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  • Theatrical Cut
  • Extended (The More Fun Stuff Version)
Release: Nov 01, 2022 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the theatrical version (included on the German Blu-ray) and the Extended Version (aka The More Fun Stuff Version, as VOD).

28 differing scenes, incl. 11x alternative course and
Difference: 525,8 sec (= 8:46 min)

* Additional material in the theatrical version: 3:05 min
* Additional material in the extended version: 11:51 min

SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME on its way to box office records

Spider-Man: No Way Home belongs to the fourth phase of MCU films and was the highest-grossing film of 2021 worldwide. Given the enormous success, it's not surprising that they milked the cash cow a little bit more - or simply wanted to give fans a little bit more, depending on how you look at it.

The current 1.9 billion dollar box office result (October 2022) already includes the fact there was a second theatrical release with the title The More Fun Stuff Version in September 2022. In the end, this only made up a small share of around 10 million dollars, but for fans worldwide it is of course exciting to see what is behind it. A quasi completely different film version, as was the case with the re-release of Deadpool 2 as Once Upon A Deadpool, could not necessarily be expected. But around 12 additional minutes were promised here.

Since the end of October 2021, this extended version is available for purchase on a few selected streaming providers. Unfortunately, it is not available on a large scale at Disney+ or Netflix, for example, as the title is probably too big for that (for the time being). But is it worth buying, especially if you already know the theatrical version?

The new scenes (and cuts) in THE MORE FUN STUFF VERSION

First, let's mention what was probably partly the reason for the title appendix: you get to see several comedy-heavy plot extensions. Per se, this isn't surprising, as the entire film is full of self-deprecating references and generally comes across with a lot of humor. But it's noticeable that the extended version takes it up a notch here. Right at the beginning, Flash gets to make his mark a bit more, and he's also one of many characters who get to speak in the long additional segment where Betty conducts bumpy interviews. Ned gets to act clumsy here and later during a scene with MJ. And there's a lot more goofy dialogue between the three actors for Peter during their scene together in the second half of the film.

Exactly this trio also gives a short introduction via video conference. Beside acknowledgements to the viewers the aspect that Andrew Garfield's Peter is really doubtful of his own achievements is played out a bit more here as well. Apart from that, it is noticeable in the extensions just mentioned that there are many small references to the previous MCU films. Side characters like Matt 'Daredevil' Murdoch also get more screentime. So certainly, on the whole, material that will make die-hard fans rejoice.

Another striking feature is the post-credits scene, which also recalls several moments from the high school days of our teen heroes in the style of a school video. A very nice idea, which also replaces the scene that actually comes at this point.

That leads over to the last aspect, because on the basis of the advance announcement one may have wondered why the version, purely on the basis of the running time, is "only" about 9 minutes longer. In fact, the roughly 2-minute post-credits teaser for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, for example, and a few other moments in general have been removed from the theatrical version. Mostly this is related to a better transition to additional scenes. There are a few alternate takes to discover, for example during the interrogation by Agent Cleary at the beginning. Not all that spectacular, but in detail for fans perhaps quite interesting that the theatrical version still retains some exclusive bits.

Final words

By the way, what does NOT deviate is the emotional farewell between MJ and Peter. As summarized in this clip, for example, in the theatrical release of the Extended she supposedly asked if they could both erase their memories and live on together as strangers. In any case, in the digitally released Extended version, she says (exactly as in the theatrical version) that he should wait with his declaration of love to her until they meet again.

All in all, it can be said that The More Fun Stuff Version has not become a fundamentally different film, but as "fan service" it should be good fun for every viewer who is well familiar with the MCU universe and especially the Spider-Man adaptations. You can definitely be happy with the theatrical version as well, it's an absolutely well-rounded production. The Extended Version sprinkles in a few small subtleties and silly moments that aren't absolutely necessary, but definitely offer additional entertainment value. Similar to the Editor's Cut of Spider-Man 3, it can be summarized as an interesting alternative to the theatrical version.

