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7.25 All Good Things...


  • Syndicated
  • DVD
Release: Dec 19, 2012 - Author: HuZim MayXX - Translator: HuZim MayXX - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Used for this comparison were the uncut DVD Version (PAL), which was used when the episode originally aired, and the cut Syndicated Version, used for repeats, represented by the cbs action airings (Part 1 from the 15th of June at 20 o'clock, Part 2 from the 18th of June at 11 o'clock - both 2012) in the UK.

Missing from the Syndicated Version are 350.88 seconds (5 minutes 50.88 seconds) due to 19 cuts. Alternate footage not included.
But there are 2 new/longer scenes with a runtime of 3.84 seconds in the Syndicated Version. Alternate footage not included.

Time designations refer to the PAL DVD.

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The title is different.



Geordi and Picard talk longer with each other.

Geordi: You've got leaf miners. You might want to try a bacillus spray. My wife is quite a gardener. I've picked up a little bit of it.
Picard: How is Leah?
Geordi: Just wonderful. Busy as ever. She's just been made director of the Daystrom Institute.
Picard: What about the little ones? Brett, Alandra and uh...
Geordi: Sydney.
Picard: Sydney.
Geordi: Well, they're not so little any more. Brett is applying to Starfleet Academy next year.

33 seconds


The Syndicated Version shows the crew and Picard a tiny bit longer.

1.4 seconds



After Picard left the view, the Syndicated Version fades to black. Picard leaves the shuttledock in the DVD version before a fade-out happens.

7.52 seconds



The Syndicated Version shows Tasha Yar longer, as Worfs line has been cut.

Worf: With all due respect, Sir. It would be helpful if we knew exactly what we're looking for.
Picard: Noted. Counselor, do you sense unusual onboard the Enterprise?

5.4 seconds



The Syndicated Version shows a "To be continued..." at the end of Part 1.


The Syndicated Version shows a "Previously on..." segment as the teaser. Since it are two parts in syndication, title and guest star listings are present.



Worf gives in as faster in the Syndicated Version.

Picard: But that was a long time ago, and maybe you're not the Worf I once knew.
(Worf curses in Klingon)
Worf: You have always used your knowledge of Klingon honor and tradition to get what you want from me.
Picard: Because it always works, Worf! Your problem is that you really do have a sense of honor, and you really do care about trust and loyalty. Don't blame me for knowing you so well.

Worf: Very well.

18.84 seconds



Picard and Troi talk just a tiny bit longer before they get interrupted.

Picard: I understand, but I also know what this crew is capable of, even if they don't.
Troi: It would also help if they knew what was going on.
Picard: I know it's difficult operating in the dark, but right now I don't think I have any other choice.

Yar: Yar to Captain Picard.

8.68 seconds


Troi tells Picard only in the Original Airing/DVD-Version of her former relationship with Riker. After that, Picard goes to his replicator to get his tea.

Riker: Understood. Riker out.
Picard: Is there anything else, Counselor?
Troi: Actually, sir, there is. I was debating whether to mention it, and perhaps... It's about Commander Riker.
Picard: What about him?
Troi: I think you should know he and I have had a prior relationship.
Picard: I see. Do you think this will interfere with your duties?
Troi: Not at all. It happened several years ago and it's well behind both of us now. I just thought you should know.
Picard: I appreciate your telling me, but I'm quite sure that the two of you will find some way to deal with the situation.
Troi: Thank you, sir.
(Troi leaves and Picard goes to his replicator)
Picard: Tea, Earl Grey, hot.
Computer: That beverage has not been programmed into the replication system.

55.48 seconds



The talk between Picard and Tomalak is a bit shorter in the Syndicated Version.

Picard: We could each send one ship into the Neutral Zone to investigate the anomaly in the Devron System.
Tomalak: Has Starfleet Command approved this arrangement?
Picard: No.

Tomalak: I like it already. Agreed.

5.8 seconds



Picard and Beverly talk longer in the Original Airing/DVD-Version.

