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1.04 The One with George Stephanopoulos


  • TV Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Mar 19, 2013 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Comparison between the TV Version (taken from the Blu-ray) and the Extended Version (taken from the British DVD)

- 15 alterations, 11 of those including alternative footage
- Difference in running time: 163,8 sec (= 2:44 min)

Almost every episode of this sitcom classic was released in an extended version on the US DVDs. For TV some cuts were done in order to trim the episodes to the usual format, however, some censoring can be found as well. In Great Britain, only the TV versions were released on DVD at first yet the newer "15th Anniversary Edition" contains the extended episodes as well and was used as a comparison here.

The new Blu-ray release is identical all around the world and contains only the TV Versions, the extensions can also not be found in the bonus material. People interested in buying the series now have to decide: Longer episodes or better picture quality? The latter is really great on Blu-ray, rescanning of the original 35mm tape led to a brilliant picture and it is now also in the 16:9 format with more information on the side of the picture. On the other hand, about 2 minutes are missing per episode.

The episode 1x04 ("The One With George Stephanopoulos" is even almost 3 minutes longer. The biggest part of these is a chat between the girls at the end in which they talk about the boys. This is quite interesting because first tendencies towards their later relationships can be seen. Also, some cuts to Ross and the others in the hospital deliver a few good gags. Towards the end in the Twister scene some censorship can be assumed as well because there are a few ambiguous gags and longer shots missing.
Some alternative shots of the city or the screen in the hockey stadium are quite obvious as well. We cannot say whether this is connected to the Blu-ray as an HD medium yet although the 16:9 TV sets hint at it.
Alternative Footage

The two versions differ when Joey reacts to the "Omnipotent (/ I'm impotent)" statement by Ross.

In the Extended Version the shot is longer and he says: "Ross, I'm sorry."
Ross leaves and Joey talks to the others: "I had no idea. I thought it was a theoretical question."

In the TV Version there is a close-up of Ross and Joey, in which the latter also says "Ross, I'm sorry".
In the following shot, Joey says nothing and Ross is just getting up.

Extended Version 4,9 sec longer

TV VersionExtended Version

Alternative Footage

After the credits, there is a different shot of the city. As said, this might be exclusive on the BD.

TV Version 3 sec longer

TV Version (Blu-ray)Extended Version

Alternative Footage

The two versions start with the same shot in the Central Perk interior but diverge immediately afterwards.

The Extended Version shows a close-up of Ross after Monica's question.
Ross: "I can't sleep in a public place."
Monica knows it better: "Libraries, airplanes, movie theaters... You slept at the Grand Canyon."
Ross corrects her: "Hello? Mom and Dad never took us to the Grand Canyon!"
Monica nods and Ross is surprised: "Mom and Dad took us to the Grand Canyon?"

The TV Version stays in the longshot and Ross only says: "I can't sleep in a public place."

Extended Version 12,8 sec longer


Joey asks about Ross' special date (on which he had sex with Carol for the first time): "You told your sister that?"
Ross: "Believe me, I told everyone."

5,5 sec

Alternative Footage

In the Extended Version Rachel talks to one of her old friends and puts her foot in tit.
Rachel: "Kiki, you look phenomenal. I mean, you've lost, like, a ton of weight."
Joanne gives her a sign that alludes to an eating disorder and Rachel adds: "And you should... really, really, it's time to stop, you look perfect."

In the TV Version, the following shot starts a bit earlier (no pictures)..

Extended Version 12,8 sec longer

Alternative Footage

In the TV Version, Rachel talks longer in the longshot: "I've got this job. This is what I'm doing now."

The Extended Version changes to a shot of Kiki while Rachel talks a bit more: "I've got this job. I even do my own laundry."
The latter makes Kiki laugh and Rachel adds after a bief hesitation: "This is what I'm doing now."

