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Golden Years

1.05 Not on My Watch


  • Movie Version
  • TV Version
Release: Mar 04, 2016 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the cut US DVD by Artisan Entertainment (Not Rated / Movie Version) and the uncut German DVD by Paramount Home Entertainment (FSK 16 / TV Version).

The differences:

9 cuts = 20 minutes and 53 seconds.

In an experimental laboratory, janitor Harlan Williams gets contaminated by mysterious chemicals set free by an explosion. Due to radiation, he slowly mutates in a mysterious way. The government intends to figure out what happened to Harlan at any cost so they assign their best and most cold-blooded agent. Harlan, his wife Gina and the wonderful and young head of security Terry are in grave danger. They run from the brutal killer while Toddhunter, head of science and a totally obsessed professor, keeps experimenting. He intends to finish his secret object successfully, no matter what the cost.

The miniseries produced for US TV is based on an idea by Stephen King who also wrote most parts of the screenplay. All in all, 7 episodes with a total length of more than 6 hours were produced (among them a two-part episode). The ratings were not exactly satisfying though and they got lower with every episode. For that reason, the decision not to continue the show - as originally planned - was made. Unfortunately, the last episode ended with a cliffhanger because further were originally planned - as already mentioned. For the VHS and DVD release, a second alternate ending that ends the story was shot. Also, the running time of more than 6 hours was lowered to almost 4 hours in order to release it as a feature film. Apparently, the studio did not want to "torture" the audience with a feature film longer than 6 hours one more time. As for the actors, there are some quite familiar faces in Golden Years - such as Frances Sternhagen, Ed Lauter and R.D. Call. Especially fans of The X-Files should not be oblivious to the last two actors.

The Movie Version with a lack of story elements and an actual ending is available on VHS and DVD worldwide. In the Netherlands, the longer TV Version has been released on DVD by Video/FilmExpress. In Germany, it has been released on DVD by Paramount Home Entertainment. It is doubtful that the cliffhanger ending from the TV Version is available in the bonus features somewhere...
0 Min
The Movie Version lacks the recap and the opening. The two subsequent plot scenes are missing as well.

Crewes is on the plane, talking to Ackerman on the phone:
Crewes: Please, Dr. Ackerman! Just stay calm!
Ackerman: I'm as calm as a cucumber! I'm sure there's nothing to worry about! I'm suggesting! You're suggesting that someone is getting rid of witnesses who know anything at all about Redding, Williams and the Gold Series explosions!
Crewes: You're being paranoid!
Ackerman: Perfect paranoia is perfect awareness!
Crewes: I beg your pardon?
Ackerman: Never mind! I want protection right away!
Crewes: You knew Dr. Eakins, didn't you?
Ackerman: Of course! We've got eight consulting physicians in the country! I know them all! Eakins examined the janitor's eyes and as far as I know, he's the only one who's been murdered!
Crewes: Had you spoken to Dr. Eakins about Harlan Williams recently? Within, let's say, 48 hours of Eakins' murder?
Ackerman: No!
Crewes: You sure about that?
Ackerman: Of course!
Crewes: Then you're safe! The murder probably isn't linked with the Gold Series! Even if it was, you're in the clear! You haven't spoken to him! So what I want you to do is perfectly simple! You stay put! I'll be landing in about 40 minutes! We can discuss things further then! If there's anything to discuss!
Ackerman: I want protection now, damn it!
Crewes: Get control of yourself! Just stay put, until...
Ackerman: Go to hell!
Ackerman hangs up and lights a cigarette. When doing so, he says: I'll just take care of myself, thank you very much! Cut to Crewes on the plane. Crewes tell the pilot: Can you push this thing any faster?

Ackerman looks around and goes through a few desk drawers. Behind him, an employee is calling for him. Ackerman gets startled.
Ackerman: Yes? What is it?
Frau: I've been looking for you! Mr. Andrews called! He wants to see you this afternoon!
Ackerman: Not today! Just tell him I'll call him tomorrow! Ackerman leaves.
4 min 19 sec

5 Min
Extended shot of Harlan approaching Gina.
11 sec

07.12 Min
Harlan's conversation with Gina is longer:
Harlan: But I'm just an old man! With a younger man's face!
Gina: You really believe that, don't you?
Harlan: Of course I believe that!
Gina: Well, why not? Don't old people all over the world say they still feel 16 inside? Even when they can't stand up straight! Or walk a mile without having to stop and sit down to catch their breath! So why shouldn't you feel old, while you're getting younger? You don't even know that you feel young! Do you, Harl? It's kind of funny when you think about it!
Harlan: You just need some sleep, Mother! You'll feel better tomorrow!
Gina: Yes! I'll feel better tomorrow! I'll also be older and you'll be younger!
Harlan: You keep saying that!
Gina: Yes, because I see the way you walk! I see the way you smile! You say I need sleep! You're right! I am beat! But you're not beat! You've been up as long as I have but you're not even breathing hard!
Harlan: No, but my feet hurt like hell!
Gina: Part of you is enjoying this!
Harlan: Gina, that's not true at all! You really believe that, too! I see the way your head turns when you smell something in the woods, or suddenly hear something that I can't hear anymore! You don't see the light in your eyes, Harl! But I do! I do!
2 min 1 sec

