11 / 16:42-16:49

Only in the Theatrical Version, one of the astronauts says: "Hey Somner, you better get down there. There's...three bodies. I don't know if they're dead. They seem intact. They're in perfect condition."

picture for orientation

13:18 / 16:57-16:59

The astronaut can be seen and says "Somner...there's something you ought to see in the tug bay." in the DC.

2,6 sec

13:23 / 17:04-17:08

There is an additional shot showing the comet's trail.

3,8 sec

13:28 / 17:13-17:55

There is an additional scene after the overlay stating that they are at the scientific centre in London. The military commanders are interrogating Dr. Bukovsky.

Secretary: "I see. How did you open the girl's case?"
Bukovsky: "We didn't, Minister. We were talking about how to get it open when it popped open of its own accord."
Secretary: "Did you X-ray the crystal cases?"
Bukovsky: "We're not certain they're crystal."
Another expert: "The casings are not metallic. I'm not even sure they're organic. The casing is right there in front of us without being there if that makes any sense."
Secretary: "And the bodies?"
The man sitting next to the other expert: "We're going to do our first dissection now. Provided, of course, that Dr. Fallada agrees they're dead."
Dr. Fallada hesitates and eventually says: "I don't know that I am qualified to pass judgment on alien death."
Previous man: "You would agree that they're less alive than we are?"
Dr. Fallada is grinning a bit.

42 sec

16:14 / 20:41-20:42

The female vampire can be seen a bit longer.

0,9 sec

16:39 / 21:07-21:14

The first kiss of the vampire is depicted in two shots, the following shot starts a bit earlier.

7 sec

17:39 / 22:14-22:16

The vampire is shown a little bit longer and she says: "Use my body!"

2 sec

17:55 / 22:32-22:42

An additional shot of the monitors, then Dr. Fallada frantically leaves the room.

9,5 sec

21:10 / 25:57-25:58

Short shot of Dr. Fallada in the elevator.

1,1 sec

21:16 / 26:04-26:16

Dr. Fallada walks longer to the foreground and looks through the broken glass.

12,2 sec

22:24 / 27:24-29:19

The conversation with Bukovsky, who was spared by the woman, starts earlier. They talk about the woman and the tapes which were not destroyed. Then the question comes up why there has been a fire on the Churchill and what the space capsules of the aliens are made of.

Col. Caine: "Tell me again how the girl overpowered you."
Bukovsky: "She... It was the most overwhelmingly feminine presence I've ever encountered. I was drawn to her on a level that..."
Caine: "Was it sexual?"
Bukovsky: "Yes, overwhelmingly so. And horrible. Loss of control."
Caine: "The guard was dead when you came into the room? You found him as he is now?"
Bukovsky: "Yeah."
Caine: "And the girl came from the ship Churchill?"
Man: "Uh-huh."
Caine: "She spoke to you, in English?"
Bukovsky: "That's right."
Caine: "How would she know English? Going back, you say the ship's tapes were destroyed in the fire."
Bukovsky: "They weren't destroyed in the fire. That's what we were told to tell the public. They were erased."
Caine: "''Erased''?"
Bukovsky: "Also, the Churchill's escape pod is missing."
Caine: "What does that mean? Did someone escape?"
Dr. Fallada: "We don't know. Unfortunately, the condition of the bodies make an accurate count impossible."
Caine: "Could the heat from the fire have launched the pod?"
Bukovsky murmurs "No!" and stands up.
Caine: "What started the fire?"
Bukovsky: "The ship's oxygen system ignited. It was a terribly hot fire."
Caine: "Yet you say the three cases containing the bodies were untouched."
Bukovsky: "That's correct."
Caine: "Where were they found?"
Bukovsky: "In the bay where the space tug was stored."
Caine: "Where everything else was charred."
Bukovsky nods and Caine goes on: "Incredible, is it not? Have you examined the cases?"
Bukovsky: "Using every technique we have. X-ray scans of the cases yield only blurred images."
Caine: "What does that mean?"
Bukovsky: "They're not precisely physical objects. More like a force field. We're a bit out of our depth here. The whole thing is..."
Caine: "Yes, I know..."

The Theatrical Version sets in again right in the middle of the shot at the end of the statement, more specifically at "...incredible" .

115,3 sec

23:17 / 30:12-30:22

The answer to the question about life after death is delayed a little bit.

Dr. Fallada asks: "What?"
Caine repeats: "Life after death."
Dr. Fallada: "Do you really want to know?"
Caine: "No."
Dr. Fallada: "But to answer your question..."

