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4.17 The One with the Free Porn


  • TV Version (Blu-ray)
  • Extended Version
Release: Mar 31, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the TV Version and the Extended Version

15 differences, incl. 6x alternate footage
Length difference: 114.8 sec (= 1:55 min)

New season, old problem: Any Blu-ray release worldwide only contains the TV Version of every single episode while, for instance, the US and UK DVDs contain the Extended Versions.

Episode 4x17 (The One with the Free Porn) contains almost two minutes of additional footage. Mostly, there are small extended scenes but at the end of the episode, the extended scenes are longer. As a consequence thereof, the end credits scene differs as well. Shortly beforehand, there is an interesting moment as well: Only the Extended Version shows the (quite harmless) eponymous "porn".

Alternate moment of the shot of Joey (for whatever reason).

no difference


Additional black screen in the TV Version due to a commercial break. As compensation, the Extended Version contains an additional exterior shot.

Extended Version 1.3 sec longer


The TV Version cuts to Ross and Monica says: "You've got to see her again."

In the Extended Versionm Monica says: "It-it really bums me out."
Ross: "Emily said I was pretty good."
Monica: "Well, that's someone you should hang on to."
She then makes a slightly alternate comment: "You have to see her again."

Extended Version 6 sec longer

TV Version (Blu-ray)Extended Version


Phoebe also asks in the Extended Version: "Have you ever had triplets?"
Doctor: "No. I'm sorry. I haven't."
Phoebe appears satisfied and says to Rachel: "I'm going to use this a lot."

The TV Version contains two alternate shots as transition to the subsequent scene instead.

Extended Version 6 sec longer

TV Version (Blu-ray)Extended Version


For some reason, the subsequent exterior shot is slightly longer in the Extended Version.

0.7 sec


Additional black screen in the TV Version due to a commercial break. The Extended Version contains an additional exterior shot instead.

Extended Version 1.4 sec longer


After Ross tells about the disillusioning farewell, Monica adds: "Well, that's not right."

2.6 sec


Before Phoebe comes in, the TV Version shows Rachel for a moment.

In the Extended Version, they argue instead.

Rachel: "Yeah, but that's not like what you'd go by."
Joey: "Rach, look. I'm going to have a kid someday. Okay? And someday that kid is going to ask me if I ever turned off free porn. I don't wanna have to tell him that I did."
Monica: "Did you ever ask your dad that?"
Joey: "I don't want to talk about it."

Extended Version 18.8 sec longer


Ross also says: "So I told her when she figures it out, give me a call. Maybe I'll still be around."
Chandler: "Okay just so I know, when you say still around, you mean still around like you might be in a relationship or still around like you might have died waiting for the phone to ring?"
Monica then a little earlier: "Oh, but it was so right. (This isnít how itís supposed to go)"

15.7 sec


Weird: Alternate reaction shot of Ross.

no difference


In the Extended Version, Ross tries to explain how he did do something when Paulo took Rachel from him: "I just told you, I made fun of him behind his back. Oh, I see."

The order of some of the following comments is different & the dialog is also a little longer:

In the TV Version, Monica says: "Do you want the same thing to happen with you and Emily?"
Ross kind of submissively: "No."
Monica: "All right then, go fight for her! Go to London. I mean, that could be you and Emily."
She points at the TV that was only in the background before.

In the Extended Version, the beginning is identically equal - the angle differs though.
Monica: "Do you want the same thing to happen with Emily?"
Ross: "No."
Monica: "All right then, go fight for her!"
She flinches: "Woah!"
The TV shows a close-up from the adult movie (harmless resp. not that explicit - but still...).
Joey: "It's like a snake pit."
Monica: "That could be you and Emily!"

TV Version (Blu-ray)Extended Version

Extended Version 11.6 sec longer


At the end of the shot, Ross uses his fist on the phone booth.
Monica: "What was that?"
Ross: "I just put my fist through another wall. Tell the guys."

6.5 sec


Before Phoebe mentions Relaxi Taxi, Monica says: "Oh, cause I just remembered that there's a girl at the restaurant that would be perfect for you."

4.6 sec


Starting with a slightly alternate exterior shot (no screenshots), the scene at the apartment starts a little earlier in the Extended Version.

Chandler and Joey are playing cards, the former wants to know: "Do you have any eights?"
Joey: "No."
Monica walks by and Joey hides his eight.
It knocks and Chandler gets up to open the door.

Extended Version 10 sec longer


The TV Version cuts from Ross in the phone booth to the end credits scene with Chandler and Joey (no screenshots).
Since the Extended Version contains additional footage, there is one of the usual smooth transitions & an additional exterior shot.

Extended Version 1.4 sec longer


Last but not least the previously mentioned end credits scene with additional footage in the Extended Version (subsequent to Joey and Chandler longer). Alice and Frank jr are looking at the babies on Phoebe's ultrasound image.

Doctor: "There's one, two, and three."
Alice: "Oh my God!"
Frank Jr.: "That's so beautiful. Oh, man."
Alice: "I can't believe it."
Phoebe: "Yeah, I know."
Frank Jr.: "I like the middle one the best."
They give him the look and he adds: "Don't worry, I won't let the other two know."

28.1 sec