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War of the Arrows

original title: Choi-jong-byeong-gi Hwal


  • BBFC 15
  • Korean Blu-ray
Release: Jun 03, 2012 - Author: azog - Translator: Sebbe - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the UK DVD by Cine Asia and the Korean Blu-ray by Art Service. Both discs contain the theatrical version of the movie.

War of the Arrows, like many other new historical dramas from Asia, had to be cut in the UK. In comparison to other movies like Red Cliff or The Warlords, this movie has very few fight scenes with horses, but at the end there's a fall which falls within the scope of animal cruelty.

The English DVD additionally contains 3 fixed subtitle displays which are missing on the Korean Blu-ray, only when the subtitles are turned on they are displayed too.


UK: 01:45:33
KR: 01:50:03

The scene with which the BBFC had problems was the fall of Nam-yi.

After the horse got hit by Ja-in's arrow and Jiusinta's arrow just missed its target the rider and his horse fall down.
On the UK DVD Jiusinta and Ja-in watching the fall are shown at this point.

4.6 sec.
3,6 sec

After this scene both versions run in sync for a short time and show Nam-yi falling down.

UK: 01:45:38
KR: 01:50:07

Subsequently a short view on the horse writhing on the ground was removed.

1.2 sec.