9,8 sec

23:41 / 30:46-30:57

The distance shot is longer, then Dr. Fallada is shown earlier and there’s additional dialogue.

Caine: "A vampire?"
Dr. Fallada: "It could be described that way. In a sense, we're all vampires. We drain energy from other life-forms. The difference is one of degree."

11 sec

29:44 / 37:00-37:01

Caine is shown a bit earlier and he says "Yes,..."

1,1 sec

29:55 / 37:12-37:25

Caine keeps interrogating the guys, he wants to know the exact time of their discovery.

Caine: "How Long ago was that?
Guy: "Half an hour ago."
Inspector: "This lad phoned us, and we called you."
Caine: "Yes. Thank you, Inspector."

13 sec

Audio Track

Fallada’s comment "Obviously, the work of the girl" was brought forward a bit, more specifically it was put over the last shot from this cut, while in the Theatrical Version it was put over the following shot of the corpse.

Moreover he keeps talking, this can partly be heard in the DC during the identical shot of the corpse: "You think we could have this body sent back to the center with the others?"
Caine (completely during the shot of the corpse): "Yes, I suppose that's a good idea."

29:58 / 37:28-37:42

Caine says to the leaving Inspector: "Inspector, let me know if you find anything else. We’ll be taking her back with us."
Inspector: "Very good, sir."
Addressed to Fallada he comments: "Now she has clothes."

Back at the headquarters there’s a shot of the corridor, Caine says: "There's something I want you to see, sir."

14,1 sec

30:31 / 38:15-38:20

The shot of the man in the cell starts earlier, more precisely as a tracking shot towards the bars.

4,5 sec

Audio Track
32:14-32:18 / 40:03-40:07

When Caine passes the window you can hear only in the Theatrical Version a voiceover by Dr. Fallada: "Within days we could all be doomed."

Picture for determination

32:52 / 40:41-40:44

The woman on the stretcher can again be seen from above.

3,9 sec

33:07 / 40:59-41:03

There’s a shot of the monitor and another view on the woman from above before the monitor explodes.

3,8 sec

34:41 / 42:37-42:45

After the discovery of the escape capsule follows a short phone call of Bukovsky, who asks for Carlsen;
"Where? Waiter Reed Army Hospital? Is he hurt? Just exhausted. Get him the hell over here!"

The following shot starts a few minor frames earlier.

7,8 sec

35:00-35:01 / 43:04-43:26

In the Theatrical Version you can see a short shot of Bukovsky leaning back in a chair.

In the Director's Cut the wide shot is longer and Bukovsky introduces the people to each other.

Bukovsky: "Colonel Carlsen, allow me to introduce Colonel Caine of the Special Air Services."
They shake hands, Caine: "How do you do?"
Bukovsky: "You already know Dr. Fallada."
Fallada greets him too: "Colonel."
Bukovsky: "Take a seat, won't you."
While they are doing this and he is walking back to his chair, he says: "Tom, I'm sorry to drag you over here like this. I'm sure you'd rather be recuperating with a pretty nurse."

Director's Cut 21 sec longer

Audio Track
35:37-35:39 / 44:02-44:04

After Caine said "She's killed three people already" , we can hear the voiceover of Dr. Fallada during this shot in the Theatrical Version, he adds "As far as we know".

Picture for determination

36:13 / 44:38-44:50

The flashback starts earlier in the DC with a shot of the crew bringing the space capsules into the Churchill.

Carlsen’s comment "After we discovered the bodies, we transferred them to the Churchill" is displayed earlier, while in the Theatrical Version it’s displayed during the following shot.
Therefore, there follows immediately in the DC in the new and in the identical shot a dialogue between the crew members:
- "We have the three humanoid creatures and one of the bat-Like things."
- "This is Churchill. We copy. Welcome back."
- "Have you gotten through to Earth yet, Rawlings?"
- "No, sir, and the tail of the comet's heating up."

12,3 sec

37:06 / 45:43-45:47

Rawlings hammers on the equipment in an additional lateral shot.

4 sec

37:24 / 46:05-46:24

Rawlings gets interrogated a little bit longer, he says: "I've been feeling weak recently...not myself. I just don't remember."
The following shot begins much earlier, at first Carlsen climbs a ladder.

19,4 sec

37:34 / 46:34

The view on the dead Rawlings is insignificantly longer.

0,4 sec

37:36 / 46:36-46:37

Carlsen looks down to the crew minimally longer.

