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Abominable Snowman, The


  • US Version
  • UK Version
Release: Jul 06, 2021 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Yeti, the Snowman

Botanist Dr. Rollason is a guest in the Himalayan mountains at a Buddhist monastery to study the flora and fauna there. He is accompanied by his wife Helen and his colleague Peter Fox. One day, his old acquaintance Tom Friend arrives, planning an expedition to the inaccessible plateau to follow the traces of the Yeti. Driven by curiosity, Rollason joins the group which includes trapper Ed Shelley, photographer McNee and local guide Kusang. As the group climbs higher, the terrain becomes more difficult. When they discover tracks in the snow at high altitude, they realize they are not alone and the Yeti is more than just a legend.

Val Guest's The Abominable Snowman is far more than simple monster horror in which a group encounters the Yeti. The film raises existential questions about the role of man in relation to his environment. The claustrophobic atmosphere and the clever script make you forget the sometimes slow pace. An unusually young Peter Cushing brilliantly plays the role of the inquisitive botanist whose curiosity becomes his downfall.

Two versions on US Blu-ray

In the US, the film was released under the title The Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas in a version shortened by plot. A handful of dialogue scenes were removed from the film, including a conversation between the Lama and Rollason that somewhat foreshadows the premise. The raid by the (supposed?) bandits and a conversation in the camp were removed, as was McNee leaving his tent in a trance. Each of these scenes is important to the plot so we can only advise against the US version.

The US Blu-ray by Shout Factory includes the uncut UK version as well as the US version. Since only a master of the US version was available for the HD transfer, the formerly cut scenes were replaced from an SD source. It should be noted that never during a shot is switched to SD, so in the UK version is partly SD material to see although HD material is available for it. The German DVD by Anolis has always featured the uncut UK version.

Running Times:

US version: 85:05 min.
UK version: 90:06 min.

Comparison between the US version and the UK version.


When Friend leaves the Lama after they talk about the tooth, the US version fades out.

In the UK version, the Lama is still talking to Rollason about man's responsibility.
Lama: "Dr. Rollason, one moment if you please. You are determined to go with these people?"
Rollason: "Yes."
Lama: "Then listen what I have to say. As you seek this, creature, remember that you act in the name of mankind and act humbly. For man is near to forfeiting his right to lead the world and face this distraction by his own hand. Now, when a ruler, king is near death, he should not be seeking to extend his realm, but take thought, who might with honor succeed him. Remember this."
Rollason: "I'm not sure that I understand sir."
Lama: "Now go in peace."

US: 1 sec.
UK: 1:18 min.


While Rollason is on view, the US fades to the next scene. The

In the UK, Rollason realizes that they are still being pursued by the three locals. They open fire on the group, but when Shelley fires back, they retreat. Kusang thinks that they are bandits. The group continues its march.

Rollason: "How's it going?"
Andrew : "Huh? Just getting my second wind. If this is what they call traveling light."
Rollason: "McNee."
Andrew: "What?"
Rollason: "Those three men again, look. Right up there in the skyline. They're following us. Friend! Friend, wait a minute!"
Friend: "We gotta keep moving!"
Rollason: "I think we're being followed."
Friend: "Followed?"
Rollason: "The three men again, they're still with us."
Shelley: "Yeah, he's right, it's the same three."
Friend: "Yeah well, let's just keep moving, that's the best thing. Let's just keep moving."

The group is fired upon.

Kusang: "Bandit! Bandit! These men bandit, they kill us!"
Friend: "Quiet everybody!"

Shelley shoots back.

Shelley: "They're out of range!"
Friend: "That ought to do it Ed!"
Shelley: "If only they'd been a bit nearer!"
Friend: "Well they know we're armed, that's the main thing."
Rollason: "I don't think they expected that."
Friend: "Yeah, thought we were easy meat."
Rollason: "I think they only meant to frighten us."
Friend: "Frighten us? They'd of killed us and strip our clothing and equipment."
Kusang: "These men bandit. Yes, bandit."
Shelley: "You got a good look at them Doc?"
Rollason: "Not clearly, it's just an impression."
Friend: "Let's get going, we've lost enough time. Ed, keep that gun handy."
Shelley: "You bet!"

The group continues to run.

Friend: "Come on, let's stay five minutes, catch our breath."
Rollason: "They're making heavy weather of it."
Friend: "Oh, don't worry about Ed, he'll be all right. That little runt back there holding us up. Look at him."
Rollason: "They should've given him more time to climb with us."

US: 2 sec.
UK: 1:50 min.


As the group heads back to their camp after McNee thought he heard something, the US fades to the next scene.

In the UK, the group is seen in their camp. Rollason says he wants to stay a little longer in the morning to explore the area. Friend thinks that McNee should stay behind with him. As Rollason is about to go to sleep, Friend asks if he would like to come out for a smoke.

Friend: "All right, lights out. Let's turn in, we got an early start tomorrow."
Rollason: "I won't be with you. I'll follow you up later."
Friend: "What do you mean? Why, what's up?"
Rollason: "I want to stay a while, look around this area."
Friend: "Look for what?"
Rollason: "Edible plants close to it's habitat. I joined a scientific expedition remember?"
Friend: "Yeah I remember. All right Jock, you stay behind with him to form a rope. You're the slowest."
Shelley: "You don't wanna ride down dog, he's an exceptional guy."
Rollason: "Yeah."
Shelley: "You just wanna fall in with his ways, that's all."
Rollason: "Thanks for the advice."
Shelley: "Gee, this is real snug. All I need now is women. Remember that time in Bombay Tom!"
Friend: "Oh knock it off will ya?"
Shelley: "Happy dreams to one and all!"
Friend: "Hey Doc, wind has dropped, how 'bout a smoke?"
Rollason: "All right."

US: 2 sec.
UK: 57 sec.


As the men pull the sled into the cave and then hear the howling, the UK shows a shot of the mountains. McNee hears the howling and gets out of his tent. Despite his leg injury, he begins to climb up the mountain.

UK: 1:00 min.