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Uncensored Volume 11 Box Set (NTSC / Region 1)

Girl Blood Sport

The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb

Live Feed: Collectors Edition

Day of the Warrior

Family Guy

10.09 Grumpy Old Man


  • TV Version
  • DVD Version
Release: Jan 01, 2014 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the TV Version and the DVD Version, the latter represented by the US DVD Set "Volume 11".

7 differences, 2 of them with alternate footage, and 5 of them with censored soundtrack
No difference in time.

The numbers are still confusing but at least one DVD set now contains an entire season instead of episodes from two seasons, as it used to be the case with previous DVD releases. As a result, "Volume 11" (US) / "Season 12" (UK) contains all the episode of Season 10. Compared to the TV Versions, the DVD Versions are uncensored and uncut.

Episode 7 ("Amish Guy") is more than 1 minute longer. The biggest difference is the new Garfield scene at the beginning where Garfield creator Jim Darvis is being criticized. Also eye-catching is the censored shot of Peter with his pants down and his more explicit comment in a cutaway. The remaining differences are cuts made to reach the usual length for broadcast.
Censored Soundtrack

Peter swears differently.

TV Version: "Geez, Joe!"
DVD Version: "Jesus, Joe!"


Brian's reaction after Stewie realized that it is no "lemon snow" is a little more graphic.

TV Version: "No, it's not."
DVD Version: "Yeah, it's piss."

Alternate Footage

When you see the "phone sax", the DVD Version shows it from a different perspective and Lois is shown a little more. Thus it gets visually a little clearer that the saxophone is sticking in her vagina. Additionally, the position of her hand is a little different when she pushes it down.

No difference in time.

TV VersionDVD Version

Censored Soundtrack

The sergeant does not get beeped: "Well, no shit!"

Censored Soundtrack

A few seconds later: "Are you fucking shitting me?"

Censored Soundtrack

A last time we hear it in the short cut-away: "Well, la-dee fucking-da!"

Alternate Footage

Carter's penis was blurred for the TV Version.

TV VersionDVD Version