Picard: Q has said that all of humanity will be destroyed.
Beverly: I know. That's why I've allowed us to stay here longer and keep looking. But I also want you to allow for the possibility that none of what you're saying is real.
Picard: What?

Beverly: Jean-Luc, I care for you too much not to tell you the truth.

12.88 seconds


After Beverly left the room in both versions, the Syndicated Versions omits Picard following her before an old Q visits to help him.

Q: Eh? What was that she said, sonny? I couldn't quite hear her.
Picard: Q? What is going on here? Where is the anomaly?
Q: Where's your mommy? Well, I don't know.
Picard: Answer me.
Q: There is an answer, Jean-Luc, but I can't hand it to you. Although you do have help.
Picard: What help?
Q: You're not alone, you know. What you were and what you are to become will always be with you.
Picard: My time shifting. The answer does lie there, doesn't it. Now, tell me one thing. This anomaly we're looking for, will that destroy humanity?
Q: You're forgetting, Jean-Luc. You destroy humanity.
Picard: By doing what? When? How can...

62 seconds

Without a real reason, the Syndicated Version shows Picard and Data from a different perspective.

No time difference



The Syndicated Version omits a short view of Beverly getting shaken due to the impact.

1.44 seconds


Beverly gets shown in the Syndicated Version when she tells Picard that they're getting attacked. It also omits a report on the shields by the ensign as Picard enters the bridge.

4.5 seconds



After getting hit, Beverly tells Worf to tell the Klingons that they surrender. Worf is reluctant to follow that order, but goes through with it. The Klingons still fire after hearing it.

17 seconds


The Syndicated Version omits parts of the conversation between Riker and Picard.

Riker: All right, let's get out of here.
Picard: No, Will, we can't! We have to save humanity!
Riker: Engage cloak.
Gaines: Admiral, we took a direct hit to the starboard plasma coil. Our cloak isn't functioning. Engineering reports it'll be seven hours before we can cloak again.
Riker: All right, we'll do it the old-fashioned way. Set a course for Federation space.
Warp thirteen.
Picard: Will, don't leave!

15 seconds



Beverly talks with her patients before Picard visits her.

Beverly: Your visual acuity's improving by the hour, Geordi.
(Beverly goes over to another bed)
Beverly: I'm sorry, Alyssa. May I take another look? You'll have a little tenderness for a few days. That's to be expected.
(Beverly picks up a hypospay)

(Picard enters)

24.16 seconds


The Syndicated Version shows Q earlier, but omits his complaints on the maid.

Q: This is Earth, France, about, oh, three and a half billion years ago, give or take an eon or two. Smells awful, doesn't it? All that sulfur and volcanic ash. I really must speak to the maid.
Picard: Q, is there any point to all this?

8.48 seconds



The Syndicated Version omits Q talking more about the pond of goo.

Q: Everything you know, your entire civilisation, it all begins right here in this little pond of goo. Appropriate, somehow, isn't it? Too bad you didn't bring your microscope. It's really quite fascinating. Oh, look, there they go.

6 seconds



The Syndicated Version stays on Q while the Original Airing/DVD-Version show the pond of goo.

No time difference



After Riker talks about people thinking they got all the time in the world before it's too late, the Syndicated Version shows Data seemingly thinking about it.

2.44 seconds

The Original Airing/DVD-Version instead shows Picard searching for Ten Forward.

32.08 second


There is more bantering from Q in the DVD-Version. The Syndicated Version also shows an closeup when Q says the last two sentences.

Picard: Are you saying that it worked? We collapsed the anomaly?
Q: Is that all this meant to you? Just another spatial anomaly? Just another day at the office?
Picard: Did it work?

Q: Well, you're here, aren't you? You're talking to me, aren't you?
Picard: What about my crew?

8.9 seconds



Picard does not thank Q for helping him in the Syndicated Version.

Picard: Thank you.
Q: For what?
Picard: You had a hand in helping me get out of this.
Q: I was the one that got you into it. A directive from the Continuum. The part about the helping hand, though, was my idea.

23.72 second