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To Live and Die in L.A

Battle of the Godfathers

original title: Zinksärge für die Goldjungen


  • Italian Version
  • German Version
Release: Oct 08, 2016 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Removed Scene
40:14 / 39:09

In the German Version, Luca enters. Otto and he are facing each other. Then Kate comes in as well and offers Otto and his men some food. When they leave, Luca thanks Otto.
The Italian Version only contains the part in the middle when Otto and Luca are facing each other. (8.76 sec)

47.52 sec

Removed Scene / Recut
43:13 / 42:55

Now, Otto explains his plan to his people (please see 29:33 / 30:25). Except the context is different here. While this scene was used to illustrate how Otto intends to take down Luca in the Italian Version, this scene shows how they are going to retaliate after Carl's death in the German Version. (keine Screenshots)

102.76 sec resp. 1 min 42.76 sec

Removed Scene / Recut
43:34 / 45:00

For that reason, the German Version here shows Otto's people torching some joint, followed by the robbery and finally the dead guy in a chair with a sign around his neck that reads "Herzlichen Willkommen!" ("Welcome!"). Further murders follow.
All the footage is also in the Italian Version but again: While it has been used to show how Otto attacks Luca resp. how to get rid of him in the Italian Version, it shows how Otto retaliates in the German Version. (keine Screenshots)

165.4 sec resp. 2 min 45.4 sec

Extended Scene
43:59 / 48:10

The part in tthe middle of Sylvia's birthday party is missing. Only in the German Version, Luca dances with his mom and then with Kate before he goes to the other party guests in order to drink to Sylvia.

14.56 sec

Removed Scene
44:11 / 48:36

Only the German Version shows the party guests at the table drinking to Sylvia.

9.48 sec

Extended Scene
44:11 / 48:46

Otto earlier after getting back from Carl's funeral. He sits down in his living room.

2.2 sec

Removed Scene
46:48 / 51:25

After the bomb detonates and Luca talks to Erik, the German Version contains some more footage of the party guests that come running.

6.72 sec

Erweiterte Szene
47:08 / 51:52

Erik longer when he is leaving the party.

1.08 sec

Removed Scene
50:15 / 55:00

The Italian Version lacks a longer shot of Luca's conversation with Kate resp. the Italian Version only contains the beginning of it.

48.12 sec

Removed Scene
50:27 / 56:00

When Sylvia enters the Westermann residence, the Italian Version immediately shows her sitting down resp. turning around and yelling at Otto's girlfriend. The previous conversation they have is missing.

27.64 sec

Extended Scene
50:31 / 56:32

When Sylvia turns around to Otto's girlfriend in order to yell at her, the shot starts a few frames earlier in the German Version (no screenshots).
Also, the camera zooms in on her at the end which is missing in the Italian Version as well.

6.16 sec

Extended Scene
54:26 / 01:00:30

Another missing piece in the Italian Version.

5.28 sec

Removed Scene
57:13 / 01:03:23

After Otto and Luca discuss the exchange on the phone, the German Version contains an additional scene with Luca and Erik. The latter makes a snarky remark.

7.6 sec

Extended Scene
59:19 / 01:05:36

Guy slightly longer in the German Version after attaching the bomb to the car.

1.12 sec

Additional Scene / Recut
01:01:00 / 01:07:19

Only the Italian Version here contains a bird's eye view of the car Sylvia and Erik are driving off with resp. a part of it.

Italian Version 1.32 sec longer

Extended Scene
01:01:01 / 01:07:19

Slightly longer shot when Luca gets up to see who is driving off in the car.

0.04 sec

Extended Scene
01:01:04 / 01:07:22

Luca slightly longer at the window.

0.08 sec

Additional Scene / Recut
01:01:07 / 01:07:24

Here, the German Version contains the entire shot of the car Sylvia and Erik are using to drive off. The Italian Version only contains the end of it because the previous part has already been used beforehand (siehe 01:01:00 / 01:07:19).
In summary, the shot is slightly longer in the German Version (0.32 sec / no screenshots).

1.64 sec

Extended Scene
01:01:32 / 01:07:51

Otto longer. Only in the German Version, he gets up and runs out of the room.

1.24 sec

Extended Scene
01:02:58 / 01:09:18

Luca longer in the German Version.

2.6 sec

Extended Scene
01:03:13 / 01:09:36

Earlier beginning of a shot in the German Version.

1.32 sec

Extended Scene
01:03:32 / 01:09:56


1.88 sec

Removed Scene
01:03:51 / 01:10:18

The Italian Version lacks a shot of Luca.

1.84 sec

Removed Scene
01:03:55 / 01:10:23

Another missing shot in the Italian Version.

3.16 sec

Extended Scene
01:07:50 / 01:14:22

The end of the shot of Sylvia and Erik on their way to the airport is longer. To be more specific, the kiss lasts longer in the German Version.

1.8 sec

Extended Scene
01:08:40 / 01:15:14

Luca longer in the German Version.

5.8 sec

Extended Scene
01:08:44 / 01:15:23

A shot of the car chase starts earlier in the German Version and it is longer as well.

1.2 sec

Alternate Footage
01:16:15 / 01:22:56

Otto gets riddled with holes. Then he goes down and people gather around him.
While the German Version fades to black, the Italian Version contains a freeze frame and "Fine" pops up on the screen. Then Italian Version fades to black as well.
But the black is much longer in the Italian Version so that the piece of music can be played completely. This has not been considered in the calculation of the length difference.

Italian Version 6.04 sec longer
Italian VersionGerman Version