15 Min
Firemen put out Ackerman's torched car. He died in it. After that, one gets to see the firemen putting out of the fire on Crewes's monitor.
11 sec

23 Min
Sheriff: What the hell is going on? My deputies told me you're moving out of here! Lock, stock and barrel!
Andrews: We're relocating the command centre back to the base!
Sheriff: But these are civil crimes that have taken place in my jurisdiction! I don't see...
Andrews: A doctor was killed at Falco Plains!
Sherrif: Are they connected?
Andrews: Maybe!
Sheriff: In what way?
Andrews: Sorry, That's classified!
Sheriff: Classified?
Andrews: This has become a matter of national security! I've been ordered by Washington to take over the investigation! Sheriff Mayo, I'm ordering you to turn over any evidence you may have! Say, within the hour! Is that a problem?
Sheriff: No!
Fredericks: Naturally, we'd like to have you working with us!
Sheriff: Doing what?
Andrews: We'll let you know!
Sheriff: I think you just did!
Andrews and Fredericks leave and the Sheriff goes back into the police station.
1 min 2 sec

27 Min
Extended shot of Toddhunter lying at his father's grave.
4 sec

28 Min
Terry, Gina and Harlan are at the meat wagon. They are holding a coffin they intend to slide in.
Terry: When I say "three", we all lift!
Gina zu Harlan: Watch your back!
Harlan: My back's just fine!
Terry: One, two, three!
They move the coffin in the car.
Harlan: Well, let's hit the road!
Gina is worn out and sits with her hand on her breast.
Harlan is worried: Are you okay, darling?
Gina: Yes! I'm just tired!
Terry: Wait! There's something we have to talk about! I want to suggest something to you! It's hard to explain, because the lines are so thin!
Gina: What lines?
Terry: The lines between civil and national law! Between state and local jurisdiction! And I guess what you'd call "eminent domain"!
Harlan: Maybe you'd just better explain your idea!
Terry: We beat them out of Falco Plains! We beat them out of New York State! I don't want to know how close it was, but today, they're going to be out in full force! Police, FBI, Shop agents! DSA operatives, maybe even the National Guard!
Harlan: You're saying we don't have a chance now!
Terry: I'm saying Harrisburg is 40 miles away! We can make it that far! How much further, I'm not sure!
Gina: What do we do then?
Terry: We find a shopping mall, we go into the biggest department store there and you two start to shoplift!
Harlan: We do what?
Terry: Shoplift! Get the stuff expensive enough to lift you out of the misdemeanour category!
Gina: Oh, yes! I see!
Harlan: Good for you, dear, because I haven't the foggiest!
Gina: Explain it!
Terry: Okay! The best thing for you to take is some piece of exectronix equipment! Something small, but fairly expensive! One of those CD players! You, Gina...
Gina: I ask to try on a couple of high-priced dresses and when I come out of the changing booth, I only have one, as I've hidden the other under my clothes!
Terry: That's good! But do it clumsily enough to be noticed! Then wait and as soon as you get out the doors, the security guys will hit you!
Gina: And we hit back!
Terry: That's right! Mess them up!
Harlan: I don't see what you two are excited about! You said we had to get away and now we have to get caught?
Gina: Explain!
Terry: You'd be taken in by the civil authorities! Don't you see? You and Gina would be behind bars! But not behind Shop bars!
Harlan: And then?
Terry: You use your one phone call! You get a lawyer! You tell him everything! Everything!
Harlan: Nobody's going to believe us!
Terry: Not at first! But you can convince them of one thing! No bail, under any circumstances! And then you get him to postpone the hearing, until he can see that's happening! Until everyone can see what's happening!
Gina: But what about you?
Terry: I think if I hang around it could be hazardous to my health! Extremely hazardous! Cone on! We should go!
Gina and Terry get in the car. Harlan stays where he is. He looks contemplative.
3 min 16 sec

36 Min
Rick gets a driver's contact information. Toddhunter, who is waiting behind him, honks impatiently. Ric signals him that it might take some time until he gets through. Then Toddhunter in his car. He nervously looks at the transparent box behind him. There are mice in it. One of the mice is contaminated and glows green. The box starts wobbling and is about to fall down. Toddhunter leans back in order to reach for the box but it falls down. Meanwhile, the other car drives away and Rick gets to Toddhunter who is still busy finding the mice that got out of the box. ? approaches Toddhunters car and calls his name. When he opens the door, the mice get away. Toddhunter and ? runs after them. Then a shot from a mouse's point of view hitting the electric fence and getting killed in the process. Toddhunter and Rick lean over to the dead mouse. Rick says: I don't think you have to worry about them, Dr. Toddhunter! Toddhunter: That's quite perceptive for someone who's obviously had major chromosome damage!
1 min 30 sec