Running times are arranged according to the scheme
Theatrical Version / Extended Version

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00:00 / 00:00-00:59

The Extended Version begins with a short intro, which the three Spider-Man actors recorded in a video conference. After typically detailed thank-yous to the fans and the positive feedback, Tobey and Tom feel they have something to say to Andrew. Alluding to the dialogue between the three towards the end of the film (Andrew says "I love you guys" and only gets a "thank you" back), they now emphasize that they love him too.

Tom: "Hi, guys. Um, I am Tom Holland. I'm joined today by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. We just wanted to take a moment to say a massive thank you for all of your continued love and support for this film. While we were making this film, I think I can speak on behalf of all of us that we knew that we had our hands on something really special. But I don't think we could ever have imagined it would have been received as well as it has been. So thank you so much."
Andrew: "We are just incredibly grateful that you guys are here for it."
Tobey: "Thank you to everybody for supporting this movie. I got to show up with these guys and have a beautiful experience. Andrew, we have something to tell you."
Andrew: "What?"
Tom: "It's important to both of us that you know this. Okay?"
Tobey and Tom say in parallel: "We love you."
Andrew: "About time. I've been waiting months. I've been waiting months since that day in Atlanta."
Tobey: "I had it in here."
Tom: "Yeah. It took every part of me not to say that."
Andrew: "This was worth the wait, and I will wait for you guys for centuries."

59.1 sec

Additional scene in the theatrical cut
05:30-05:32 / 06:29

In the report about Spider-Man, the brief moment where someone throws green paint at him while yelling "Murderer! Mysterio forever!" has been removed.

+ 2.1 sec

Alternativ / Additional scene in the theatrical cut
06:29-06:34 / 07:26-07:31

How MJ speaks of her rights is seen in alternate takes, but with the same dialogue.

Theatrical Cut 0.3 sec longer

Theatrical CutExtended Version

06:47 / 07:44-07:56

Another shot of MJ and you can already hear Peter being interrogated; "Washington Monument, Venice Grand Canal, Tower Bridge! You know, if I didn't know any better, Peter, it's kind of like your enemy is national landmarks."

Note: This is at the same time of course a nice little reference to Spider-Man: Homecoming, where Spider-Man was on the Washington Monument while Spider-Man: Far From Home saw him at work on the other landmarks.

12.1 sec

Alternativ / Additional scene in the theatrical cut
06:47-06:48 / 07:56-07:58

The Extended Version has an initial frontal shot of Ned to start the interview.

The Theatrical Cut instead has the shot of him on the screens a little earlier - the Extended doesn't kick in here until the camera moves to the side.

Extended 1.5 sec longer

Theatrical CutExtended Version

07:29 / 08:39-09:00

There is another change to the questioning of Peter. Thereby, with a photo of him in the black suit again Far From Home is referenced. May is also seen a bit earlier after this, criticizing Agent Cleary's wild imagination.

Peter: "So if you did your job, I wouldn't have to be on the boat saving people's lives. I climbed up the side of the Washington Monument."
Agent Cleary slams a folder on the table: "Okay, now we're getting to some facts. Tell me everything you know about the Night Monkey."
May: "Here's the funny thing about the law. It's usually not open to random self-interest interpretation. Though you and I both know that hasn't stopped people like you from trying."

20.7 sec

Alternativ / Additional scene in the theatrical cut
07:37-07:53 / 09:08-09:30

Until near the end, May's interrogation now proceeds in completely alternate takes. At the beginning of the Extended Version, Agent Cleary speaks about previous misbehaviour; "Sounds like someone who's been through the system before."
May replies jokingly: "I've been arrested at a couple of protests. I'm a real career criminal."

The following advice to get a lawyer and what he accuses her of is textually the same, but from other takes and thus in a strikingly different tone. In the extended version, Cleary seems a bit more threatening.

