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Silent Hill


Night Killer



original title: Rumah Dara


  • Singapore DVD
  • Canadian DVD
Release: Jan 05, 2012 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
Compared is the cut Singapore DVD (M18) and the uncut Canadian DVD (16+) by Mongrel Media.


Macabre was already released in April 2011 on DVD and BluRay. After several reports, that Macabre is the first movie to be banned in Malaysia because of extreme violence and a cut Indonesian and Singapurian release in the cinemas and on DVD, the chances of a uncut release were simply bad. The main hope laid upon the Great Britain and American releases. However, a Canadian label was the first to release this movie in its uncensored state. lists it with a release date for the 8th november.

Runtime and cuts

Runtime of the Singapore version, w/o credits: 1:32:07
Runtime of the Canadian version, w/o credits: 1:32:37
Beide Fassungen laufen mit gleicher Geschwindigkeit ab.

1 slightly longer blackscreen on the Canadian DVD (0,15 Sek.)
1 different text
1 slightly different text
9 cuts (29,45 Sec.)
= 29,6 Sec.
Time index: Singapore DVD / Canadian DVD

The blackscreen is slightly longer in the Canadian version.
0,15 Sek.

The title differs in both versions. In Singapore the movie has got the title Darah. The Canadian DVD uses the international title Macabre.
no time difference

Singapore DVDCanadian DVD

The text of the city's name Bandung has different positions in both versions. The Singapore DVD shows is longer.
no time difference

Singapore DVDCanadian DVD

Shortly after Adam harmed Astrid's hand with a knife, which he stabbed through the door, the Singapore DVD stops. One can see how the knife is in her hand and blood drips out of her wound. Astrid pulls of her hand and screams. When Ladya can be seen, the Singapore DVD continues.
11,18 Sec.

In a close-up one can see how Darah drills a hairpin through Adjie's shoulder.
2,34 Sec.

Another view how the hairpin is in Adjie's shoulder has been removed. Blut drips from the wound. The beginning of the next take is also missing. One can see Adjie's pained face. When Darah pulls out the hairpin, both versions run parallel.
4 Sec.

The first two seconds of the scene in which Astrid pulls out the hairpin out of her throat, are missing on the Singapore DVD. One can see how drips out of the wounded throat.
1,84 Sek.

The last frames of the policemen are missing. The take, where one can see in a close-up, how the pen, which has a teddybear on its end, sticks in ArmanÄs eye.
2,42 Sec.

The end of the scene in which the shot policemen tumbles through the screen, are missing.
1,54 Sec.

The second and the thrid punch with the gun towards Syarief's head and the close-up of his bloody face, are missing on the Singapore DVD.
2,38 Sec.

The take, where Ladya turns the hairpin, which she rammed into Adam's crotch, was cut in the Singapore DVD.
2 Sec.

The beginning of the take, when Darah saws Adjie's back with a chainsaw, has been removed.
1,75 Sec.