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Art of Fighting

original title: Ryūko no Ken


Censored SNES Version
Region: USA

Uncensored Neo Geo Version
Region: USA

Release: May 14, 2014 - Author: Angertainment - Translator: Mr Miau
The game "Art of Fighting" is a spin-off of the game series Final Fight because the story is located in the same universe and there are some parallel characters as the story develops.
There are three parts of Art of Fighting, but the characters are also further developed in the King of Fighters series. It can be seen as a classic retro Beat'em Up, which is quite a challenge to play through.
The original arcade/Neu Geo version had, compared to the SNES port, a few more animations because the graphics engine was a lot better, these differences will not be mentioned here. However, at this time there were many rules by Nintendo of America concerning what was allowed to appear in a game on one of their consoles. In this case, allusions to alcohol, blood and a woman dressed as a man were removed.

There also is a Sega Megadrive version, which could unfortunately not be compared because we do not own a copy of it. Between the levels, the Neo Geo also showed short sequences of the player driving to the next scene with his motorcycle. These scenes can also not be found on the SNES version.
Level Transitions

Title Screen NeoGeo Version:

The faces of the figures feature more and more blood as the life bar goes down. Enemies also lie differently on the ground after their second defeat.
Blood-smeared Faces and Characters:

SNES Version:NeoGeo Version:

This fighting game features several evil hints at alcohol-serving bars, which were changed to Cafés as usual (note the neon light in the background). Additionally, national or ethnic allusions were removed. This applies, for example, to "Chinatown" or signs that mention Chinese dishes, which were replaced by illegible signs. The US flag on the ground in front of the airplane was removed as well.
SNES Version:NeoGeo Version:

There are mini games between the levels, in which the character can be leveled and learn new combos. One game made the player attack beer bottles, which of course had to be neutralised as well. After they are broken, some beer flows out, on the SNES nothing happens.
SNES Version:NeoGeo Version:

The opponent "King" originally is a woman dressed as a waiter. After the final hit (enemies fall down differently, as already mentioned) she loses her blouse and a bra can be seen. The following character image is different as well, in the SNES version "he" stays dressed.
SNES VersionNeoGeo Version

(Spoiler Warning)
An interesting detail is the SNES-exclusive ending. In the original, the outro after the last fight ends with a cliffhanger. The aim of the game was to rescue the protagonist Ryo's sister.
Unknown Opponent/Final Boss:

SNES Version:NeoGeo Version:

After the final boss has been beaten, his sister asks the player to stop the fight because the defeated is their missing father. The original version then shows the text overlay "To be continued?", in the SNES version a longer story follows, explaining the background better. In Art of Fighting 2, the scene is picked up in the beginning and explained in all the different versions.
SNES VersionNeoGeo Version