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  • 2019 Reissue
  • Special Edition Blu-ray
Release: Mar 06, 2022 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the cut 2019 re-release (Blu-ray, yellow cover with Jessie only / 4K Blu-ray / Disney+) and the uncut Blu-ray first edition (red & white cover with Woody, Buzz & Jessie).

- One cut
- Cut duration: 24.9 sec / No difference in running time

In 1995, Pixar veteran John Lasseter directed Toy Story, the first entirely computer-animated feature film, for theaters. Lasseter took over directing duties again in 1999 for Toy Story 2. Following the #metoo scandals surrounding Harvey Weinstein in 2017, allegations against him also became public. In June 2018, Lasseter was then finally fired by Disney and shortly thereafter, a revised version of the second film around Woody and Buzz Lightyear was also made.

In the original theatrical version, you saw normal credits. Several films from that time, e.g. Rush Hour, also showed some funny outtakes here instead. So, without further ado, a few such fake bloopers were animated for Toy Story 2 as well. Some DVDs had this only in the bonus material. But from the 2010 Special Edition, which marked its Blu-ray premiere as well as another DVD reissue, this is also included in the film itself. This first Blu-ray is clearly recognizable by the red and white cover featuring Woody, Buzz & Jessie.

For Disney's 2019 re-release, they now removed one of those outtakes, in which a character plays up his position of power and promises two girls with a wink that he will stand up for them. It is, of course, only a small hint, but especially in view of the factual reports of various actresses at the time, who were apparently pushed by producers in a similar way to sexual acts, Disney obviously did not want to leave it as it was. The scene is missing from the 2019 Blu-ray re-release, the 4K Blu-ray and the streaming offering from Disney+. The German Blu-ray annoyingly carries the same EAN as the old version, but is partially labeled as "Line Edition". Either way it's clearly recognizable by the yellow cover, which only shows Jessie.

Note: Curiously, the 4K Blu-ray in the UK box set contains the US version with an American flag during Buzz's speech, but the Blu-ray included at the same time contains the EU version with a globe. We detailed these alternate cuts in a separate report. In any case, both discs in the 4K set were pressed in 2019 and thus feature the censorship cut described in the following cut review during the outtakes in the end credits.

Running time information is arranged according to the scheme
New Blu-ray / Old Blu-ray

89:18 / 89:18-89:43

After the outtake with Flik from A Bug's Life one segment was cut completely. Woody is licked here by his horse Bullseye and goes over to Prospector Stinky Pete. He is currently talking to two Barbie dolls in his box and laughingly promises them that he could certainly clear a role for them in Part 3. When he notices that he is being watched, he quickly shoos the two Barbies out of his box and tries to cover up the embarrassing moment.

Off: "And action."
Woody: "Bullseye, are you with me? Okay, good boy."
He walks to the side; "Prospector, how 'bout you?"
The Prospector's box is turned around and you can see him talking to two Barbies : "And so, you two are absolutely identical?"
He chuckles, grabs the hand of one Barbie and says in a darker voice: "You know, I'm sure I could get you a part in Toy Story 3."
He stares into the camera in shock: "I'm sorry. Are we back?"
Nervously he sends out the Barbies; "All right, girls. Lovely talking with you. Anytime you'd like some tips on acting, I'd be glad to chat with you. All right, off you go then."

24.9 sec

However, there is ultimately no difference in running time. The credits simply continue to run normally at this point in the edited version. Here is an example of the clip from the first and last moment of the cut scene, where the following outtakes can already be seen in the 2019 version.

So Barbie is finished earlier with her final commentary and from "Woody's roundup" on, the credits already take up the entire frame in the 2019 version. In the previous version, Barbie's commentary ends later and "Thanks to everyone at Pixar" is the first insert that is centered.

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