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  • PG-13 US DVD
  • FSK 16 German DVD
Release: Jan 19, 2019 - Author: Pratt - Translator: Asphyxia - external link: IMDB
In 1983 the mystery thriller/horror film Dreamscape was directed by Joseph Ruben and starred Dennis Quaid, Kate Capshaw, Christopher Plummer and Max von Sydow in the leading roles.

Shortly before the release of the film in the USA the new PG-13 classification had been developed and released and under whose conditions the film had to leave "feathers" in some scenes, especially in the erotic scenes.

The censored American DVD (PG-13 - Image Entertainment) was compared with the uncut German DVD (FSK 16 - EMS).

Running time of the PG-13 version: 94:53 min. without credits / 98:53 with credits. NTSC format (corresponds in PAL: 91:00 / 94:50 min.)
Running time of the EMS version: 91:27 min. without credits / 95:19 min. with credits

Image comparison:

The image of the American PG-13 version of Image Entertainment is much better and clearer, also in the original format, while the colors in the EMS version appear blurred and also the old 1.33:1 video format was used.

Differences between the versions:

The PG-13 version differs from the EMS version in three places: in two nude scenes and in one scene with a short cut at a blood fountain, unfortunately the image quality of the EMS version is not very good and very dark, I hope you can see everything on the images. Furthermore, there are different logos to be seen before the beginning/at the beginning of the movie.
Alternative image material
0:00:00: Before the film starts, different logos run through both versions.
0,10 Sec.

PG-13FSK 16 (e-m-s)

Alternative image material respectively zoomed-in image
0:39:50: For the PG-13 version of the film, alternative or highly zoomed images were used so that the woman's breasts could not be seen.
No time difference

PG-13FSK 16 (e-m-s)

00:46:56: A short blood fountain is missing when the boy cuts off the snake-man's head, the PG-13 resumes when the snake-man's head falls into the abyss. (The images are unfortunately very dark).
00:01 sec.

00:54:41: The "Lovedream" sequence in the train was zoomed-in and out by some short shots, among others the naked breasts of actress Kate Capshaw are missing and how she wraps her legs around Dennis Quaid.
00:38 sec.