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Ninja Terminator


  • BBFC 18 VHS
  • BBFC 18 DVD
Release: May 20, 2013 - Author: Odo - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
"Our Ninja Empire is supreme, omnipotent and righteous! Our blood is motivated by Ninja spirit, when we take up a mission we must succeed or die. Our techniques are dominant and unbeatable, our style is unique and hypnotically elegant. If you don't want to suffer under the wrath of the Ninja, then give back our Golden Ninja Warrior!"

Friends of weird movies might already suspect what can be expected from "Ninja Terminator" after reading these quotes: another creation by Joseph Lai's infamous movie studio IFD. The director was, as is the case with these movies quite often, Hong Kong's own Ed Wood, Godfrey Ho. The quality of the movie should make trash fans rejoice, because "Ninja Terminator" contains every aspect of a Ho-brawler they would expect:


Secret Rites

Cool Guys

Exotic Fighting Techniques

So far, so good. But how about the quality of the stock footage used? If you have already seen an IFD movie, you know that pre-made footage contibutes significantly to their films, sometimes these consist of up to two thirds of old material. "Ninja Terminator" luckily does not feature any boring plots and the stock footage features the same qualities the new material has got: Strange characters, unintended funny dialogues and well-choreographed fights follow each other in quick succession.

The ninjas, which can be expected to appear because of the title, appear quite often and use all their tricks in order to finish off their enemies. Whether it is toy robots that deliver death messages, katanas that shoot gas and fire or teleportations, everything you would or would not expect from ninjas can be fount here. Other highlights include the ninja master's Garfield phone (he keeps his "Like a Boss"-look even while using it) and the pocket mirror that – quickly drawn during combat – helps to blind enemies during fights, which is a lot more stupid than it sounds here.

The story itself is – unsurprisingly – not really worth mentioning and basically revolves around a three-piece statue, the Golden Ninja Warrior, which gives the owner of all three pieces supernatural abilites. Just as unsurprisingly, the ninjas are fighting fiercely for it. It should be noted that there also was a pseudo-sequel called "Golden Ninja Warrior". However, the only connection seems to be the original's final fight, which is partially repeated in the opening credits of the sequel.

To sum up: "Ninja Terminator" is certainly one of the funniest Godfrey Ho flicks ever. Buy it, watch it, be happy.

This is a comparison between the cut BBFC 18 VHS by Braveworld and the uncut BBFC 18 DVD by Boulevard Entertainment. Because of the typical restrictions, no throwing stars can be seen in the movie.

16 cuts, summing up to 126 sec. (= 2:06 min.).

The additional Braveworld logo and copyright notice at the beginning of the cut version will not be counted for running times, neither will be the three movie trailers at the end of the uncut DVD Version. The latter also features a black screen at the beginning which is one second longer.

Running time designations will be formatted like this:
Cut Version [Uncut Version].
00:38 [00:38 - 00:46]
The part of the opening credits featuring the nunchaku was removed.
7,8 sec.

00:52 [01:00 - 01:16]
All throwing stars were removed from the credits as well.
16,1 sec.

06:22 [06:46 - 06:54]
A red ninja wants to attack Harry, but he successfully can defend himself with a throwing star, killing the attacker.
7,4 sec.

07:10 [07:42 - 7:43]
While Tomashi is busy with the stolen fragment of the Golden Ninja Warrior statue, he is killed from behind by a red ninja with a throwing star.
1 sec.

13:13 [13:45 - 13:49]
Harry's wife has dropped the still living dinner and Harry decides to use the crustaceans as target. The Cut Version shows him aiming but not the subsequent hit and the still crawling victim.
3,4 sec.

21:25 [22:01 - 22:06]
As another owner of one of the three pieces, Harry is supposed to be killed. A red ninja tries to do this by using another throwing star, but Harry can catch it with a part of his sai. Triumphantly, he holds the still rotating throwing star in the air.
4,5 sec.

21:37 [22:17 - 22:25]
After the red ninja has fled, Harry looks at the throwing star more closely.
7,6 sec.

25:26 [26:14 - 26:18]
After the failed murder attempt on Harry, Baron is supposed to be the next victim. A red ninja waits for him in his house, of course with another throwing star in his hand.
3,2 sec.

25:39 [26:31 - 26:32]
The red ninja throws the throwing star at the Baron, but he turns out to be as hard to kill as Harry and manages to deflext it with his katana.
1,3 sec.

25:41 [26:34 - 26:35]
The red ninja changes his strategy and now tries to roast Baron with the flamethrower that is built-in in his katana. The last frames of this are missing because Baron uses his katana as a fire extinguisher (white smoke emerges from it) and the throwing star can be seen.
1 sec.

25:50 [26:44 - 26:54]
After the red ninja has left, Baron looks at his throwing star more closely.
9,8 sec.

31:55 [32:59 - 33:44]
Harry and Baron meet. During this encounter's dialogue, some parts had to be removed, at least partly because of the visible throwing stars.

Baron: "Look at this!" (hält Wurfstern hoch)
Harry: "Yes, that's my ninja star."

Baron uses the throwing star again Harry, who uses his katana to deflect it.

Harry: "Right, that's my ninja star. This is yours!"

Harry answers the attack in the same fashion, again a katana is used as a life saver.

Harry: "Why are you so greedy?"
Baron: "Because there's not enough for everyone. Only the complete Golden Ninja Warrior can give us the supreme power."
Harry: "There's only one person who has our ninja stars."
Baron: "You mean Yamato?"
Harry: "He's coming after us. He may have got the body of the Golden Ninja Warrior from Tomashi."
45,1 sec.

32:57 [34:46 - 34:52]
The flashback to Tomashi being killed was removed as well.
6,1 sec.

1:22:44 [1:24:40 - 1:24:44]
Finale at Devil's Rock. Harry attacks the red ninja with a throwing star, but it cannot hurt him because of the Golden Ninja Warrior's power. It falls off his back and down to the ground.
4,1 sec.

1:23:13 [1:25:12 - 1:25:16]
Baron tries the same and is luckier. The weapon gets stuck in the red ninja's shoulder, he has to pull it out with a pain-distorted face.
4,2 sec.

1:23:37 [1:25:41 - 1:25:44]
Another attack and another hit by Baron against the red ninja.
3,4 sec.