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Release: Jun 27, 2021 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the 4K Blu-ray (identical worldwide and presumably soon to be common on streaming providers with UHD option) and the Blu-ray version (first released in 2012, only repacks were re-released in the new set in 2021 as well).

In our report on the 4K Blu-ray of Raiders of the Lost Ark, we already detailed what can be found in the UHD premiere, which is available since 10 June 2021. Various minor digital adjustments have been made to optical effects and transitions to matte paintings using modern technology. The second part Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was altered for the 4K release as well.

And unsurprisingly, the conclusion of the then trilogy series, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, also features some "embellishments". The very large main part can be found during the air battle, because naturally this was set up with several trick shots back in 1989. Admittedly, some effects didn't hold up that well. It's not entirely clear to what extent filters on the Blu-ray also contributed to some weird artifacts visible in this release. In any case, the 4K version really has a clear added value. Many moments where body and plane parts that disappeared completely for a short time or were chopped off in the middle have now been patched up again.

Finally, two disclaimers:

1) Both the referenced image comparisons and especially our screenshots, which are heavily compressed in size, should be taken with a grain of salt when it comes to a quality verdict. On the one hand, the detail gain is only visible on good UHD equipment. On the other hand, these are HDR->SDR converted images. The additional color space results in a different picture when played back on the TV in HDR, so that the SDR screenshots, which tend to be a bit darker, only show "half the truth".

2) Of course, we compared the complete film specifically with the new 4K set, which also includes Blu-ray repacks of the old discs in Germany. At this point, however, special thanks go to the users in the forum, by whom many of the mentioned differences were noticed for the first time and were analyzed in more detail. Due to the deliberately rather inconspicuous nature of such changes, we would also like to give no guarantee here that all digital changes were found and listed in the report.

00:28 + 01:42

Hard to capture on single images: The picture is stabilized a bit as the camera moved across the landscape. Especially before "A Steven Spielberg Film," the camera was actually wobbling around a bit. Even a little over a minute later (after the "Production Designer" credit), there is one of several, noticeable wobbles. In the 4K version, this now looks much smoother.

Images to classify

Ahead for the following screenshots: We have for the most part additionally filed these in 1080p.
-> Fullscreen comparisons on - Part 1 und Part 2


A corrected goof: The boat was actually pulled at the bottom by a thin tow line so that it rotates clockwise. This thin rope has now been digitally retouched.

As with the previous reports: If it is not already recognizable on the small image size used here on first sight, we additionally zoomed in on the relevant part of the picture. Besides that, please check out the previously linked 1080p fullscreen comparison for a more convenient comparison. For this specific shot you can also see how the water was rearranged on both sides of the picture.

4K Blu-rayBlu-ray


Let's start with a scene where it isn't 100% clear if something was actually changed after all. When the flash hits and you see the car drive up in front of the castle, the image (independent of the HDR->SDR conversion on the screenshots at hand, which makes the 4K image a bit darker than it actually is on the TV anyway) was probably darkened a bit. This may have been done to cover up some effects around the car here.

4K Blu-rayBlu-ray


When Indy throws the soldier off the motorcycle with a flagpole, the stuntman was obviously pulled backwards by a rope. At least in the Blu-ray master, you could see a rather clumsy blur effect there in the upper right of the image to cover up the rope. In the 4K version, the background has now been digitally adjusted to be clean.

4K Blu-rayBlu-ray


In the tracking shot with the CGI zeppelin appearing in the background and the following long shot, black edges (around the people and the zeppelin) were corrected again. In addition, there is now a bit less dirt on the zeppelin itself.

4K Blu-rayBlu-ray


After the "no ticket" scene, you see the soldier in front of the CGI zeppelin. In previous releases, his hand was noticeably chopped off when he moved. In the 4K master, this technical mishap has now been fixed.

4K Blu-rayBlu-ray


In the shot of the zeppelin with swastika, some black borders were visible, at least at the top of the image on Blu-ray (on the left side of the tip). This was integrated more smoothly for the 4K version.

4K Blu-rayBlu-ray


As the pilot flies towards the camera, some black edges were smoothed out especially on the left and right. To the left of the pilot's head, several small parts of the plane was also removed in 4K.

4K Blu-rayBlu-ray


At least the machine at the top of the picture was strangely choppy before and has now been reconstructed.

4K Blu-rayBlu-ray

77:19 + 77:29

Indy's hand is still cut out quite roughly just a few seconds later, even in 4K. At least all the blatant edges were softened a bit in black. In addition, something was reinstalled on Indy's hand in the second image, which had previously been involuntarily cut away on Blu-ray.

4K Blu-rayBlu-ray


When Father Jones shoots, there were some halos around the attacker. The Jones duo's own plane was also accidentally chopped off quite a bit in the middle between the two. The model was completed again for the 4K version.

4K Blu-rayBlu-ray


On Blu-ray, the scope suddenly disappeared after it moved from left to right across Sean Connery's face. In the 4K version, it is now visible again throughout the whole shot.

Inconsistently, however, it is also missing from several frames in the 4K in the immediately following shot. In this shot, however, various black edges around the attacking machine (as well as the cloud on the far right of the image) have been removed.

4K Blu-rayBlu-ray


When the plane crashes into the tunnel, some black edges and generally the choppy cut-out stair structure were corrected again.

4K Blu-rayBlu-ray


The explosion at the other end of the tunnel now lacks some upward furhter parts flying out of the flames in the 4K.

4K Blu-rayBlu-ray


As the plane brought down by the startled birds whizzes past Indy, a few obvious cut-out effects have been smoothed out again.

4K Blu-rayBlu-ray


When Vogel falls downwards, the matte around him and the tank is now much better integrated.

4K Blu-rayBlu-ray


More shadows have been added around Indy's feet as he walks across the bridge. This makes it less noticeable that he wasn't actually tracked perfectly on it.

4K Blu-rayBlu-ray