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  • Studiocanal DVD
  • US Blu-ray
Release: Sep 02, 2016 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the cut Dutch DVD released by Studio Canal and the uncut US-Blu-ray released by Shout! Factory

- 9 differences
- Difference in time: 264.2 sec (= 4:24 min) [in PAL-speed]

In 1985, Sam Raimi directed Crimewave - his second actual movie after the classic Evil Dead. The Coen-brothers helped writing the script, which you will quickly realize when watching this weird crime-comedy, after all, there are quite a few curious ideas. Still, Raimi's previous work reverberates style-wise. Of course, Bruce Campbell is a part of this flick, playing an enjoyable, overexcited sidecharacter. After the movie bombed at the box office - probably also because of the hassle with the studio - Raimi some of the more experimental tracking shots and other innovative ideas in the more slapstick-focused Evil Dead II.

When it comes to the version, any interested viewer should stick to the US-Blu-ray - the only HD-release of the movie thus far. In several European countries, Studiocanal released a DVD which misses out on several minutes. Besides some "regular" shots (mainly during the middle part of the flick) there are a few sequences with alternative material as well as altered scene orders.

Thanks to spannick for providing us with the material for this comparison!

Runtimes are listed as follows:
Studiocanal-DVD [PAL] / US Blu-ray
Different logos at the beginning.

Studiocanal-DVD 25 sec longer

Studiocanal DVDUS Blu-ray

17:58 / 18:18

Mr. Trend's wife looks through the binoculars a little longer.

0.6 sec

Alternative Scene
17:59-18:03 / 18:20-18:24

The following shot of Odegard's office is shown a little longer on the Blu-ray. The Studiocanal-DVD instead shows an exlusive short close-up shot of Mr. Trend.
After the identical shot of Mrs. Trend, the tracking shot towards him begins a little earlier on the Blu-ray.

Blu-ray 0.3 sec longer

Studiocanal DVDUS Blu-ray

34:27-34:30 / 35:30-35:33

When Faron gets a fork stabbed into his nose, the order of the scenes was slightly altered: On the Studiocanal-DVD the shot of the surveillance camera is shown prior to pulling out the fork, on the Blu-ray this footage is shown after that scene.

Blu-ray 0.3 sec longer

41:08 / 42:29-43:01

Nancy continues to enumerate everything that went wrong that night and all mistakes that Vic had done. She concludes that it could not have been worse and Vic responds that she at least got to know him. She reacts with "Exactly!" and Vic says that it might have been worse.

A car drives past her and she gets soaked in mud. This sequence is also included on the DVD.

30.8 sec

49:36 / 51:51-55:22

After Arthur pulled Nancy in the bathroom, the camera pans to the other door where Vic enthusiastically comes back in. He sees Nancy.
Vic: "Where are you?"
He takes a few steps forward.
Arthur (imitating Nancy): "Freshening up."
While he says that, he has to correct his words. Vic slowly goes to the bathroom door and says that she probably caught a cold and adds that he just talked to Mrs. Elroy in the hallway. According to her, a few weirdos are walking around. Arthur tells Nancy that there probably is a reason to be scared.
Vic returns to his romance-mode and tells Nancy that he loves her. Arthur makes fun of him and predicts sentences like "I've never met a girl like you before". However, Vic soon says goodbye and when Nancy does not react, he gets mroe and more frustrated.
At the door, he says that he understands, which makes Arthur saying a few more weird things to Nancy (such as complementing the interior of her room and then starting to talk about his sad childhood).

203 sec (= 3:23 min)

50:02-50:04 / 55:30-55:32

When Vic is knocked out, two harmless frames were taken out.

Blu-ray 0.5 sec longer

50:06 / 55:54-55:57

After Faron called for Arthur, he asks Nancy: "You got a rodent problem?".

3.3 sec

50:12 / 56:04-56:05

Arthur and Nancy are shown slightly longer.

1.4 sec

64:33 / 71:03-71:28

Before Arthur is hit by the low overpass, we see Vic again.
Vic: "Don't look now, but here comes an overpass!"
Arthur (laughs): "You really tear me up, Vic. Can I call you Vic? I mean that's the difference between me and you. That's why you're down there and I'm up here. You see Vic... You believe in people and I don't. That's why I'm gonna bash your stinkin' little skull..."

24 sec

After the credits, the Studiocanal-DVD shows a Warner-Logo. The Blu-ray instead shows the MPAA-rating.

Studiocanal DVDUS Blu-ray