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  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Cut (with more Mamushka!)
Release: Dec 05, 2021 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the Theatrical Version and the Extended Cut (with more Mamushka!) (both included on Paramount's 4K Blu-ray).

- One difference
- Runtime difference: 91.6 sec (= 1:32 min)


The Addams Family first appeared as a cartoon in the '30s, a series followed in the '60s, and other adaptations lined up. Among movie fans, of course, Barry Sonnenfeld's Addams Family from 1991 is best known. Anjelica Huston, Raul Julia, Christopher Lloyd and Christina Ricci returned two more years later for Addams Family Values.

The 4K UHD premiere has been available since November 23, 2021 - but only in the US for now. Perhaps this is also due to the somewhat complicated rights situation worldwide. In any case, an extended cut is on board here for the first time, which expands the Mamushka dance scene a bit. With this, the edition is advertised in a big way and aside from that, there is no new material to discover. Still, for fans, it's certainly quite a nice addition.

Even apart from that, the 4K Blu-ray has received reference/highest ratings in various reviews, especially for the picture, see e.g. on The import is therefore worthwhile. In addition, both versions are available in UHD, so that the well-known theatrical version is available as well as possible.

Runtimes are ordered as follows: Theatrical Version 4K Blu-ray / Extended Version 4K Blu-ray

66:15-66:28 / 66:15-68:00

After Gomez headbutts Uncle Fester, the Mamushka performance in the Extended Cut now runs even longer. Gomez continues to sing and the orchestra plays along accordingly. As he does so, he walks around Uncle Fester and suddenly kisses him on the head. The two then playfully present a few dance moves and other guests join in as well.

Gomez: "There is no quibbling. The sweetest relationship is sibling to sibling. My emotions have left me dribbling. I'll stab anyone who starts Gnawing and nibbling at my feelings for my sibling. We've danced it in the graveyards, where the maggots bill and coo. It's perfect for beheadings where the head says How-dee-do? Mamushka! Mamushka! I doff my old babushka! With a hey and a hey and a hey and a hey. The dance of brotherly love. Just kill the carioca. Continental Susie Q. Garotte the old gavotte and disembowel the djpsy doo! Mamushka! Mamushka! Let's dance it like Petfrushka! With a hey and a hey and a hey and a hey. And a dance of brotherly love. Brothers!"
Uncle Fester: "Brothers!"
Gomez: "Brothers! The Brothers Karamazov and the German Brothers Grimm. There's Orville Wright."
Uncle Fester: "And Wilbur!"
Gomez: "Orville's nothing minus him! The Smith Brothers and the Marx Brothers. And the Ritz and the Brooks. And the Mills Brothers. The Everly Brothers, the Solomon Brothers. Nicholas Brothers, Corsican Brothers. And Dr. Joyce Brothers! Brothers! Ringling Brothers, watch them break their back! The Warner Brothers. Harry, Sammy, Irving and Jack. I know there's a host of others I've had to neglect some brothers Just too many names to cram. But frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn!"

Finally, Gomez and Uncle Fester walk towards each other again...

(105.1 sec)

...How they then high-five each other can be seen again in the Theatrical Version. However, as an interruption to the Mamushka scene, they go outside there beforehand, where Tully has a brief discussion with Abigail. This part has now been deleted in the Extended Cut.

Abigail: "Where are you going? There's trouble."
Tully: "Hey! Not to worry. Plan B."
Abigail: "But that hideous little girl knows..."
Tully: "I'm in charge. Ten minutes, I'll be back."

(13.5 sec)

Extended Cut 91.6 sec (= 1:32 min) longer