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Deadly Manor

Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter





  • Censored
  • Uncensored
Release: Apr 30, 2017 - Author: TonyJaa - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Censored Version and the Uncensored Version.

A long time before the shoot of the theatrical remakes of the Power Rangers series started, this very entertaining and weel-made short film was released. Sinister, utopistic, surprisingly brutal - the intention what a remake should look like has been made clear by director Joseph Kahn from the very beginning. And yet, there are two existing versions. Neither the violence nor the dialogs have been altered in any way. The only difference here is alternate footage for scenes that contain some nudity.

By the way, this short film is often censored on YouTube. The Uncensored Version is available on Vimeo.

There are 2 differences (+ information board) with no length difference

Time index refers to the Uncensored Version.
00:00 Min.
The Uncensored Version contains some text plus a longer black screen at the very beginning. (not considered a cut though)
7.22 sec

03:39 Min.
Alternate footage: While the women are wearing bras in the Censored Version, they are topless in the Uncensored Version. In addition to that, Zack's eyes are closed at first. In the Uncensored Version, he looks at the blonde to his left. In both versions, he then looks in the camera.
no difference

03:42 Min.
Same here: Bra-wearing women in the Censored Version resp. topless women in the Uncensored Version. Furthermore, the two women's posture is different. In the Censored Version, their arms are higher up while their arms are at the blonde's waist in the Uncensored Version.
no difference