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Web of the Spider

original title: Nella stretta morsa del ragno


  • US Version
  • Uncut
Release: May 31, 2018 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the cut US Version and the uncut Italian Version (both available on the US Blu-ray by Garagehouse Pictures).

Writer Alan Foster does not believe in supernatural events and bets with Edgar Allan Poe and Lord Thomas Blackwood that he can spend one night in the haunted castle of Blackwood. Shortly after his arrival, he encounters mysterious Elisabeth and he gets laid. But stable boy Herbert shows up and kills Elisabeth. When Alan chases him, but Herbert and Elisabeth vanish into thin air. Dr. Carmus explains to him that he had only seen ghosts and then he tells Alan the tragic events that lead to their deaths. What Alan does not know yet is that the ghosts require his blood so that it will be a night of terror for him.

Klaus Kinski as Edgar Allan Poe plus Michèle Mercier as mysterious vamp in an Italian Gothic flick based on the tales of Poe. What could possibly go wrong? Well, the pace is rather low so one should not get their expections too high.

The US Blu-ray contains two versions of the movie: The restored main version is the cut US Version while the release also contains the uncut Italian Version as bonus. The US Blu-ray only lacks some plot, probably cut for pace reasons. Not necessarily the worse version. On the contrary, watching the US Version first is not as unrecommandable as one might think at first glance.

Screenshot Comparison:

US Version:

Italian Version:


US Version: 93:17 min (Blu-ray)
Italian Version: 110:44 min (Blu-ray)

The US Version starts with the logo of the distributor while there is dripping audible in the background.

In the Italian Version, the camera pans from the puddle to the cross.

US Version: 13 sec
Italian Version: 25 sec


Poe keeps walking and discovers the grave of some Charlotte.

Italian Version: 16 sec


Poe keeps looking at further tombstones in the crypt.

Italian Version: 30 sec


Poe says his stories are partially based on true events. Alan assumes they perceived things differently. Alan orders a Scotch and then he wants to hear more about Poe's work.

Italian Version: 26 sec


Alan disagrees wit Poe because he believes there was no kind of afterlife. Poe explains he confused crypt and death.

Italian Version: 15 sec


The carriage a little longer. Alan reads one of Poe's texts out loud. It describes his childhood and his fascination of the superatural. The carriage keeps going through the woods. Alan wants to know from Poe why people always lose their minds in his tales?

Italian Version: 47 sec


Further shots of Alan taking a look around the spooky front yard.

Italian Version: 30 sec


Alan hears the squeaking noise again and goes to some shed.

Italian Version: 23 sec


Subsequent to Alan going through the gate, he takes a look around inside the castle.

Italian Version: 33 sec


Alan looks at thepainting of some woman until he hears some strange knocking. He walks around and sees a floor clock. The knocking stops.

Italian Version: 55 sec


Alan covers the mirror, remembering his conversation with Poe about crypt and death. He starts smiling. He then walks away from the mirror.

Italian Version: 36 sec


Alan goes to the piano, strikes a match and looks at the notes. Then he starts playing. When he wants to strike a second match, the versions ae back in sync.

Italian Version: 41 sec


Elisabeth explains Julia had always taken the chance to meet new people. Alan says he had found the dress in the stables. Elisabeth thanks him, she is happy to have it back. Alan is glad he did not run into a ghost but into Elisabeth instead.

Italian Version: 35 sec


Julia goes across the hallway, down the stairs. Elisabeth ambushes her. She warns her to mind her own business. Elisabeth says she was in love with Alan and she hopes they lived happily ever after. Julia explains Elisabeth could never be happy. When Elisabeth asks for a chance, Julia says she needed her to be happy. Elisabeth tells Julia to stay out of it and that she hated her. Elisabeth then runs upstairs.

Italian Version: 1:49 min


Alan sneaks up to the door but he does not have the guts to open it. He goes back to the chair.

Italian Version: 38 sec


Edith sees Elsie and Maurice kiss. She runs back to her parents. Elsie shows up there as well. They claim there was a wedding soon.

Elisabeth thanks William for the necklace. William approaches the artist who made the necklace and thanks him. The latter needs to leave for Paris and says goodbye. William goes back to Elisabeth.

Italian Version: 1:20 min


William kisses Elisabeth's hand, then he leaves the room. One the guests thanks the hosts.

Italian Version: 30 sec


Alan tells Dr. Carmus none of it was real which makes him angry because he believes Carmus tried to deceive him. Carmus says he should keep looking how the past becomes the present.

Italian Version: 50 sec


Alan keeps yelling he would make Carmus look like a fool in front of everyone and leave afterwards.

Italian Version: 22 sec


Carmus climbs down the tomb and takes a look around.

Italian Version: 1:18 min


The fog keeps coming closer. Carmus runs away.

Italian Version: 9 sec


Alan keeps warning the couple but he keeps failing.

Italian Version: 18 sec


Alan turns around and asks Poe if taking him there was worth it.

Maurice searces the wine cellar.

Italian Version: 29 sec


Alan keeps wandering around. The ghosts appear and he refuses to get scared. Elisabeth appears and shows him an escape route because the ghosts are after his blood.

Italian Version: 54 sec


The fog keeps coming closer. Alan runs in the tomb.

Italian Version: 21 sec


Alan goes down in slow motion, then he gets back up.

Italian Version: 34 sec


Alan rushes across the graveyard and removes the branches from some grave.

Italian Version: 24 sec


Copyright logo in the US Version.

In the Italian Version, "Fine" is longer on the screen. Then the end credits.

US Version: 12 sec
Italian Version: 57 sec