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original title: Incubo sulla cittą contaminata


  • UK VHS (VTC)
  • US DVD
Release: Jul 09, 2012 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the shortened UK VHS released VTC (Pre-Cert) and the uncut US DVD released by Anchor Bay.

There are 11 missing scenes with an overall runtime of 1 minute and 15.5 seconds.

The old UK Pre-Cert VHS by VTC had to miss out on roughly 1 minute. The VHS by Sablecan which was released later was also based on this version, however, the BBFC ordered the studio to cut out 3 more minutes. By now, the uncut version was released on DVD.
9 min
The zombie cuts the soldier's throat.
7 sec

20 min
The woman who is lying on the floor gets the hatchet rammed into the back of her head. The zombie pulls the hatchet back out. Blood splashes out of the wound.
5 sec

20 min
Another zombie rams his knife into a woman's breast and cuts it off.
7 sec

44 min
The zombie stabs the doctor 3 more times.
5 sec

47 min
The woman inside the lift is stabbed a few times.
3.5 sec

54 min
The two zombies stab the couple a few times.
14 sec

59 min
Another shot of the knife inside the woman's stomach.
4 sec

59 min
The zombie uses the knife to pull her eye out.
5 sec

59 min
Now he stabs her corpse a few times. Subsequently, the zombies take a bite of her.
20 sec

72 min
Dean hits the item on the zombie priest's head.
1 sec

72 min
He hits his head a few more times.
4 sec