Extended Version 10,1 sec longer

Alternative Footage

An alternative shot shows Joey, Chandler and Ross on the big screen in the stadium.

no difference in running time

TV Version (Blu-ray)Extended Version

Alternative Footage

Shortly afterwards, the same happens. The TV Version is a bit longer before it fades to black and then to the next city shot again. The Extended features a faster and softer fadeover.

TV Version 3,8 sec longer

TV Version (Blu-ray)Extended Version


The woman add the reception adds something to her phone call with the candy company: "Well, I'm not completely satisfied."

2,2 sec

Alternative Footage

In the TV Version, Chandler and Joey can be seen half a second longer, then the same shot of Sizemore was inserted here.

In the Extended Version, Sizemore continues to complain: "Well, the label promises nutty goodness."

TV Version 1,1 sec longer


The pizza delivery guy can be seen half a second longer in the TV Version (no pictures).

In the Extended Version Phoebe tells him: "When you do that, you're only hitting yourself."
Cut to the rather confused guy.

Extended Version 5 sec longer


The scene in the hospital is longer. Joey wants to have some fun with the wheelchair.

Joey: "Come on, push me.
Ross: "No."
Joey: "Push me."
Ross: "We're gonna get in trouble."
Joey: "Don't be a baby. Push me. Push me."
Ross: "All right. I' m gonna push you, okay? How about I push you like this?"
Ross pushes him very hard out of the picture and the sound of breaking glass can be heard: "Now you're gonna be in a wheelchair the rest of your life, pally-wally..."
He discovers a freshly bandaged man in a wheelchair next to him and excuses himself: "I am so very sorry. Can I sign you?"

30,6 sec

Alternative Footage

The Extended Version shows Phoebe asking: "What do you think of the guys?"
Monica: "Our guys?"
Phoebe: "Yeah, our guys."
Rachel: "I feel funny talking about that..."
Monica: "Oh, come on."
Rachel starts immediately: "Okay. Well... I think Joey's like a little kiddie ride. You just have to put the quarter in and it just goes."
Phoebe: "He might surprise you. One time, he helped me put on my coat and he was really tender."

Cut to Jey in the hospital, shaking the candy dispenser: "Come on, baby, come on. Let's go. Yes!"

Phoebe: "Chandler's hard to read. He's like one of those repressed guys who you'd have to seduce."
Monica: "I think it's part of an act. I have a feeling that Chandler is a lot more sophisticated than he seems."

Chandler can be seen knocking at the window of nurse Sizemore with a lot of bandages etc. wrapped around his head.

Phoebe: "You know who's kind of sexy?"
Monica: "Don't..."
Phoebe: "Ross."
Monica: "No, guys. Please, he is my brother."
Rachel: "I know exactly what you mean. He can be really smooth."

Hospital: Ross tries to drink something with the tissue on his nose. When he cannot reach his mouth, he just splashes the water into his face.

Rachel: "Can't you just picture him in bed?"
Monica: "I really don't want to."

The TV Version shows a different shot of Phoebe. The following longshot is identical again.

Extended Version 76,4 sec longer

Alternative Footage

The Extended Version shows a longshot when Phoebe acts according to Ross' announcement in Twister.
The TV Version sticks with the shot of Ross longer and then changes to the following frontal shot earlier.

TV Version 0,5 sec longer

TV VersionExtended Version

Alternative Footage

The ambiguous Twister scene with Joey is longer in the Extended Version as well, resulting in an alternative ending of the scene.

In the TV Version, Ross looks quite critical before a shot of Joey grinning can be seen and the phone starts ringing off-screen.

The Extended Version shows the previous shot of Joey a bit longer, then an alternative shot of Ross looking a bit more towards Phoebe and Rachel.
Joey then says: "Ross, switch places with me and Phoebe could be your number two, huh?"
Ross makes a grimace, Chandler has fun watching the scene. Phoebe is getting up and asks: "What?"
Ross calms her down and brings her to the previous position again: "Eh, nothing. It's a Twister thing. The rules are on the back of the box."

Extended Version 11,9 sec longer