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4.03 Mercy


  • TV Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Mar 23, 2017 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the TV Version and the Extended Version.

12 differences, among them
- 5 additional scenes
- 1 extended scene
- 2 scenes with alternate footage
- 1 additional scene in the TV Version
- 1 extended scene in the TV Version
- Length difference: 293.1 sec resp. 2 min 53.1 sec (plus recap & end credits)

After the History Channel stopped producing real history documentaries and started focussing on pseudo-scientific studies (UFOs and such) as well as pseudo documentaries (Pawn Stars) which they are very successful with by the way, they also tried out actual TV shows. The drama series Vikings is one of them. In March 2016, season 5 was green-lit.

With season, the number of each has risen. While previous seasons had 10 episodes resp. season 1 had only 9 episodes, season 4 consists of 20 episodes. But the season had been split up: The episodes 1-10 aired from Febraury 2016 till April 2016 and the final 10 episodes aired from November 2016 till Febraury 2017. Similar to the previous seasons, season 4 was censored in the US.

Time index refers to the Extended Version

Slightly longer recap in the Extended Version.

0.9 sec

Additional Scene

Almost the entire sex scene is missing. The TV Version only contains the final seconds of the last shot.

28 sec

Additional Scene

Erlendur is looking for something in some box. Then he sits next to Torvi on the bed. He aplogizes for the way he had treated her after that thing with Bjorn and adds he had forgiven her. He returns the pendant Bjorn gave her and she thanks him for it.

63.2 sec resp. 1 min 3.2 sec

Extended Scene TV Version

The distance shot of Bjorn in the snow starts slightly earlier in the TV Version.

TV Version 1.1 sec longer

Alternate Footage

The sex scene is more explicit in the Extended Version.

3.4 sec

Additional Scene / Alternate Footage

Prudentius explains to Judith anything she needs to know about how colors are being manufactured. While is he speaking, she walks around the room and takes a look at several things.
Except for a small shot in the middle, the entire scene is missing in the TV Version. In addition to that, the audio of that small scene has changed in the TV Version. Now, Prodentius explains to Judith from the off that he would like to show her how a certain color is being manufactured.

72 sec resp. 1 min 12 sec

Additional Scene TV Version / Recut

Additional scene with Aethelwulf and Kwenthrith in Mercia.

TV Version 74.8 sec resp. 1 min 14.8 longer

Additional Scene / Recut

Now the scene with Aethelwulf and Kwenthrith in the Extended Version as well (please see previous alteration). (no screenshots)

74.8 sec resp. 1 min 14.8 sec

Extended Scene

When Judith takes off her clothes, the TV Version contains one single shot only while the Extended Version contains an additional shot that shows her naked.

1.2 sec

Additional Scene

Kwenthrith and Judith are having a bath. They talk about Ragnar's little son Magnus. Judith then tells her about Ragnar attacking Paris and that Athelstan was the father of her child. In addition to that, Judith mentions her punishment and shows her what they did to her.

126.2 sec resp. 2 min 6.2 sec

Alternate Footage

Alternate footage of Bjorn getting rid of the bear skin.

0.2 sec


The TV Version contains a preview of the next episode. Then the end credits. The Extended Version only contains the regular end credits.

TV Version 19.7 sec longer