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PC Version
Region: Worldwide

Arcade Version
Region: USA/Europe

Release: Apr 19, 2015 - Author: Angertainment - Translator: DaxRider123

The pretty simple arcade classic "Sarge" used to be a perfect two player game where one could shoot one another. There is the red and the blue troop, both have helicopters and tanks and you could change the units all the time and then fight your opponent. The game was well-balanced, allowing each player to have the same chances to win.
Back in 1985, the world of arcade games was heavily contested, thus developers used many different ways of making players aware of their game by rewarding them for their efforts.
In this game there is an image of a female soldier in between the actual levels, which – in case you were successful – took her clothes off, revealing her breasts. For the later PC Version, these screens were taken out as you can see on the screenshots below. Overall, the design oft he images looks a little different. The gameplay, however, is identical.
A direct comparison is not that easy, since all screens were altered instead of simply censored for the PC porting. The screenshots of the title screen as well as those of the barebreasted woman were zoomed in order to make them more recognizable. There is also a hint at "mature grafics". The PC Version also no longer includes the typical American "I want YOU" as a request for the gamers to join in. Of course, in relation to the woman this is a double-barreled invitation.
PC VersionArcade Version