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Nightmare Castle

original title: Amanti d'oltretomba, Gli


  • Old US Version
  • UK VHS
Release: Jul 08, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
Compared is the the old cut US version by with the uncut UK VHS by Salvation.

"Nightmare Castle" is public domain in the US and has been released by various budget lables in good and bad quality, unfortunately often cut with about 20 minutes. Cut scenes are mainly plot to increase the tempo, as well as some scenes with violence.

For the English speaking audience the UK VHS is the best choice at the moment. It is uncut, offers the right format and has a good quality. The US DVD by Severin Films inclucdes the restorated and uncut version. Runtime:

US: 79:32 Min.
UK: 100:23 Min.

Comparison of the pictures:




Both versions differ in their intro.



US: 29 Sec.
UK: 1:20 Min.


Stephen and Muriel leave the room.

Solange tells Stephen that it is time to go. He says goodbye to Muriel and tells her that he will stay a couple of days in Edinburgh. Muriel tells him that she is going to dream of him but looks after him in a strange way.

The US version continues when one can see the carriage.

1:05 Min.


Muriel and David are kissing each other a bit longer. Muriel decides to go to the greenhouse where no one will disturb them.

23 Sec.


Muriel and David are kissing each other longer on the ground.

Change of scenery: Stephen in front of the castle, he gets a light signal by Solange. He moves towards the castle.

Afterwards one can see Muriel and David again while they are kissing each other.

The US continues with the tracking shot over the plants.

1:02 Min.


Stephen can be seen longer. He takes an iron bar from the fire and holds it in front of Muriel's face, but tortures David who screams in pain. Stephen seems to be happy about it. Muriel averts her eyes and gets unconcious.

When she gets up again she pleads for something to drink. Stephen takes a glas filled with water but willingly drops it in front of her.

New the US continues.

1:48 Min.


Stephen and Solange can be seen longer. The clock rings. Stephen takes a gulp from a glas and drops it to the ground.

The US continues when he walks over the carpet.

28 Sec.


Jenny walks through the hall and mentions that Stephen should have taken her over the treshold because it brings luck. He adds that it is just about superstition. Solange walks through the house in front of them.

33 Sec.


Solange takes the tablet to the table. Stephen offers a glass to Jenny and takes one for him self. They toast for a good future.

The US continues when the picture can be seen.

28 Sec.


Stephen and Jenny are sitting at the well. Both are talking about Muriel. Jenny tells him that the happenings from yesterday were not a dream. Stephen adds that it was some kind of delirium.

Solange appears and tells that the experiment is ready. Stephen says goodbye to Jenny and follows Solange to the castle.

2:21 Min.


Jenny stands near the piano and holds some papers with notes. She asks who has written it and Stephan answers that it was Muriel. Jenny starts playing but adds a it later that she feels unwell. After looking at Murielís picture she asks where she has been buried. Stephen tells her that she is buried in the tomb and offers her to show the place.

The US continues when one can see the picture.

1:59 Min.


Another cut to Jenny. Stephen is angry about the report in the newspaper.

17 Sec.


Jenny smells the flower and says that she likes this one more than these from the greenhouse. Stephen is amazed and follows her.

26 Sec.


Jenny can be seen longer. Solange wants to take the box, in which she has hidden the earring, but is surprised by Jenny who asks if she has to change her dress. Solange says no and Jenny leaves.

18 Sec.


Dereck and Stephan are talking about telepathy. Jenny feels tired and says goodbye. Stephen asks if she is alright and wishes her a good night.

The US continues when she has left the room.

1:04 Min.


Jonathan asks if he can offer Derreck something. He freaks out a bit because he was examining the blood. Derreck says no and tells Stephen that he will also go to bed. Jonathan goes to the table and examines the blood, too.

Derreck walks upstairs and notices that his door has been locked. He knocks at it while a secret chamber opens behind him. Derreck takes a candlestick and goes to the secret door.

At the laboratory Stephen takes a syringe and tells that they need new blood.

The US continues when one can see Solange.

1:58 Min.


Solange can be seen a bit longer.

6 Sec.


Jenny lies in her bed and she seems to be dreaming. One can hear her heartbeat. She wakes up and has a look around.

The US continues when she is getting up.

27 Sec.


Solange talks to Stephen and tells him that Derreck might be a danger for them.

The US continues when Stephan is sitting on a chair.

25 Sec.


Derreck lightens up the candlestick. Jonathan knocks on his door and enters the room. Derrek says that it is time for his bath. Jonathan goes to the bathroom, switches on the light and prepares the bath.

Stephen tries to listen on the door. Jonathan says that the bath is ready while Stephan goes into the next room. Derrek goes to the bathroom and checks the temperature of the water, but leaves the room again.

Now the US continues.

1:28 Min.


Stephen and Derreck lay Jonathan on his bed. Derrek lightens up a candle. Jonathans arm is moving.

Stephen meets Solange. She is affraid but Stephan says that everything is alright.

The US continues when Stephen enters Jennyís room.

59 Sec.


One can see the letter. Derreck takes it.

17 Sec.


Stephen and Solange can be seen longer. The clock tolls while the camera is moving through the room. Jenny is moving in her bed while Derreck comes close to her room.

The US continues when he enterst he room.

53 Sec.


Jenny is still moving in her bed. Afterwards on can see how he examines Jonathans room until he finds a key.

51 Sec.


The burning Stephen can be seen longer.

3 Sec.


The US ends with a black screen and The End, followed by the credits.

The UK shows the fire a bit longer and Fine is blended in. Afterwards the credits are following.

UK: 16 Sec.
US: 27 Sec.