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Star Wars: The Clone Wars

1.05 Rookies


  • TV Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Mar 24, 2011 - Author: azog - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Comparison between the TV Version (aired on German television) and the Director's Cut (included in the DVD box-set released by Warner Home Video).

Runtime TV = 21:09
Runtime DC = 22:34

In order to unnoticeably attack Kamino general Grievous uses droids to assail the Rishi moon. 4 clones are able to escape and try to warn the republic.

Just as usual, the additions of the DC are not that interesting. They quite nicely blend in with the rest of the episode - however, if you don't know the scenes you won't miss them.
TV: 00:00
DC: 00:00
The TV version starts with the "Clone Wars"-logo while the DC at first shows a black screen.
1 sec

TV: 02:16
DC: 02:17

Before Obi-Wan is shown for the first time the squadron is shown longer.

2.88 sec

TV: 03:30
DC: 03:34

During the meteorite shower you see two more meteors hitting the ground.

2.04 sec

TV: 04:06
DC: 04:11

After the droid pulled the control box out of the door you don't see it hot-wiring 2 cables.

2.48 sec

TV: 05:16
DC: 05:24

Subsequent to the takeover of the control room a droid notifys that the clones escaped. The Captain responds that they're not important. Then he tells the droid to announce an all-clear signal and to contact General Grievous.
The TV version directly cuts to the Separatists' ships.

TV: 0.32 sec

DC: 11.24 sec

TV: 06:44
DC: 07:03
During the committee of inspection's approach the TV version fades the scene out. The following shot of the station on the Rishi moon fades in. This doesn't happen in the DC.
TV: 1.8 sec

TV: 09:06
DC: 09:23

The droids shoot at Cody and Rex.

0.96 sec

TV: 09:21
DC: 09:39

Cody and Rex take shelter. Subsequently there's a missing shot of 2 shooting droids.

1.6 sec

TV: 11:11
DC: 11:31

After Rex said that there's still hope the three rookies look at each other. The TV version then fades out and shows the commercials. After the commercials you see the squadron.
The DC fades to the squadron (using a little transition effect).

TV: 0.64 sec
DC: 1.12 sec

TV: 12:46
DC: 13:06

Subsequent to the intrusion in the base the clones walk along a hallway.

3.36 sec

TV: 13:20
DC: 13:44

After taking over the control room again Havy stands in front of a dispatched droid and makes a cynical comment.

3.76 sec

TV: 13:49
DC: 14:17

Before general Grievous sends additional troops to the Rishi moon he says that they shouldn't leave anything to chance.

2.4 sec

TV: 14:15
DC: 14:45
Before the droid lands the TV version fades the scene out and the next one in.
TV: 2.24 sec

TV: 16:50
DC: 17:18

Before the droids enter, the door is shown a little earlier.

0.56 sec

TV: 16:54
DC: 17:22

The droids walk along the hallway and shoot at the clones a little longer.

1.4 sec

TV: 16:57
DC: 17:26

Hevy gives his comrades cover who pull back.

1.72 sec

TV: 18:29
DC: 19:00

The droids who attack Hevy are shown a little earlier.

0.68 sec

TV: 18:38
DC: 19:09

Rex tries to reach Hevy over the radio. You hear Rex' voice while Hevy pulls back to the commando room.

1.28 sec

TV: 20:03
DC: 20:36

After spotting the boats, Rex talks a little longer.

2.16 sec

TV: 20:05
DC: 20:40

The boats land a little longer.

0.96 sec

TV: 21:04
DC: 21:40

The credits were almost completely cut out. You only see George Lucas' name and the Lucasfilm logo. The circle around Captain Rex is not shown as well.

TV: 5,24 sec
DC: 54,24 sec