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original title: Fei ying gai wak


  • Original Version
  • Japanese Extended Version
Release: Jan 07, 2015 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the regular Original Version (included on the German Blu-Ray released by Splendid that is - apart from the logos at the beginning - identical to the Hongkong Blu-Ray) and the Japanese Extended Version (included on the Japanese Blu-Ray released by Twin / Paramount)

- 60 differences, including 1 cut in the Japanese Version
- Difference in time: 431.8 sec (= 7:12 min)

A few minor cuts with a runtime of under 0.5 seconds (which are the result of a bad mastertape) were not included in the report.

On December 24th 2014 a new Blu-Ray for this Jackie Chan classic (which is internationally known under many titles) was released in Japan, and for Jackie-fans it is an unexpected Christmas present. As we all know, Japan every now and again receives special extended versions of older Jackie flicks. Sometimes these are just minor extensions as is the case for Police Story 2, while sometimes there are longer extensions regarding plot or action as is the case for Heart of the Dragon; sometimes the Japanese versions just offer credits with additional outtakes (e.g. Wheels on Meals) or promo material (Twin Dragons).

Regarding the movie at hand, nobody even knew that a different Japanese version of it existed. The runtime of roughly 7 additional minutes already made the new Blu-Ray interesting and since the disc is now available we can confirm: it is an extended Version that follows the first mentioned formula of many minor additions. Solely during the first half almost every scene was extended with a few additional shots, even though most of it is rather redundant material. In this sense it is no wonder that a lot ot it seems rather familiar: in essence, most of the time we just see additional moments of scenes that essentially are also included in the regular version. Still, some fans will probably be excited about any additional shot of e.g. Jackie rolling down the grass in his huge ball towards the beginning. However, there are also a few longer additional scenes, for example the explanation to the exact entering into Elsa's apartment towards the beginning, as well as a few nice extensions inside the hotel. Also, there are a few additional panty shots of Elsa. Yay.

All in all, the extensions are not groundbreaking (and thus maybe not really a reason to buy the Blu-Ray for many people, especially since there are neither English subtitles nor English audio; to make things more problematic, the Japanese subtitles are burned into the image and therefore cannot be hidden). Still, it is exciting to see that for all those years there existed a longer version of this movie that finally came to see the light of day. Unlike the usual Fortune Star master it is also included in real HD, even though the radically trimmed down US Version still looks best in terms of image quality.

Timecodes are listed as follows:
Regular Version [German Blu-Ray] / Japanese Extended Version [Japanese Blu-Ray]
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Credits / Logos

In Japan we can see a Japanese text before the Golden Harvest logo.

The German Blu-Ray at first includes two references to Splendid, followed by the Fortune Star logo (not illustrated below).

Regular Version on German Blu-Ray is 35.3 sec longer.

The title roughly 2 minutes later is different.

Regular VersionJapanese Extended Version

02:34 / 01:59-02:06

There is an additional shot of Jackie in the air.

6.7 sec

02:38 / 02:10-02:13

The following shot begins a little earlier.

3 sec

02:46 / 02:21-02:22

Just before the soft transition the mountain is shown a little longer.

1.1 sec

03:23 / 02:59-03:06

There is an additional shot of Jackie inside the cave; the camera moves down to the rock.

7.1 sec

03:29 / 03:12-03:13

Jackie looks up to the rock a little longer and the camera focuses on it.

1.5 sec

03:37 / 03:21-03:27

A short tracking shot through the cave already shows a few natives.

5.9 sec

05:13 / 05:03-05:05

Jackie is shown a moment longer before pulling the straw.

2 sec

06:27 / 06:19-06:27

After Jackie scared the natives away with the image of a tiger, the image is used again: One native walks around and finds it lying on the floor and his friend startles. The man holding the image shortly laughs.

8.1 sec

06:54 / 06:54-06:57

There is a first shot of Jackie rolling around inside the ball; natives follow him.

2.8 sec

Regular Version longer.
07:05-07:07 / 07:08

In the Japanese Version Jackie immediately rolls down the mountain in the same shot.
The Regular Version includes a closer shot of him during the middle of the sequence.

+ 1.6 sec

07:11 / 07:12-07:19

There are two additional shots of the ball rolling down.

6.9 sec

07:13 / 07:21-07:23

This shot begins a little earlier.

1.9 sec

08:02 / 08:12-08:21

The natives make a few noises and then swoop down on the captured man again.

9 sec

08:27 / 08:46-08:50

A first shot of Jackie fishing.

4.4 sec

A moment later there are different credits.

Regular VersionJapanese Extended Version

09:13 / 09:36-09:43

Before Jackie goes to Momoko, we see Elsa for a first time who watches dancers. Behind her we can also see the two "arabs".

6.6 sec

11:40 / 12:10-12:11

The door is closed slightly longer.

0.7 sec

13:33 / 14:04-14:13

Jackie and Ada verbally attack each other a little longer.

9.5 sec

14:05 / 14:45-14:46

Ada is shown slightly earlier.

0.9 sec

15:03 / 15:44-15:46

When Alda asks if Jackie even listens to her we see him for a first time during this scene.

1.8 sec

15:35 / 16:18-16:51

Ada runs after Jackie a little longer, followed by a longer shot of their discussion on the stairs. In the end she stays behind.
The following shot of the night starts earlier.

32.9 sec

16:07 / 17:23-18:01

Jackie wanders around on the roof and knocks. After the tracking shot through the deserted insides Jackie gets a television antenna to open the blinds.
In the Japanese Version we thus exactly know how he made his way inside.

38.4 sec

16:50 / 18:44-18:51

Jackie adjusts the towel in order not to be noticed in Elsa's bathroom.

6.7 sec

17:12 / 19:13-19:29

Elsa goes through the room, listens to the answering machine and while doing so takes her top off.

16.2 sec

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