0,5 sec

37:40 / 46:41-46:42

The last shot of the flashback was slightly shortened for the Theatrical Version.

0,4 sec

38:35 / 47:37-47:46

Carlsen walks past the dead crew to the computer keyboard.

His comment "I can't remember" can already be heard here, while in the Theatrical Version it can first be heard during the following shot.

9,5 sec

Audio Track
39:01-39:03 / 48:12-48:14

When Carlsen is going down the stairs you can only hear in the Theatrical Version already his comment "I was determined to destroy them all."

Picture for determination

Audio Track
40:12-40:14 / 49:23-49:25

After Carlsen started the fire and prepared his flight, the above mentioned comment was integrated in the Director's Cut at this point.

Picture for determination

41:26 or 41:57 / 50:38-51:20

Caine is shown longer in the DC, he puts down his cup and keeps watching the monitor. Bukovsky enters and tells something about the newest discovery.

Bukovsky: "NASA tracking and ours have just reported an unusual structure leaving Halley’s Comet. It's headed for us."
Caine: "What is it?"
Bukovsky: "Radar ranging reports the object is a needlelike shape, 150 miles long. Its present course projects out into a perfect Earth orbit in a little more than two days. Oh, and I've just received a call from the Prime Minister. There's going to be a meeting at Downing Street. PM wants answers."

42,2 sec

41:26-41:57 / 51:20 or 58:52-59:26

A short later scene is integrated here in the Theatrical Version, which is placed in the DC after the next scene block with Carlsen, about 8 minutes later: In the control room of the NASA they notice a strange object out in space (so that thing which was already mentioned in the DC in the previous longer scene and which doesn’t need to be shown again).
It is shown a little bit longer at the end of the scene, therefore there’s a runtime difference.

Director's Cut 2,8 sec longer

43:10 / 52:33-52:41

Love scene between Carlsen and the vampire: At first the medium long shot is a bit longer, then a shot of the vampire and a first close view from a different perspective.

7,9 sec

44:45 / 54:16-54:19

Additional shot of Carlsen’s response to Dr. Falladas hypnoses proposal: "Yeah, let’s try it."

3 sec

46:42-46:47 / 56:16-56:23

Close-up of Carlsen in the Theatrical Version. He responds with "Yes." to Dr. Fallada’s question "Two minds?" from the off.

The Director's Cut on the other hand begins with a shot of Carlsen from a further distance. Then Dr. Fallada, who asks more detailled "Two minds? Ellen and the vampire?".
Carlsen agrees here as well but another take of the close-up has been used here (no screens).

Director's Cut 2,9 sec longer

48:41 / 58:17-58:23

Dr. Fallada adds: "It would make sense that we're finding no new victims. She's hoping to leave no trail."

5,5 sec

48:48 / 58:30-58:32

Caine earlier. He responds enthusiastically when Fallada mentions the hidden body: "Let's find it!"

2,6 sec

48:58 / 58:42-58:52

Only in the DC, vampires become an issue at the end of the meeting.

Bukovsky from the back: "Maybe they're Like the vampires of legend."
Caine: "How's that?"
Bukovsky: "They would carry their Earth with them, in their coffins. Wouldn’t they?"

9,7 sec

Only the DC goes on with the above-mentioned discovery in the NASA control room.

48:58-49:10 / 59:26

But there’s another difference. In the Theatrical Version, the scene with the mutated victim in London (please see 78:52 / 92:56) pops up now. Before that, a smooth shot of the city in the evening with a comet’s tail in the sky – also taken from another scene (please see 13:23 / 17:04-17:08).

+ 12,4 sec

49:33 / 59:49-59:52

Dr. Fallada earlier. He’s reaching for his glasses.
3,4 sec

49:43 / 60:02-60:11

Dr. Fallada longer at work. Someone knocks and he turns around to the door.

8,8 sec

Alternate / Recut
49:45-49:46 / 60:13-60:14

After the soldier opened the door, the Theatrical Version cuts to Dr. Fallada. Due to the previous cut, he hasn’t turned around to the door yet which is why this tiny shot pops up now.

As compensation, the shot of the soldier in the doorframe has been removed because the DC doesn’t interrupt when he’s talking to Dr. Fallada.

no difference

52:49 / 63:17-63:30

Carlsen judges the woman and justifies use of force: "Despite appearances, this woman is a masochist. An extreme masochist. She wants me to force the name out of her. She wants me to hurt her. I can see the images in her mind."

