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Shawscope Vol. 2 Blu-ray Box (US edition)

The Last Starfighter


The Burning


National Lampoon's Vacation

The Pope’s Exorcist

The Kid with the Golden Arm

original title: Jin bi tong


  • Celestial version
  • Arrow Video Blu-ray
Release: Dec 19, 2022 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the Celestial version (represented here by the German Blu-ray from Black Hill Pictures) and the original version (included on the UK/US Blu-ray from Arrow Video).

- 12 relevant differences
- Duration: 15.6 sec

Several other master errors/"framecuts" with a duration of less than 1 sec each were not listed in the report.

In late 2021, Arrow Video released the "Shawscope Vol. 1" box set in the UK/USA, which included 12 films from the legendary Hong Kong film studios. In addition to 5 legacy HD masters from licensor Celestial, there were 7 new HD restorations here that did not have the infamous framecuts that can be found in most of Celestial's catalog. In several reports, exemplified by the comparison to The Five Venoms, where other reports for titles in the box are also linked. Since November 21, 2022 (UK) and December 06, 2022 (USA) respectively, the "Shawscope Vol. 2" box is now available. This time there are even 14 films on board, with 9 of them in new HD restorations without framecuts.

We already discussed the alternate cut of The Kid with the Golden Arm. However, this film is also available as a new restoration. Some years ago we already checked the German VHS (cut in other scenes) and noticed some moments where the Celestial master was a bit shorter. The difference in running time here looks like this:

  • Previous Celestial master: 85:03 min (Hongkong DVD in PAL speed) - equivalent to 81:05 min in PAL speed on the Hongkong DVD by IVL / Celestial
  • 2022 restoration from Arrow Video: 86:16 min (Arrow Video Blu-ray at 23.976 fps).

Substracting Celestial notes the new Arrow version is exactly 01:35 min longer. The same spots as on the German VHS stand out, and so there is quite a bit to discover here that was annoyingly lost on Celestial. The new restoration is clearly preferable here.

Running time details are arranged according to the scheme
German Blu-ray in 23.976fps / Arrow Blu-ray in 23.976fps

The Celestial logo is missing from Arrow, at least as part of the movie file. Not included in cuts duration.

+ 10.5 sec

The opening credits from the 2nd minute with yellow vs. white credits. As usual, the white version of Arrow should match the original.

German Blu-ray (Celestial version)2022 UK/US Blu-ray (Arrow Video restoration)

10:00 / 09:55-09:57

The convoy moves a little further out of the picture to the right.

2.3 sec

20:19 / 20:24-20:26

More men jump off the carriage at the end of the shot.

1.5 sec

22:31 / 22:39-22:40

Before the door is flung open and Tung Lu joins it, the camera actually moves to the side in the same shot on the VHS.

1 sec

22:35 / 22:44-22:45

This also happens shortly after when Yang Tung described Lu as the boss of the dragon gang. The camera moves back so that you can also see his two companions. Celestial, on the other hand, jumps in at this later moment of the shot.

1.1 sec

41:40 / 42:07-42:09

After the conversation between Ting Lu and Lu Feng, the following shot outside starts a moment earlier. The Celestial master does not start until the camera pans.

2 sec

51:00 / 51:38-51:40

The fade to the sun was brought forward a bit in the Celestial restoration. Hai Tao actually takes a few more steps forward.

Arrow 1.7 sec longer

German Blu-ray (Celestial version)2022 UK/US Blu-ray (Arrow Video restoration)

53:44-53:45 / 54:28-54:29

Here, in Celestial, a small jumpcut in the middle of the shot was covered up by a cut to Hai Tao (recycled from the surrounding shots).

No runtime difference

German Blu-ray (Celestial version)2022 UK/US Blu-ray (Arrow Video restoration)

58:15 / 59:05-59:07

Sun Shu-Pei fights off two more attackers at the end of the shot.

1.8 sec

58:19-58:20 / 59:11-59:12

Again, a shot is briefly interrupted by another shot in the Celestial master, covering up a damaged moment. Here, part of the previously lost shot from the last cut was recycled.

No runtime difference

German Blu-ray (Celestial version)2022 UK/US Blu-ray (Arrow Video restoration)

60:38-60:39 / 61:32-61:33

This also happens when Chiang Sheng goes down hit.

No runtime difference

German Blu-ray (Celestial version)2022 UK/US Blu-ray (Arrow Video restoration)

66:17 / 67:20-67:21

After the shot of the sword stuck in the ground, another short cut to Li Chin is missing in the Celestial version.

0.7 sec

75:49 / 77:07-77:08

A shot of posing is significantly longer in the end.

1 sec

82:50 / 84:13-84:15

The suffering Sun Chien can be seen a moment earlier.

1.3 sec

The end title card again in yellow vs. white font. The Celestial logo afterwards is of course also only in the old version.

German Blu-ray (Celestial version)2022 UK/US Blu-ray (Arrow Video restoration)