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Night School


  • Theatrical Version (PG-13)
  • Extended Cut (Unrated)
Release: Mar 19, 2019 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Compared were the Theatrical Version and the Extended Cut. Both are included on Universal's US Blu-ray/DVD.


Student Teddy finds himself overwhelmed with the requirements of the GED test  so he decides to boycott it and starts working without a school certificate. After seven years, Teddy drives a big sports car, has his pretty and successful girlfriend Lisa and the owner of the BBQ shop wants to transfer his business to Teddy. However, only Teddy's boyfriend Marv knows that this lifestyle is only for show and that Teddy actually has no money at all. When Teddy causes a fire in the BBQ shop and loses his job, Marv offers him work in his company. However, the GED is required as a degree. Teddy decides to attend night school. The school is now run by his old arch-enemy Stewart, who has become the school’s headmaster. Besides the harassment by Stewart, teacher Carrie tries hard to teach the class the material, but Teddy has a hard time nonetheless. He leads the students that try to steal the exam in order to be able to pass. Chaos is inevitable.

The latest comedy featuring Kevin Hart is tailored to US mainstream audiences. Teddy's attempt to get the GED degree at an evening school takes about two hours with scenes like the break-in attempt and terribly banal material. The core message that one should always believe in oneself and that deception leads to nothing is repeatedly shoved down the viewer’s throat in the most obvious manner. In addition to that, there is the cliché of the tough teacher, who helps even the stupidest student through the exam with unusual methods, embedded in some sentimental touching scenes of the worst kind incl. harmonic happy end and there you have your run-of-the-mill comedy. You can find this quite amusing, for me it was too simple, too flat and generic.

In the US, an extended cut was released on Blu-ray/DVD. It runs almost 5 minutes longer and also offers some alternate material here and there. The theatrical version has a PG-13 rating for which one or the other somewhat raunchy joke had to be defused. At one point, a woman's buttocks can't be called “a walnut that has to be cracked” or at another point Stewart can't admit that he got a hand job quite late in his life, but has to talk about groping breasts instead.

There is a scene in which Mackenzie has to go to the toilet during the break-in, while Teddy tries to explain to his fiancée that he is still in the office. The good old shithouse gags never go out of fashion. Furthermore, only in Extended Cut you see a horde of strippers marching into the chicken restaurant and inmate Bobby doesn't give very helpful tips on how the group could leave the school grounds after the break-in.

All in all, the Extended Cut shows what kind of stupid changes are necessary to get a lower rating. The other new material fits quite well into the movie so that fans should definitely grab the extended cut if they liked the film in theaters.



Theatrical version: 111:16 min.

Extended Cut: 116:01 min.


In the EX you can see longer how Teddy grabs his hands in his pants. In the Theatrical Version, the nEX shot of Lisa starts earlier instead.

EX: 1.0 sec.
Theatrical Version: 1.0 sec.


In the Theatrical Version, the beginning and end of the shot of Teddy grabs himself in the pants are shortened.

EX: 1.6 sec.
Theatrical Version: 1.5 sec.


Marv can be seen a little earlier in the Theatrical Version.

Theatrical Version: 0.5 sec.


Theatrical Version:

Marv is seen longer, then there’s a cut on Teddy, who puts his pubic hair on a plate. The girl can be seen a little earlier afterwards.

In the EX you can see Teddy putting some pubic hair on the dessert.

Theatrical Version: 2.1 sec.
EX: 3.0 sec.


In the theatrical version, the shot of the guests at the table sets in earlier.

In the EX, the shot of the pubic hair in the cake is slightly longer.

Theatrical Version: 0.6 sec.
EX: 0.2 sec.


The waiter can be seen a little longer.

EX: 0.3 sec.


The EX shows an alternate scene when the waiter announces that his private parts are shaved.

His hand movement is a little more obscene in the EX.

Theatrical Version: 2.9 sec.
EX: 3.0 sec.


Alternate scene when the waiter announces the origin of the pubic hair. The dialogue is slightly different.

Theatrical Version:

"And these are the hairs of an African-American guy."


"And these are the pubes of an African-American guy."

Theatrical Version: 3.9 sec.
EX: 4.1 sec.


Stewart asks Teddy if he wants to touch his big black bat. Somewhat uncertain, Teddy reaches for the bat, but Stewart pulls it back at the last moment. He makes a speech that he was called Stewart before, but is now called Batman.

EX: 23.1 sec.


When the group talks about not lying to the wife, there is a difference in the dialogue.

In Theatrical Version the following dialogue between Teddy and Jaylen is missing.

Jaylen: "Guy to guy, okay? Pharaoh to pharao, king to king. I'mma tell you now.”
Teddy: "Okay."
Jaylen: "If you're givin’ her that D right.”

