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US DVD Set "Season 15"


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15.03 American Gigg-olo


  • TV Version
  • DVD Version
Release: Nov 22, 2017 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the TV Version and the DVD Version (US DVD Set "Season 15")

- 7 differences, incl. 2x alternate footage & 1x censored audio
- Length difference: 28.8 sec

Even though Seth MacFarlane is currently pretty busy with his incredible Star Trek hommage The Orville, his first baby still airs on a regular basis. And once again, the time has come: The latest US DVD Set of Famil Guy contains the entire season 15. Compared to the original FOX TV Versions, the DVDs contain either extended or simply uncensored episodes - this time, it reads "16 are totally uncensored, but the other 4 are still ridiculously funny" on the back cover. Time to take a closer look.

Episode 3 ("American Gigg-olo") is the first one that is actually interesting. On the one hand, three scenes are censored in the TV Version: Besides beeping a F-bomb and digitally adding a bra for a girl in Quagmire's bed, an animation of Quagmire with his pants down is missing. Furthermore, there are additional scenes with Stewie's Mexicans that got probably cut for time reasons only. But what makes the TV Version so interesting: A longer scene at the beginning of the episode has been entirely replaced. The TV Version here contains the video of Donald Trump in the Access Hollywood bus which had just hit the news back then. Unfortunately, this is not in the DVD Version. There was a similar case with episode 7x7: Ocean's Three And A Half: Only the first run contains Christian Bale running berserk. For whatever reason it has been removed (legal reasons perhaps), the TV Version is worth having in this particular case because that scene is not even on the DVD as part of the bonus features.

Quagmire's alternate comment leads to a different cutaway.

In the TV Version, he says: "Like when Peter rode that Access Hollywood bus."
Then the footage of the bus and one gets to hear comments by Donald Trump with comments by Peter in between.

In the DVD Version, Quagmire says innstead: "It's working about as well as that animal sobriety checkpoint."
Cutaway - a cop stops a cat behind the wheel: "Excuse me, sir. Is that a baggie of catnip on your seat?"
The cat slurs: "I have a card for that."
Cop: "What else you got in here? Open container of cat food, feather on the string. Is that a dead mouse?"
The cat leaps out of the car and beats the crap out of him: "Get him off me. Somebody get him off me!"
One gets to the dashcam footage of the incident and after firing two shots, the cat drives off.
A narrator explains: "Think catnip's a joke? Think again. Vote yes on increased animal sobriety checkpoints."
Then the information "Paid for by dogs."

TV Version 33.4 sec longer


The woman still wears a bra in the TV version.

No time difference

TV VersionDVD Version


The shot of Quagmire standing in front of the door is a little longer. Here, it is more obvious what "Big Sausag Pizza" actually stands for because his pants drop.

0.9 sec


Since a song is playing in the background when this occurs, the subsequent animation of Peter and Quagmire in the car is a little longer in the TV Version.

+ 0.9 sec

Censored Audio

Stewie's comment is uncensored: "Anyone who doesn't enjoy the music of Josh Groban can get out of the fucking car."

Screnshot to illustrate the scene


After Stewie's plan with the can works, an additional scene with him and the Mexicans follos: They spend the rest of the day at the theme park.

Stewie: "Well done, team. So, what are you guys doing now? I mean, I paid you for the whole day."
They ride the roller coaster and take pictures. Last but not least, everyone exept Stewie wins a few plush toys and he leaves disappointed.

28.6 sec


Right before the end credits, there is a further additional scene with the Mexicans: This time, Brian is the one who gets fooled by the can trick.

Lois: "Well, I'm glad Quagmire's back to work for the airline and that whole gigolo and pimping thing is over."
Peter: "You knew about that?"
Lois: "You know what, you were sticking to your cleanse, so I didn't really care."
Stewie: "I got to hand it to you, Brian. You are a better blue-collar guy than I expected. You finally earned this nice, cold beer."
Brian: "Thanks, Stewie."
When he opens the can, he spills the beer all over him and Stewie laughs: "Nice work, Pedro."
Pedro (by the window): "Let us know if you want us to kill a guy."
Stewie: "Okay."
Pedro: "It could be anyone."
Stewie: "Got it. You have no idea how hard they tried to pierce my ears."

33.5 sec