Extended 6.2 sec longer

Theatrical CutExtended Version

09:49 / 11:26-12:18

Now (before Peter scrubs at the smeared suit next to the washing machine) follows the explanation why the moment with the green color was removed earlier during the report on TV: The Extended shows the complete scene for it. Peter stops a pickpocket, but the bystanders get into stupid discussions about Spider-Man's young age and insinuate that he is in cahoots with the thief. In the end, someone throws the paint at him and runs away, while Spider-Man looks after him, perplexed.

Someone yells; "Stop! Thief!"
Said thief runs through the alley with his loot until he finally lands in Spider-Man's spider web.
However, people are now complaining; "Whoa, what are you doing? You can't do this anymore."
Spider-Man: "He's a thief."
Woman: "You're a child. Show some respect."
Woman #2: "He's not a child. He's 14 years old."
Spider-Man: "I'm not--"
Man: "I had a job when I was 14."
Security guard: "My son is 14. He's a moron."
Spider-Man: "Guys, I am not 14 years old."
Woman: "He's not equipped to make these kinds of decisions."
Another woman from a car interferes; "It's true. Teenagers' brains aren't fully developed yet."
Woman: "He can't even rent a car."
Man: "He doesn't need a car. He's been to space."
Spider-Man: "Thank you."
Woman: "How do you know they aren't working together and in cahoots?"
Spider-Man: "Me and this guy? I don't know this guy."
Woman: "We don't know what's in that bag."
Thief: "We've been in cahoots the whole time."
Now another man pours the green liquid on Spider-Man; "Murderer! Mysterio forever!"

51.6 sec

Alternativ / Additional scene in the theatrical cut
11:58-12:03 / 14:27-14:37

In the Kinofassung the news report starts introduced with an exterior shot of the school building, to which Betty can be heard; "We're covering the first day of senior year for Midtown High's most famous student, --"

In the Extended Version you see Jameson in his studio instead; "It's back to school, folks. And in their infinite wisdom, Mayor Dingus and the city clown-cil are welcoming back the town's most notorious costumed killer, --"

Here as there, this then leads to the close-up of Betty pronouncing Peter's name.

Extended 4.5 sec longer

Theatrical CutExtended Version

14:09 / 16:42-20:25

As Peter walks down the hall, another classmate is seen commenting that they used to be lab partners. This is followed by a shot of Coach Wilson practicing basketball. Peter climbs up the wall after the coach himself and his classmates give him a cheer. Peter then walks through the school, annoyed, where Flash is again promoting his book in the background and calls himself Spidey's mentor.

On a school TV you can see a program in which various people are interviewed, most of whom wanted to grab a little fame at Peter's expense. Ned and Peter himself also appear.

Since there are quite a few short oneliners in montage form and generally extremely much dialogue, we do not reproduce this here completely.
* Mr. Harrington refers to Peter as son and little brother, but drifts off to his ex-wife and a subreddit with wild speculations about Mysterio.
* Coach Wilson, on the other hand, mentions a conspiracy theory about Justin Timberlake and NSYNC. There's also a hint from him about the other Spider-Man adaptations, as he vaguely recalls that one could even crawl on walls or shoot something out of his wrist.
* Flash claims "Arachnokid" and "The Bitten" would have been other suggested names for Spider-Man. When Betty criticizes him for not including her in his book, he looks in the book and is quite surprised to find that it even features photos there. When asked how he reacts to people who say he's not friends with Peter at all, he stammers something about.
* Mr. Dell imagines what he would have looked like as Spider-Man. The costume in particular would probably have been different, e.g. with flared legs, "as sexy as possible".
* Ned is critically asked by Betty about an appropriate message to write to his ex-girlfriend in the middle of the night. The two exchange a few tense compliments.
* Peter is told to think about what he would say to the spider that bit him. He thinks he would say thank you, Betty adds, "For nothing?"

After the interviews, Betty mentions that Lady Liberty is getting a "makeover", whereupon several students are seen with sometimes quite creative designs (from the Marvel universe) to the famous statue. Lastly, a short spot is announced by Principal Morita about safety precautions in the hallway - to which someone dramatically stumbles to the floor in B&W.

in total 222.8 sec (= 3:43 min)
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