39 Min
Additional shot of Terry, Harlan and Gina singing in the car.

At the lab:

Andrews: Let me get this straight! There are two lab animals missing!
Angestellter: That appears to be the case!
Andrews: You don't know where they are?
Angestellter: No Sir!
Andrews: Were they taken?
Angestellter: It's possible, Sir!
Andrews: Possible! I like that answer! It's also possible I could dislocate your shoulder!
Angestellter: I don't know where they are, Sir!
Andrews: Could they have gotten loose in here?
Angestellter: That could've happened! But even if they did, they'd still be in this room! They couldn't have gotten through the walls! They're metal!

Andrews looks at Billy and starts a conversation: Hey! Did you see any loose animals running around in here?
Billy: In here?
Andrews: Yeah!
Billy: No! Just those two out by the fence this morning!
Andrews: You did?
Billy: Yeah!
Andrews: Can you show me where?
Billy: Even better! I've got them in my locker!
Andrews: You do?
Billy: I was going to make bookends out of them... I'm not going to get in trouble for this, am I?
Andrews: No, not at all!
Billy: Harlan didn't think anyone would mind if I was picking up dead animals! You see, I'm studying this home taxidermy course! I'm learning to stuff animals!
Andrews: Harlan? Harlan Williams?
Billy: Yeah! We work together!
Andrews: Can you show me these mice, Billy?
Billy: Like, now?
Andrews: Like now would be fine!
Billy: Sure!

Change of scenery: we see Harlan, Terry and Gina singing in the car again. After a while, they stop and look at a car turned over with a man kneeling in front of it. He is taking car of his wounded son on the ground. Harlan tells Terry to stop. When she does, everybody gets out of the car and approach the man with his son.
Gina: How bad is he hurt?
Man: I think he broke his leg!
Gina: What happened? I'll stay here with them! You two go for help!
Man: My brother.... He's already gone! Thank you!
Terry: Well, then! We can be on our way!
Gina: We can't leave them!
Terry: There's nothing we can do for him now!
Gina: I'm not going to leave them here!
The cops show up and stop.
Terry: I want you two to get in the car!
Harlan, Gina and Terry return to their car. The cop approaches the man.
Cop: Where is he hurt?
Mann: He broke his leg!
Cop: I've got a first aid kit in the car! Ambulance is on the way!

The cop turns away from the guy and runs up to Terry.
Cop: And where are you? You witness the accident?
Terry: No! We just stopped to see if we could help! But everything seems to be under control! Officer, could you move your car? We have to get goind! We're late!
Gina shows up and says she had some water for the boy. She gives the water to the cop who thanks her.
Terry: Mother, why did you get out of the car? The officer is going to move his car, so we can get going! They runs up to their car.
Terry: Why did you get out of the car?
Gina: I just thought...
Terry: No! You didn't think!
Gina: I'm sorry!
Terry: What's done is done! Get in!
Gina: You're right! I didn't think!
Terry: Never mind! But if you've got a rosary, now would be a good time to kick it into overdrive!
The cop is at his car, listening to the radio. He grabs it and say: We have a situation here! I need some backup on the circle road! Send a unit!
After requesting backup, he puts the radio device away, draws his servicec weapon and points it at Jerry's car. He tells Terry, Harlan and Gina to get out of the car with their hands up. Because they do not comply, the cop threatens to count to three and then make use of his service weapon. When he counts three, Gina and Harlan get out of the car with their hands up. The cop asks about the woman's (Terry) whereabouts. Neither Harlan nor Gina respond. Instead, the camera pans around the cop and we see Terry standing behind him. She is pointing a gun at him and tells him to lower his weapon. He follows that instruction. Then Gina and Harlan:
Gina: You're not going to hurt him!
Terry: Not if I don't have to! And I hope next time, if we have a next time, you'll consider staying put when I ask you to!
The cop looks at Harlan and says: Where did you get the facelift, Gramps?
Harlan: You wouldn't want one!

An ambulance arrives at the crash site. The two medics get out and rush over to the man and his injured son. One of the medics asks the cop what happened. The cop explains the three of them cuffed him to the meat wagon and left with his squad car. He then asks the medic to take off his show and get the key for the cuffs which is in his shoe. But the medic is a little obtuse and does not oblige. Then a shot of Terry, Harlan and Gina driving off in the squad car. When the car is gone, the end credits start.
8 min 19 sec