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1.06 Place of Dead Roads


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  • Online Version
Release: Jun 15, 2014 - Author: Blade41 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
From Dusk till Dawn probably needs no introduction, basically every visitor of this website should have heard about this cult movie. Due to the huge success, two direct-to-VHS-sequels were produced that lacked the quality of Robert Rodriguez' first moive. Since this year there also exists a TV series. From Dusk till Dawn: The Series is the first own production by Rodriguez' El Rey Networks.

Content-wise, the show more or less reenacts the first movie. However, over the course of the 10 episodes, the plot evolves to something more distinct. Two prominent scenes of the movies were borrowed, yet updated with a few new ideas. Also, the viewers get a deeper insight into the overall mythology, which makes the series much more than just a retelling of the movie. Thus, the series is very entertaining and has a lot to offer fore gorehounds around the globe.

Besides the broadcast on El Rey Network the episodes could also be watched "On Demand" on big providers such as Netflix, iTunes, or Amazon. And believe it or not - there are differences between the TV Version and the Online Version. The individual versions do not differ in terms of violence but in terms of nudity. Netflix & Co. show a few more naked women which - of course - were not shown on television.

This is a comparison between the censored TV broadcast and the uncensored On Demand Version.

Both differ in 6 scenes. The TV Version is 0.09 sec shorter.
0:00 minutes
The TV Version includes the network's logo as well as a note that says "Original Series".
4.21 sec.

6:35 minutes / 6:37 minutes
One of the dancers is shown topless in the Online Version.
1.21 sec. / 1,20 sec.

Online VersionTV Version

6:36 minutes / 6:38 minutes
Two different dancers are shown: one is naked, the other one is not.
No difference in time.

Online VersionTV Version

6:38 minutes / 6:40 minutes
When the band plays on stage, both versions show alternative material. The TV Version is slightly zoomed so that you do not see naked breasts.
No difference in time.

Online VersionTV Version

7:03 minutes / 7:05 minutes
Again, only Netflix & Co. show the strippers naked.
No difference in time.

Online VersionTV Version

7:16 minutes / 7:18 minutes
A longer sequence of several dancers that are more or less naked.
7.76 sec. / 7,68 sec.

Online VersionTV Version

7:29 minutes / 7:31 minutes
Ditto. The TV Version again is a little less naughty.
No difference in time.

Online VersionTV Version