13,4 sec

52:59 / 63:40-63:44

The shot starts earlier and Carlsen wants to know: "Are you in there?"

3,5 sec

53:06 / 63:51-63:53

Extended shot of him giving it another shot: "Are you there?"
The following shot starts slightly earlier as well.

2,3 sec

54:00 / 64:47-65:02

Carlsen turns around to Caine.
He asks "Well?" and Carlsen replies: "I've got a physical description."
They leave the room.

14,7 sec

56:43 / 67:45-67:50

Dr. Armstrong keeps struggling. Then another shot of Caine and Percy plus Jeffrey, who just woke up.

5,2 sec

56:50 / 67:57-68:06

First the employee (Lamson) slightly longer. Then an earlier beginning of Dr. Armstrong struggling on the ground.

8,7 sec

Alternate / Recut
56:57-56:59 / 68:13-68:15

Different take of Caine and Percy.
Only in the DC, Percy says sth.: "It's madness!"

Director's Cut 0,4 sec longer

Theatrical VersionDirector's Cut

58:27 / 69:43-70:02

Lamson actually doesn’t react calm to the demand of another shot and Carlsen finally asks for thr triple dose.

Lamson: "One dose is usually enough."
Carlsen: "This is not a usual situation. How long does this stuff last?"
Lamson: "A dose Like that? A couple of hours."
Carlsen: "We’ll definitely need more. Bring me three doses."
Lamson: "Three?"
Caine intervenes: "I’ll take responsibility. Just get on with it."

19,4 sec

58:57-58:59 / 70:32-70:59

The Theatrical Version contains equal footage of Carlsen starting with "Armstrong..." but the words "Can you hear me?" have already been displaced to an alternate shot of Caine and Percy and Dr. Armstrong starts screaming from the off immediately which is why both of them get startled up.

In Director's Cut, Carlsen keeps talking to Dr. Armstrong in the same shot: "Can you hear me? If you can hear me, just say yes."
Dr. Armstrong slowly stutters: "It won't let to you."
After a shot of Caine and Percy, he starts screaming onscreen and both of them cringe in a different shot.

Director's Cut 24,6 sec longer

59:00 / 71:00-71:05

Dr. Armstrong keeps screaming and Caine positions in front of Percy.

5,2 sec

60:34-60:39 / 72:39-72:44

A striking difference which is just the beginning to several differences on the same level.

When Carlsen angrily asks "What do you want from me?" and gets the answer „love you", different angles have been used here.
The Theatrical Version shows Carlsen in each case, then a cut and the handsome woman is lying on the stretcher.
The DC on the other hand makes clear that it’s still Dr. Armstrongs body, in spite of the woman’s voice.

no difference

Theatrical VersionDirector's Cut

61:19-61:21 / 73:24-73:26

While the previous shots of the woman and Dr. Armstrong were equal in eiter of the versions, the versions differ during the comment "I am the feminine in your mind".

The Theatrical Version contains a shot of the woman, the DC of Dr. Armstrong.

no difference

Theatrical VersionDirector's Cut

62:02-62:06 / 74:07-74:15

The Theatrical Version starts with a slightly longer igh-angle shot. Then a short close-up of Carlsen, followed by a high-angle of him coming closer to the mouth.

The Director's Cut instead begins with quite a long shot of Carlsen coming closer to Dr. Armstrong’s mouth, despite the begging.

Director's Cut 4 sec longer

64:24-64:47 / 76:33-76:46

Different course of events with exclusive shots in either of the versions, right after Carlsen and Caine figured out the distraction.

In the Theatrical Version, people get attacked in the streets of London. Panic dominates. Then a shot of a flying chopper.

The Director's Cut only contains a shot of the chopper taking off.

Theatrical Version 10,5 sec longer

64:50 / 76:49-76:54

The shot starts earlier. Caine looks at a bag in his hand without having the slightest clue.

5 sec

65:29 / 77:33-78:02

The DC contains an extended shot of Dr. Fallada talking to them on the radio.

Dr. Fallada: "But I've killed one of them."
Caine: "One of which?"
Dr. Fallada: "One of the two male vampires. One of the transformed ones."
Carlsen: "How did you kill him, Fallada, how?"
Dr. Fallada, while the camera tracks backwards to illustrate the dialog: "The old way, Carlsen. A leaded metal shaft penetrating not through the heart but through the energy center two inches below the heart. Not steel, but leaded iron. Right, Carlsen? Are you there?"
He screamed his last words. Carlsen answers thoughtfully: "Yes."

