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2.02 Foxxy vs. The Board of Education


  • TV Version
  • US DVD
Release: May 21, 2011 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB - more from this series
The TV-Version (MTV) has been compared to the uncut US-DVD.

There were censored TV-versions made for the second season as well. Naked breasts and private parts were censored, overly delicate scenes were cut out or shortened. Footage, that was probably removed because the runtime for the TV-version would have been too long was reintegrated.


DVD: 21:55 min.
MTV: 21:34 min.

Foxxy throws more equipment off the bridge.

The beginning of the following statement was brought forward for the TV-version.

9 sec.


A short scene of the ice-show is missing. Two dancers barge against each other and start a fight.

9 sec.


Clara's breasts were blurred a little.

No time difference


In class, you see two more Japanese characters in the beginning, acting as students.

Teacher: "Heather Jameson?"
Heather: "Hai."
Teacher: "Rachel Hornstien?"
Rachel: "Hai."

The teacher's "Heather Jameson?" was brought a bit forward in the TV-version, when the school building is shown.

6 sec.


Clara's breasts were blurred again.

No time difference