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House on the Hill


  • BBFC 18
  • Unrated
Release: Apr 15, 2016 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the cut BBFC 18 DVD released by New Horizon Films and the uncut US DVD released by Itn Distribution (Unrated).

Overall, there are 22 missing scenea with an overall runtime of 10 minutes and 8.5 seconds.

Based on a true story, "House on the Hill" retells the brutal crimes that Leonard Lake comitted in San Francisco during the 80s. Lake robbed, kindapped and killed individual people and even families in a gruesome way.

This cheap flike about the serial killer "Leonard Lake" was released on DVD in both the USA and the UK. While the US received an uncut version, the British audiences have to deal with a version that misses out on more than 10 minutes. Several scenes during which we can see Leonard's victims suffering violence were taken out.
1 min
Leonard abuses his first victim. Additionally he stabs a sharp object into her shoulder and a few moments also between her legs. The woman screams.
71 sec

6 min
Leonard puts the knife against his next victim's temple and then pushes it in.
5 sec

7 min
Sonia remembers being captivated by Leonard. In the uncut version we see three additional flashbacks.
2 sec

15 min
Charles gropes Jennifer's private parts against her will. Sonia and Karianna have to watch it.
41 sec

25 min
Karianna is lying on the couch. Richard goes over to her and touches her body. She starts to whimper. Leonard joins them and strokes her face. Subsequently there is an original interview with Leonard Lake.
128 sec

31 min
Leonard and Richard savage Sandra. Richard hits her in the process.
4.5 sec

41 min
Richard licks Leila's body.
2 sec

41 min
When Richard rapes Sonia, the entire scene was cut out.
45 sec

46 min
Leila has to undress in front of Richard. The latter takes his clothes off, too. Then we see the two of them under the shower. Richard kisses and licks her body. One moment later we see Leila standing under the shower alone. She starts crying, has a break down and stays on the floor.
72 sec

49 min
Richard humiliates Karianna. The UK version entirely misses out on this scene.
41 sec

55 min
Richard strokes the woman's legs with a blade. Subsequently there is a long shot showing the two of them. While the woman cries, Richard licks her face.
6 sec

55 min
Again there is a missing shot of Richard and the crying woman.
1 sec

55 min
1 sec

55 min
Richard gropes Julie's mother under her shirt and fondles her breasts. Meanwhile, Leonard reaches for the father's head. Julie has to watch everything.
22 sec

56 min
Richard continues to assault the mother, while Leonard chokes Julie. He pushes her to the ground and continues to choke her until she loses consciousness. Her parents helplessly watch everything.
58 min

66 min
Leonard rapes Sara.
12 sec

66 min
He pulls her top up and gropes her breasts while continuing to rape her.
19 sec

67 min
Sara's arms are chained up. Leonard walks towards her and hits her a few times with a baseball bat. She screams in pain and starts to bleed. In the end, she receives a final blow against her head.
74 sec

17 min
When Leonard suffers a stroke during the interrogation, there is a missing flashback of Sara who is tied up and bloodbesmeared.
1 sec

17 min
Another missing flashback of Julie while Leonard chokes her.
1 sec

18 min
Another shot of her being choked.
1 sec

18 min
Another missing flashback: Leila under the shower.
1 sec