Only the part starting with "Right, Carlsen?" contains exclusive footage (please see the chart) which is why only that has been illustrated with screenshot.

29,1 sec

Recut / Alternate
65:55-66:18 / 78:28-78:30

In the Director's Cut, only the following shot of Caine starts earlier. He’s startled and looks at Carlsen after he was talking about earlier vampire visits on earth.

In the Theatrical Version, most of the footage from the previous cut pops up now: the scene ends after "leaded iron" and the several questions at the end, if Carlsen was still listening, are missing.

Director's Cut 21,4 sec länger

Audio Track
67:36-67:38 / 79:48-79:50

After the comment "We've lost her!", which is in both versions, the Theatrical Version continues with Carlsen’s "Her body is in London".
The DC goes with "She's gone!" in the shot of the vampire remains / pool of blood because the remaining part of the dialog follows onscreen immediately (please see the chart).

screen for overview reasons

67:38 / 79:50-79:53

The following shot starts earlier. Refering to the previous "She's gone", Caine asks "Where?".
Carlsen replies: "Her body is in London."

3,4 sec

68:04 / 80:19-81:38

First a slightly extended shot of Caine. Then Carlsen, who elaborates what happened on the Churchill. After more of footage of Carlsen in the present, a flashback of him getting out of his cabin and going to the box with the vampire while having a fever or sth.

Carlsen: "I opened her sealed animation case. Either I did it or she did it. I couldn’t help myself. I've never experienced such... I was in love on a level you've never known. It terrifies me. My memory plays tricks on me. She was calling me. Her power was...spiritual. She wanted me, Caine. It was more than spiritual."

79,3 sec

Audio Track
68:04-68:14 / 81:38-81:48

Equal footage in either of the versions but Carlsen’s bold-marked comments (from the previous cut) have been added to the Theatrical Version as voice-over.

screens for overview reasons

68:18 / 81:52-82:01

Carlsen kisses the vamp in the same shot at first, then in another one.

The actual comment via voice-over "She took some of my energy. And she gave me some of her energy." has been re-recorded in a faster and differently pronounced way for the Theatrical Version. It’s also been split up and removed to previous and following scenes.

8,5 sec

68:32 / 82:14-82:28

Same here. The DC contains much more kissing scenes and an entirely new recorded comment from the off. The dialog itself remained unchanged, except for Carlsen’s whining "Why? Why?" (he refers to being chosen by her) at the end. That’s exclusively in the DC.

13,6 sec

Audio Track
68:45-69:07 / 82:41-83:03

The BBC radiogram the crew is listening to in the chopper has been re-recorded as well. The text remains unchanged.

70:32 / 84:28-84:30

In the end, the secretary also asks "Would you care for a cup of tea while you wait?" but Carlsen refuses.

2,2 sec

70:46-70:50 / 84:44-84:54

A shot of the PM from the front for the very first time. He asks: "By the way, where is Sir Percy?"
Caine: "Dead, I'm afraid."
PM: "Oh, that's a great pity."

In the following shot, he wipes his mouth. For some reason, an alternate take has been used here (screens only taken from the entire additional footage in the DC).

Director's Cut 5,9 sec longer

78:52 / 92:56-93:02

Here the shot of the mutated victim (48. Min) from the Theatrical Version. Suitable to the scenes before and afterwards (Caine on his way to the troubled area), it’s accompanied by dramatic music.

5,2 sec

89:37-89:39 / 103:47-103:51

In the Theatrical Version, the vampire turns around a bit.
The DC contains an alternate take in what he says "It will be much less terrifying if you just come to me". Then he turns around faster.

Director's Cut 2,4 sec longer

Theatrical VersionDirector's Cut

89:43-89:44 / 103:55-103:59

Only the DC allows Caine to come up with a one-liner.

In the Theatrical Version, he just looks determined. In the DC, he says: "I'll do just that!"
Furthermore, the following shot starts distinctly earlier in the DC. He draws his weapon.

Director's Cut 3,3 sec longer

Theatrical VersionDirector's Cut

91:27 / 105:42-105:48

The shot starts earlier. The vampire kisses Carlsen, the she says: "Just a little more! Just a little more!"

5,9 sec

The Theatrical Version ends with the TriStar logo. To make it up, the DC illustrates the Cannon logo for a longer period.
At least the available DVD with the Theatrical Version continues with the MGM logo.

(screens taken from the Theatrical Version DVD)