In the EX, you see him earlier and he says.

Jaylen: "If you're busting off in her guts like that, [she might be carrying your seed.]"

Theatrical Version: 4.9 sec.
EX: 0.8 sec.


The manager of the chicken shop leads Teddy to the exit and says the rush hour for the lunch is imminent. Teddy is a bit surprised but the manager opens the door and the strippers from the shop next door march in. The EX then fades over to the next scene.

EX: 34.8 sec.


Alternate material and different dialogue as Jaylen finds his wife's dildo.

Theatrical Version:

Jaylen: "What the? Oh, hell, no! Trina! You know how I feel about robots, baby! You know how I feel about these robots!"


Jaylen: "What the? Oh, hell, no! Trina! Wait, wait, wait, you got robotic side dick now?"

Theatrical Version: 6.0 sec.
EX: 5.9 sec.


After the students have devised their plan to pass the exams, a scene is missing in which they sneak past a bored security guard.

EX: 16.9 sec.


In the Theatrical Version the caretaker can be seen earlier.

In the EX, Teddy explains that he watched the janitor clean Stewart's room. Bobby suspects that the janitor is Teddy's “inside man”, but he denies it. Teddy gets a call from Lisa and goes to the toilet. He tries to position himself so that she doesn't notice that he is involved in a burglary. Teddy says he's still in the office at work and Lisa asks if she can show up in his office. Suddenly, Mackenzie comes to the toilet and has to take a dump. Teddy tells Lisa that this is his manager. Then Bobby calls. Teddy says this is one of his clients. Bobby thinks Lisa is very sexy and gives her more compliments, but Lisa doesn't quite understand him. Teddy hangs up and says he'll call again. Teddy asks Bobby what this is all about. He answers that he is going to jerk off on Lisa in his cell. Meanwhile, Mackenzie notices that there is no more toilet paper. He asks Teddy to slide toilet paper under his door.

Theatrical Version: 1.9 sec.
EX: 2:46.1 min.


Alternate scene as Theresa stretches her back to Stewart.

Theatrical Version:

Theresa: "Squeeze it."
Stewart: "Thank you. No, thank you."


Theresa: "Crack that nut like a walnut."
Stewart: "Thank you. No, thank you."

Theatrical Version: 1.0 sec.
EX: 1.8 sec.


The Theatrical Version cuts on Stewart earlier and Theresa’s line is somewhat different.

Theresa: "Do what men do with walnuts."


Here, Theresa can be seen a little bit longer.

Theresa: "Do what men do with women's asses."

Theatrical Version: 0.1 sec.
EX: 0.1 sec.


The Theatrical Version shows Jaylen.

Jaylen: "Oh, no, wait, man. It looked like he was turned on."

The EX shows alternate material with more dialog.

Jaylen: "I don't know, fam. It might have worked. It looked like he might've sauced his drawers, real talk."
Theresa: "He what?"
Jaylen: "He was turned on."

Theatrical Version: 2.9 sec.
EX: 6.0 sec.


In the Theatrical Version, Jaylen can be seen a little earlier.

Theatrical Version: 0.9 sec.


Same scene, only Mackenzie’s line was changed.

Theatrical Version:

Mackenzie: "Oh, I thought you meant her beave."


Mackenzie: "Oh, I thought you meant her bush."

No time difference


Teddy asks Bobby on the phone what he should do now. He just says that they shouldn't be shot. Teddy asks if Bobby doesn't have a better suggestion and what he's in jail for. Bobby thinks he robbed a Whole Foods. Jaylen overheard that and asked if he was serious. Bobby provides a little more information about his criminal past including drug trafficking. Teddy tries to shut him up.

When Stewart makes the announcement, the Theatrical Version sets in again.

EX: 40.0 sec.


Theatrical Version shows Carrie and then Teddy.

Carrie: "No, you idiot."


In the EX, Teddy's dialog goes even further.

Teddy: "[There was one time where the condom popped] 'cause I put my balls inside the..."
Carrie: "No, you idiot."

Theatrical Version: 2.9 sec.
EX: 3.1 sec.


In the Theatrical Version, Teddy can be seen a little earlier as he runs to Lisa.

In the EX, he turns to Carrie and asks her if the woman on the left is her type. Carrie says that she likes the one in the tight dress. Teddy doesn't like it because this is his wife.

Theatrical Version: 1.0 sec.
EX: 7.0 sec.


When Stewart is seen, the shot in the Theatrical Version begins and ends somewhat earlier. The dialog has been changed.

Theatrical Version:

Stewart: "I was 27 when I grabbed my first boob."


Stewart: "I was 27 when I got my first hand job."

Theatrical Version: 1.87 sec.
EX: 1.93 sec.