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Lotus for Miss Quon, A

original title: Lotosblueten für Miss Quon


  • English Version
  • German Version
Release: Mar 24, 2016 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the English Version and the German Version. Both are included on the German DVD released by Filmjuwelen.

The stranded American Mark Jason struggles along as an elementary teacher in Southeast-Asia. The only things that keep him above water are his girlfriend Nhan Lee and the occasional sip from the bottle. When he incidentally finds the a secret hideout of diamonds in his house, he starts dreaming about a better life. However, corrupt cops and other gangsters also try to get the diamonds.

"A Lotus for Miss Quon" is a pretty amusing thriller taking place in an exotic setting. Lang Jeffries plays the antihero who is mainly interested in his own fortune and shows no qualms while his girlfriend's father is being abused by the police. This role is a nice change to the typical heroes other movies portray.

The German DVD by Filmjuwelen includes two versions. The German Version is uncut, widescreen and solely includes the German audio. The English Version is included in an aweful Pan&Scan and misses out on a few minutes of plot.

Comparison of the image quality:

Unfortunately, the English version is included in a Pan&Scan fullscreen version, meaning that a lot of information is lost.

German Version:

English Version:


German Version: 90:20 min.
English Version: 84:47 min.

The English version misses out on 5:46 minutes of footage. Additionally, the German Version misses out on 0:16 minutes due to film tears.

The English Version betins with a studio logo.

English Version: 10 sec.


Mark calls a girl over and tells her that Rome is the capitol of Italy and not Spain. The girl tells him about her knowledge. After that, Mark throws away the bottle and strokes the board.

The military blocks the damaged bridge. Mark drives up with his car and complains about the situation to a soldier. He says that it is not that easy to catch the terrorists and backs up.

The car drives up a little earlier in the next shot.

German Version: 1:40 min.


Film tear in the German version. The servant with the ladder is shown earlier.

English Version: 3 sec.


Mark walks into the room and then goes over to the window.

German Version: 11 sec.


Film tear: The car is shown a little earlier.

German Version: 1 sec.


Nhan Lee says that she is waiting forever for Mark to get rid of his debts.

German Version: 13 sec.


The two police officers are standing in front of the house and think the situation through.

German Version: 16 sec.


The two police officers continue to talk about the found diamonds and ask themselves, where the rest of the booty might be.

German Version: 26 sec.


Gonsart has to justify to his superior, why he had bothered Mark for this long despite the state of evidence being unclear.

German Version: 30 sec.


Mark and Nhan Lee talk their plan over in the car. Nhan Lee brings the car back while Mark clears out with the diamonds.

German Version: 26 sec.


Film tear: The rebel counts a little longer.

German Version: 2 sec.


Gonsart meets Wade and tells him that his car was stolen and then involved in an assault. Wade says that he only borrowed the car from a friend.

Gonsart convinces Wade of the fact that Mark is actually mixed up in some dubious business. Wade tells him that he should go after him.

The next scene begins a little earlier. The man tells Charlie about the assault.

German Version: 1:49 min.


Film tear in the German Version: Mark and Nhan Lee are shown a little longer.

English Version: 3 sec.


Mark, Nhan Lee and Charlie are shown a little longer.

After that, the two police officers wonder which street to go to. Gonsart hints at the fact that one of the routes might be closed anyways, therefore the consideration is unnecessary.

German Version: 12 sec.