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Uncut & Uncensored US DVD "Season 12"

Scream 6


The Last Starfighter


The Pope’s Exorcist

The Burning

Family Guy

12.01 Finders Keepers


  • TV Version
  • DVD Version
Release: Jan 25, 2015 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the TV Version and the DVD Version, the latter represented by the US DVD release of "Season 12 (Volume 13)"

4 differences
Length difference: 42.8 sec

The latest DVD release in the US, released on 12/09/2014, contains any episode of Season 12. The so far confusing name of the Family Guy DVDs has been worked on: at least, the cover this time actually says "Season 12". The discs however are still following the previous way of numbering, they are called "Volume 13". Contrary to the TV Versions, the episodes are either extended ot simply uncensored - business as usual.

Episode 1 ("Finders Keepers") is a rather unspectacular season start: the DVD Version only contains a few additional scenes, obviously cut for time reasons.

Before Quagmire comes rushing in, Stewie says to Peter: "You're a cool guy. I want you to give me my bath tonight."

3.6 sec


Chris and Meg longer on the Jet Ski.
Meg says: "Chris, look! Do you think we have time to ruin that family's quiet beach day?"
Chris: "We have no choice. We're on a Jet Ski. Didn't you read the agreement we signed? And don't forget, if they have small children we have to whoop and curse or else we lost our deposit."
A family is sitting at the beach peacefully, the father says smoothly: "This is nice. I used to come here when I was a kid, and now I'm here with my son. The sounds of the ocean really seem to soothe his autism."
Chris passes by them on the Jet Ski and splashes some water in their direction: "Yeah, fucking ocean! Whoa!"

26.1 sec


Before Peter arrives at the scene, one gets to see the arguing treasure hunters at the stadium.
Joe (with a baseball bat in his hand): "This dugout is mine, you hear me?"
Bruce: "Well, you can take that bat and shove it up your ass, mister!"

11.2 sec


The closer animation of Peter starts earlier plus he breathes heavily.

1.9 sec