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  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Mar 24, 2019 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

The theatrical version was compared to the extended version. Both are included on the German Blu-ray by Filmjuwelen.

At the time of the colonization of America, several Indian tribes live in the greater New York area. The influx of settlers who dare to venture through the Indian territory causes increasing conflicts and deaths on both sides. This escalation has not yet progressed further north. There, the deerslayer, a white man raised by the Mohicans, and his blood brother Chingachgook save the merchant Harry Marsh's life when he was persecuted by Indians of the Huron tribe. The two accompany him to a houseboat, called Biberburg, which floats in the middle of a lake. Tom Hutter, who hates Indians, lives there together with his daughters Judith and Hetty. Harry trades with him and learns that the Hurons are planning a raid. Deerslayer and Chingachgook help Tom and Harry, but soon they learn why the Indians are after them. Through Harry, Tom sells the scalps of Indians to the government for a lot of money, which draws the wrath of the Hurons on them.

A few years before Lex Barker and Pierre Brice entered blood brotherhood as Old Shatterhand and Winnetou in the Winnetou series, Barker already had an Indian companion at his side in the US Western The Deerslayer. The film deals with the increasing conflict between Indians and whites, impersonated by the role of Tom Hutter, who does not shy away from murdering Indians without scruples. The movie is especially captivating because of its beautiful landscape shots and also offers enough action and romance to entertain well.

The German Blu-ray by the label Filmjuwelen features two versions of the film. You can choose between a theatrical version with a running time of 60 minutes and an extended version that is about 14 minutes longer. The theatrical version has German and English sound and apparently this is the US theatrical version, while the extended version only offers German dubbing.

The extended version deals with the conflict between the Indians and the white settlers in two longer scene blocks. A speaker explains how the increasing colonization of the country led to attacks by the Indians so that the government was forced to put out a scalp bonus, which further escalated the spiral of violence. At first, the scenes have little to do with the main plot of the film, as they mainly show fighting scenes between Indians and whites and were probably removed for that reason. In the middle of the movie, we learn how the Huron tribe wants to become allies with the Indian tribes from the south. This has also been removed in the theatrical version.

The big advantage of the theatrical version is, however, that the viewer realizes much later why Hutter retired on his houseboat. The film tries to build up a mystery around the question why Hutter kills the Indians. It is revealed that it is because of their scalps and in order to earn money with them. In the additional scenes of the extended version it is mentioned that the government pays a premium for Indian scalps, which makes it easier for the viewer to understand the connections.

So both versions have their justification. If you are looking for a more action-packed movie experience, you should go for the extended version. The theatrical version focuses completely on deerslayer and Chingachgook and the mystery of Tom Hutter.



Theatrical version: 61:48 min.

Extended version: 75:14 min.


Directly after the opening credits, the extended version shows some new scenes.

The narrator says that this is the border of the hunting grounds between the Hurons and Delaware and that the Delaware have signed a contract with the Whites. The whites are only allowed to enter the territory of the Delaware, not the Hurons. For a good reason, however, the Delaware are still suspicious of the whites.
Two men ride into the Huron territory. They are fishing right now. When they see the whites, they run to their horses. The two white men also ride away.

The Hurons come out of the bush with bows and arrows in order to attack the whites. They shoot back. There are casualties on both sides. A man rides away but is pursued by a horde of Hurons. The narrator tells that the Hurons punish invaders by killing and scalping them.

A trek of settlers moves into the Indian territory. Two scouts observe this and report to their chief, who immediately orders an attack. The Indians attack the trek. The settlers barricade themselves behind the covered wagons and shoot back. The Indians set fire to some covered wagons and pursue those who try to escape to a nearby fort.

Some of the settlers reach the fort. The narrator says that the settlers who survived the attack reported how the killed were scalped by the Indians.

The narrator further reports that in the north of the state of New York, in the territory of the Mingos, still nothing was known about the clashes. To this day.

The theatrical version starts when the trees are visible.

EV: 7:54 Min.


After Deerslayer is seen on the canoe, the extended version shows some new scenes again.

The narrator reports that the conflict between the whites and the Indians has further escalated in the south. The smallest attacks of the Indians led to so-called punitive expeditions, which were ordered by the fort commanders. You can see a cohort leaving the fort and being ambushed by the Indians. The soldiers defend themselves and finally manage fight off the Indians.

The narrator says that there were only a few men who thought about the senseless murdering. In a discussion round, the government discusses as to how to face the Indians. The governor is supposed to make a decision, but it turns out differently than it was desired. In a settlement, a poster is pinned on which says that for every Indian scalp a reward of 100 dollars is paid.

The narrator reports that the Indians' reaction to their apparent destruction of the tribes soon took place. A scene follows in which a group of Indians raids a settlement. Several settlers and Indians are killed in the attack.

EV: 5:09 Min.


After Deerslayer said he's also figured out what Tom Hutter is planning, the extended version shows a shot of the lake.

EV: 5 sec.


The theatrical version fades out as Chingachgook walks through the forest.

In the extended version, you see him longer, then a cut on an Indian sitting in a tree.

There's an Indian camp on display. The narrator reports that the Mingos want to ally themselves with the tribes in the south. On the way back, Chingachgook has seen that more Mingos have come to the lake.

Theatrical Version: 2 sec.
EV: 21 sec.