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  • Alternate Director's Cut
  • Director's Cut
Release: Mar 27, 2019 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

The Alternate Director's Cut was compared to the Director's Cut. Both are included on the US Blu-ray by Scorpion Releasing.

The American Jonathon Ratcliff takes over a management position in an advertising agency in Athens, Greece. He starts a relationship with his secretary Claire but at a model shooting he meets Rachel. A few years ago, she was raped in front of him and he couldn’t help her. Traumatized by this memory, he secretly begins to observe Rachel. One night, he gets caught. During his escape he runs into a tree and wakes up again in the hospital. He has lost his sight due to the collision but the doctors cannot find any medical cause.

He receives help from the ophthalmologist Dr. Steiger, who has developed a new procedure in which Jonathon has an implant placed in his head. The implant is connected via headphones to a walkman in which a sonar system has been installed, enabling Jonathon to recognize contours again. Equipped with this new capability, Jonathon can detect a serial killer who has chosen Rachel as his new victim.

Blind Date illustrates what the “ancient” Greeks (in 1984) defined as an "ultimate high-tech thriller". It was directed by none other than Nico Mastorakis, who should be remembered for his Greek shocker Island of Death. Already at the beginning of the film where Jonathon arrives at work with an "I love my Dentist" t-shirt, you realize that something is not right here. While you think about how to interpret the statement about more dental hygiene, you might not fully understand central elements like Jonathon's obsession with Rachel, as they are only poorly developed. What exactly happened in the past is only hinted at and why Jonathon turns into a stalker instead of addressing her directly, remains a mystery.

Girlfriend Claire seems to be sexually open-minded as she's planning a birthday surprise party while sleeping with Jonathon and has little trouble with his stalking. The high-tech aspect of the movie with the sonar device in a walkman, including the questionable explanations, seems more than antiquated today. The killer hunt doesn't get going until the very end of the movie and is more based on a chance encounter by Jonathon, who rather spends his time beating punks in the subway. If the description doesn't sound very convincing, there are good reasons to watch the movie anyway.

  • The film's fully disjointed structure, in which important aspects are mentioned in throwaway lines while the focus remains on unimportant plot elements
  • The effort to combine a suspense thriller in Hitchcock style with the giallo optics of Argento, an attempt that’s dead on arrival
  • We see Kirstie Alley, the mother from Look Who’s Talking in a sexy role with lax moral concepts
  • Lana Clarkson, known from barbarian flicks like Deathstalker or Barbarian Queen as the object of desire, who admittedly has too little screen time
  • The "I love my Dentist" t-shirt

The US Blu-ray by Scorpion Releasing is advertised with the sentence "Scorpion Releasing proudly presents this cult classic from a brand new 4k scan of the original director's cut, supervised by the director.". Not mentioned on the Blu-ray cover is that the bonus material contains the theatrical version. But as we discovered by comparing them, the differences between the two versions are marginal. At the beginning of the film, when Jonathon appears at a shooting, the supposed theatrical version cuts to the models while the Director's Cut shows Jonathon a bit earlier. That's it. No more and no less. The fact is that the version in the bonus material isn't the theatrical version but an alternate version of the Director's Cut with an insignificant change. The runtime difference between the two versions is due to the fact that the version from the bonus material is in PAL and the Director's Cut is running at NTSC speed. The real theatrical version is included e.g. on the UK DVD by Hollywood DVD, but more about this in a separate comparison.



Alternate Director's Cut (bonus material): 101:24 min. (PAL)

Director's Cut: 105:37 min. (NTSC)


The alternate DC starts with an "Omega Entertainment" logo at the beginning.

alt. DC: 7 sec.


In the alternate DC, the models are shown while the real DC shows Jonathon a bit earlier.

alt. DC:


alt. DC: 3 sec.
DC: 3 sec.