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Release: Feb 06, 2016 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the "Blood Rage" Version and the "Composite" Version. Both are available on the UK Blu-ray by Arrow Films.

1974: The young mother Maddy, her twins Terry and Todd and her lover visit a drive-in in Jacksonville. Assuming her sons are asleep, the two adults start making out while Terry and Todd, who just pretended to be asleep, sneak out of the car. On a pick-up truck, Terry finds an ax and swings at a boy who is having sex with his girlfriend. He then puts the ax in Todd's hand, smears blood all over him and claims he did it. Years later, Terry is leading a normal life with his girlfriend Karen and a huge circle of friends in the residental complex "Shadw Woods". Todd on the other hand is in an insane asylum. He is under Dr. Berman's care, his friend Maddy occasionally pays him a visit. On Thanksgiving, when Maddy reveals that she and her new boyfriend Brad got engaged, the crap hits the fan. Todd breaks out and Dr. Berman reckons he could return to Shadow Woods. Meanwhile, Terry's bloodlust is back. While everyone still believes Todd is the bad guy, Terry leaves a trail of bodies behind...

"Blood Rage" is a surprisingly entertaining slasher. Shot in 1983, it did not get a theatrical release until 1987. The story of the evil twin framing his brother is not exactly innovative, especially since it is obvious from the beginning who really did it, the high body count and the very bloody SFX make up for it.

Basically, there are two different versions of "Blood Rage". As "Nightmare at Shadow Woods", it was released in movie theaters and in order to get the R-rating, some footage was cut. On video, the movie was called "Blood Rage" (Unrated Version) and it was uncut. But then again, a few plot scenes from the Theatrical Version were missing. Also, there are some scenes with alternate footage plus there are a few longer plot scenes in the Unrated Version.

The UK Blu-ray by Arrow Films contains 3 versions of the movie. The main version is a new HD version of "Blood Rage". The second Blu-ray contains the "Nightmare at Shadow Woods" version. The problem: only a rather bad theatrical print was available. For that reason, Arrow made that version based on the new HD version and added the footage exclusively in the Theatrical Version from the rather bad source. Furthermore, there is a so-called "Composite Cut". This Composite Cut is a complete version, if you will. The scenes missing in the Unrated Version have been added from the R-Rated Version. For fans, the Theatrical Version is a must see anyway because only here, one gets to see the alternate footage. For those who haven't seen the movie yet, I'd either recommend the "Blood Rage" Version or the Cmposite Cut. But watch out when you intend to buy the Arrow release. Only the 3-Disc Limited Edition contains all 3 versions. It is likely that Arrow intends to release an unlimited regular release that only contains the "Blood Rage" Version on Blu-ray & DVD.

The following comparison deals with the differences between the "Blood Rage" and the "Composite" Version. Only the scene at the poolside is from the R-Rated Version, any other scenes/alternate footage are taken from the "Nightmare at Shadow Woods" Version. By the way, the shot of Andrea in the shower has not been taken from the NaSW Version because it comes up later.


Blood Rage: 82:15 min.
Composite: 85:12 min.

The group goes swimming. In the meantime, Julie talks to an elderly lady about Terry and the tragic incident at the drive-in. When everyone is in the water, a little swimming contest takes place.

Julie goes to Andrea and asks if she could babysit that night because she had a date. Andrea explains there was not anything else going on anyway.

Julie gets her things and leaves. Andrea says she would not want to trade places with her because she was divorced, had a child and got stuck in that dump. The group is screwing around a little.

Composite: 2:55 min