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Killers on Wheels (aka Karate Killers on Wheels)

original title: Wu Fa Wu Tian Fei Che Dang


  • Chinese TV Version
  • French VOD Version
Release: May 22, 2016 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the cut Chinese TV Version and the French VOD Version.

- 25 cuts
- Length difference: 427.8 sec (= 7:08 min)

The Shaw Brothers film Killers on Wheels is obviously based on Straw Dogs: It is about a biker gang harassing a harmless trio in general and the two women in particular. Besides humiliation, rape and vigilante justice are also on the table. Unfortunately, there are only a few releases worldwide. Considered uncut is the French Version available via Video on Demand on with hardcoded French subtitles. This version was also used for the following comparison.

The Chinese TV Version is worth checking out - due to a lack of alternate international releases. This version is based on the restored Celestial master, Chinese and English subtitles have been added. Contrary to the French subtitles on, those do not pop up in the actual images permanently.

But due to the huge amount of cuts, the Chinese TV Version is not exactly recommendable: While violence was not an issue, any implication of nudity was cut. This went so far that even a yellow graffiti of breasts on a car window was censored. All in all, worth documenting due to its curiousity.

Time index refers to
Chinese TV Version in PAL / French VOD Version in PAL
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Ony the French Version contains a Wildside logo at te very beginning.

6 sec

22:04 / 22:10-22:14

Missing graffiti on the car.

3.8 sec

22:05 / 22:15-22:17

The camera pans to another graffiti of breasts.

1.6 sec

24:22 / 24:34-24:40

A little car with breasts in the background.

6.5 sec

24:33 / 24:51-24:53

The beginning of a shot is missing.

2 sec

24:55 / 25:15-25:24

The door gets closed and they drive off: Again, the car window in the background.

8.9 sec

24:58 / 25:27-25:33

Kuo in the breast mobile again.

5.8 sec

25:02 / 25:37-25:40

Same here before the shot of the foot on the pedal.

3 sec

26:05 / 26:43-26:44

At the beginning of the shot, a female gang member opens the window.

1 sec

26:21 / 26:58-26:59

And the end of the shot, the window gets closed again. In order to make up for the length difference, that scene is played slower in the Chinese TV Version.

0.8 sec

27:46 / 28:25-28:26

Before Chen gets out at the cliff, there is another shot of the car door (the other pair of red breasts).

1 sec

28:16 / 28:55-28:59

The end of the shot is missing: The shot of Chen on his way to the car is longer. Then he gets in.

3.4 sec

29:16 / 29:59-30:00

At the end of the shot, Kuo makes a gesture with his fist.

1.7 sec

29:20 / 30:05

The subsequent shot actually begins a few frames earlier: He lowers the arm.

0.2 sec

31:52 / 32:37-32:45

The beach scene begins earlier with two dancing girls.

8.6 sec

32:10 / 33:03-34:27

The camera pans longer over the beach: Besides a few tents, the two dancing girls are back. They slowly undress. The boys are then having fun with their bras and push themselves in the middle - any kind of pass gets rejected though. One of them is arguing, the mountain on which the race takes place in the following scene (in both versions) becomes an issue.

84 sec

35:46 / 38:03-38:54

The girl on the ground is attacked by some guy. Another girl has to fight off several guys as well. In both cases, it is not clear what exactly is just partr of the game and what happens against the girls' will.

50.9 sec

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