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  • International Version
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Release: Apr 05, 2010 - Author: Bob - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Some movie makers are just a bit more sensitive about their international audience. With the knowledge that some people develop allergic reactions when they see any kind patriotism - even in an ironic context - a short sequence in Toy Story 2 has been changed. Instead of the American flag we see an illustration of the earth in the background when Buzz talks to his team about the rescue mission.

Comparison of the German Blu-Ray and the US version taken from a TV recording from the ABC network.

When Buzz Lightyear is presenting his motivational speech to get the other toys to go with him on the rescue mission the US version fades the American flag into the background and one can hear the national anthem of the US. The international version shows an illustration of the earth and plays some score from another part of the movie instead.

no difference in time

US VersionInternational Version