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The Taking Of Deborah Logan

Split Second


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Ghost Rider


  • Theatrical Version (DVD)
  • Theatrical Version (UMD)
Release: Jul 08, 2018 - Author: Sheldor der Eroberer - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Theatrical Version on DVD (German DVD in PAL)
and the Theatrical Version on UMD (German UMD in NTSC).

3 cuts = 12.32 sec (in PAL)
Time index refers to the Theatrical Version on DVD.

Both the DVD and UMD (UMD [=Universal Media Disc] is a storage device for Sony's PSP [=PlayStation Portable]) are labelled "Theatrical Version" and yet the UMD contains 3 additional scenes which are part of the additional footage in the Extended Version (comparison). Other than that, the Theatrical Version on UMD and DVD are identically equal.

Well, that is not entirely true. There is a further difference: The DVD contains the movie in 2.39:1 while the UMD contains it in 1.78:1 open matte.
When the end credits start rolling, the aspect ratio of the UMD switches to the aspect ratio from the DVD for some reason.

It is possible that the UMD Theatrical Version was actually shown in theaters somewhere and was released on UMD for whatever reason.
41 Min 23 Sec
When Johnny Blaze transform into Ghost Rider, the camera pans around burning Johnny.
169 frames = 6.76 sec (in PAL)

43 Min 14 Sec
Not a cut but an alteration resulting from the different aspect ratio. A digital pan shot from left to right has been added in order to keep Gressil on screen permanently.
no difference

43 Min 24 Sec
Gressil burns 56 frames longer. In addition to that, he yells "Help me!" to his brothers who have vanished already.
56 frames = 2.24 sec (in PAL)

43 Min 24 Sec
Not a cut but an alteration due to the cuts and prior and subsequent to this shot. On UMD, one can hear the end of Gressil yelling "Help me!". On DVD, one can hear a part of Gressil's last scream instead (the following alteration will shed some light on it).
no difference

43 Min 27 Sec
Subsequent to the shot of the station, the beginning of the shot of Gressil burned beyond recognition (before he gets literally torn apart by yanking the chain) is 83 frames longer. Gressil looks up to the sky and screams one last time.
As mentioned above, said scream is partially audible on DVD as well - it ended kind of abruptly on DVD though and now it is obvious why.
83 frames = 3.32 sec (in PAL)