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1.01 Emissary


  • Syndicated
  • DVD
Release: Mar 05, 2013 - Author: HuZim MayXX - Translator: HuZim MayXX - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Used for this comparison were the uncut DVD Version (PAL), which was used when the episode originally aired, and the cut Syndicated Version, used for repeats. The Syndicated Version is represented by an German TV airing on TELE5.

Missing from the Syndacted Version are 268 seconds (4 minutes 28 seconds) due to 7 cuts

Time designations refer to the PAL DVD.

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The Syndicated Version shows the wormhole during the opening, even though it will be introduced in the second part - after its respective opening.

Syndicated VersionDVD


The episode title adds an "Part 1". Unfortunately the only pictures at this moment come from an airing on German TV.

Syndicated VersionDVD


More Credits are shown in the DVD-Version.

Syndicated VersionDVD


The Syndicated Version fades out for more commercials while Kira is seen longer. The following shot of Bajor is longer in the DVD-Version. Both scenes feature new music in the Syndicated Version for the fading, though.

approx. 10 seconds

Syndicated VersionDVD


Sisko arrives at the promenade, walks and looks around, seeing Quarks bar in the progress.

approx. 28 seconds


More commercials for the Syndicated Version!

Syndicated VersionDVD

This also removes O'Brien saying goodbye to the Enterprise.

(O'Brien hesitates outside the Ready room)
Female Lieutenant: The Captain's in the Ready room, Chief. Should I tell him you're here?
O'Brien: That's okay. Thanks.
(O'Brien leaves the bridge. He is next seen entering a transporterroom)
O'Brien: Transport me to the Ops pad, Maggie.
Maggie: Yes, sir.
(As O'Brien heads for the transporter, Picard comes rushing in)
Picard: Mister O'Brien? I understand that I just missed you on the bridge.
O'Brien: Yes, sir. I.. I didn't want to disturb you, sir.
Picard: Ensign.
(Maggie leaves)
Picard: This is your favorite transporter room, isn't it?
O'Brien: Number three. Yes, sir.
Picard: You know, yesterday, I called down here and I asked for you without thinking. It won't be quite the same.
O'Brien: It's just a transporter room, sir.
O'Brien: Permission to disembark, Captain.
Picard: Permission granted.
O'Brien: Energise.
(Picard beams him out, and the Enterprise leaves for its next mission)

2 minutes 11 seconds


The Syndicated Version shows a freeze frame of the Rio Grande with an superimpose and shows the credits afterwards.

In the beginning of "Emissary, Part 2", a "previously on"-segment is shown as well. The following scene fades in without music, while the DVD uses the overlapping music from the previous scene.


The Syndicated Version shows the wormhole in its opening again. Credits are seen in the following shots of the episode.

Syndicated VersionDVD


The station is shown earlier in the DVD-Version, showing O'Brien argueing with the computer.

Computer: Partial field established. Instability at twelve percent.
O'Brien: Partial field? Is station's inertial mass low enough to break orbit?
Computer: Procedure is not recommended.
O'Brien: Damn it, I didn't ask for an opinion. Just tell me whether or not we can get enough thrust with only a partial field established.
Computer: Affirmative.
O'Brien: All right. Thank you. Initiate transit mode, three-axis stabilisation.
Crewman: Aye, sir.
O'Brien: Engage thrusters.

approx. 37 seconds


The cardassian ships are shown longer in the DVD-Version, as well as O'Brien.

approx. 6 seconds

Syndicated VersionDVD


A short part of a conversation is missing in the Syndicated Version.

Dax: Their lead ship is hailing us. Gul Jasad wants an answer.
Kira: Are you ready, Mister O'Brien?
O'Brien: Yes, sir. When they penetrate our thoron field, it should raise a few eyebrows over there.

Kira: All right, then, let's give them our answer.

approx. 11 seconds


The Syndicated Version shows more commercials (first picture) before reversing the following tracking shot so it tracks from the cardassian ships to the station. The DVD Version tracks from the station to the cardassian ships, as the DVD shows a conversation between Gul Jasad and a Cardassian that isn't named after that shot.

Cardassian: They were using a Thoron field to block our sensors but we were able to penetrate it.
Gul Jasad: What are their defences?
Cardassian: According to our scans, an estimated five thousand photons, integrated phaser banks on all levels.
Gul Jasad: When did they receive these armaments? And how did they install them without our knowledge?
(Gul Jasad throws the datapad in anger)
Gul Jasad: Somehow they have created a massive illusion of duranium shadows.
Cardassian: What if it is not an illusion?
Gul Jasad: It is!
Cardassian: Why risk the confrontation? The Fourth Order can be here in a day.
Gul Jasad: So can Starfleet.

approx. 45 seconds

Syndicated VersionDVD