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The War of the Worlds



The Burning

The Covenant

Lollipop Chainsaw


Japanese Version
Rating: CERO: D
Region: Japan

Uncensored Version
Rating: USK 16
Region: Germany

Release: Mar 08, 2015 - Author: Once - Translator: Tony Montana

The following comparison is about the (regular) Japanese Version which, compared to the Uncensored Version, lacks a lot of violence.

About the Censorship

In order to get a lower rating, alterations were made. As a result, there is no red blood spatter during the fights nor during the cutscenes. Blood in the surrounding area is still there though and so are the bloody textures. It is an entirely different thing when it comes chopping up hostiles. While the cut surfaces are red in the Uncensored Version, they have been colored black in the Japanese Version. Furthermore, body parts flying around resp. chopped off body parts in general are either missing or they have been colored differently resp. they are glowing. Interesting in this context is a cutscene during the prolog in which a chopped off head is being used as a football while the lower part of the body has been put in a box. The mini games (basketball with zombie heads, baseball and the harvester ride) have been altered as well.
Please see the following comparison for the details.


Japan with Two Versions

In Japan, two versions of Lollipop Chainsaw have been released. Besides the mentioned Censored Version, there is also a so-called Premium Edition that, other than the here compared version, is completely uncensored. Contrary to the Censored Version (CERO: D), the Uncensored Version has a higher rating (CERO: Z).


Differences Before the Actual Start

The start is slightly different in either of the versions. The Japanese Version lacks the WB Games logo who are responsable for the distribution in Western regions.

The Lollipop Chainsaw logo is different as well plus the Japanese Version lacks the WB Games reference.



Compared are the censored Japanese Version (CERO: D) and the uncensored German Version (USK 16).


Please note:
The following comparison lacks the information "CERO: D".In order to keep it simple, the censored Japanese Version is called "Japanese Version" or "Censored Version".

Moreover, there is a difference between cutscenes (longer sequences isolated from the actual game) and sequences (short in-game-sequences).

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General Censorship

Blood Rendering and Chopped Off Body Parts

The main difference of the Censored Version is the blood which has either been completely removed or colored differently. While zombies are bleeding red in the Uncensored Version, the blood has either been replaced by pink sparks or colored pink in the Censored Version. Only the blood in the surrounding (floor/walls but only for decorative reasons) remains red.

Chopping off body parts (and cutting zombies in half) looks different as well. One has still the chance to do so but it is illustrated differently. In the Japanese Version, there are less to none body parts (e.g. heads, arms or legs) flying around and if there are, they are glowing. The cut surfaces and stumps have been colored black, too.

Since illustrating the blood and severed body parts seperately is quite difficult (body parts could be missing after a single punch), it has been listed together.

Moreover, any mentioned cutscene/sequence serves as further example for general alterations.

Japanese VersionUncensored Version

Splitting Bodies in the Middle

When Juliet leaps over a zombie, the zombie's body can be split in the middle by pushing the right button (triangle on PS3).
Similar to the blood, one has still the option to do so but it is illustrated differently which means the blood is missing or it has been altered and the cut surface is not red but black.

Japanese VersionUncensored Version

Multiple Kills

When several zombies are being beheaded at the same time, it is illustrated more elaborate. In the Japanese Version, the missing heads are being covered by pink energy rays.

Japanese VersionUncensored Version

The "Mini Games"

Basketball with Zombie Heads

In this mini game, one needs to chop of as many zombie heads as possible in order to get the required points. One still has to chop off heads in the Japanese Version but they are being illustrated as some kind of glowing balls.

Japanese VersionUncensored Version


Nick needs three home runs while Juliet is shooting the attacking zombies. The screenshots are only for illustrattion reasons because the actual gamelay does not differ at all.

Japanese VersionUncensored Version

Harvester Ride

Juliet wakes up with a harvester and she has to run over a particular number of zombies. In the Japanese Version, the body parts flying around are glowing and the red blood has been removed as well.

Japanese VersionUncensored Version

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