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Ren & Stimpy Show, The

4.13 Superstitious Stimpy/Travelogue


  • US DVD
  • German DVD
Release: Jan 03, 2014 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the shortened version of "Superstitious Stimpy/Travelogue" on the US-DVD by Paramount and the uncut version on the German DVD by Turbine Classics.

The differences:

1 cut = 55 seconds

The Ren & Stimpy Show is one of the most over the edge cartoon shows ever. So it's no surprise that Nickelodeon US - similar to Disney - reacted to the feedback of the audience and made a few cuts. On top of that, later broadcasts on Spike TV contained further alterations. More cuts were made and, if required, some scenes had a higher frames per second rate in order to reach the regular length for syndication. These versions are the available ones on the so-called "uncut" US-DVDs by Paramount.

Surprisingly enough, the German broadcasts back in the 90s were amlmost uncut, only a few scenes with too explicite footage were removed.

For the uncut box the comparisons have been made with, Turbine Germany used the cut (but restored) US masters and the original German versions in order to put the longest versions possible on the German DVD set. Missing scenes in the US Versions have been filled with the German version (including the German dub), missing scenes in the German versions have been filled with the US Version (and they got subtitled in German, if necessary). The result is the longest version available of every single episode.
7 min
During the ride, Ren tells Stimpy that they are about to visit one of the most popular attractions of the country: the Ol' Facefull. It is an active volcano in the middle of the city center. During the dialog you see a fat, dirty and smelly guy lying on a bench surrounded by a fence. We find out that he is the Ol' Facefull. Ren and Stimpy are standing at the fence and seem quite surprised. Their driver tells them that the eruption of this "mountain" is so punctual that you could set your watch to it. The Ol' Facefull wakes up and then gets up. His stomach starts to bubble while Ren impatiently looks at his watch. Suddenly, he's hit by a huge load of vomit. The Ol' Facefull wipes his mouth and looks at Ren who is covered in vomit.
55 sec