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original title: La Perversa caricia de Satán


  • Uncut Redemption Blu-ray
Release: Jun 15, 2020 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Asphyxia - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the UK DVD from Arrow and the US Blu-ray from Redemption.

The Story: The suicide of her husband did not only leave a strong emotional gap in the former Countess Claire Grandier but also made her completely destitute. Since none of her friends supported her financially, Claire has revenge fantasies which she now tries to put into action with the help of black magic and the support of the scientist Prof. Gruber. Under the false pretence of being active as a medium, Claire nests in the castle of her former friend Duke de Haussemont. When a man dies in a car accident in a nearby village, Claire's hour has come. She teams up with Dr.Gruber to dig up the body of the killed man. Using Dr.Gruber's surgical skills and Claire's black magic, the dead man is brought back to life to strangle the Duke. The police are at a loss. The inheritance of the castle falls to his nephew Richard, who lets the two house guests continue their work. So the summoned monster first attacks the housekeeper Loretta, who turns into a zombie and then roams the area in pure murder. Dr.Gruber wants to stop the monster but Claire plans further acts of revenge. Now it's up to Richard to stop the two maniacs, if only it weren't for the pretty model Susan who has to get laid first.

A friend in need, is a friend indeed, but if the supposed friends would rather use their money to build a horseshed than to help a grieving widow, then the only thing left is black magic. That's what Claire thought, who hires a Dr. Frankenstein look-a-like to make a monster out of body parts to give Claire's false friends a deadly lesson in helping others. Chaotic as the monster, it accidentally transforms the permissive house maid Loretta into a fleshhungry zombie who, during an investigation, brings the doctors in the hospital to the only logical explanation: The forces of evil are involved into this mystery. After model Susan got laid, Playboy Richard finally has to save her from the claws of the monster, which is no longer under the telepathic control of Dr. Gruber and runs rampage. Yes, dear friends of bad taste cinema, our dearest French production studio Eurociné, known for such howlers like strong>Zombie Lake or strong>Crimson presents us a black magic/Frankenstein variant in a gothic look paired with the freedom of the 70s, but forgets to tell any interesting story. A few blank breasts and a badly made-up bald head stomping through a castle scenery isn't enough if logic and suspense moments are left behind.

The film was released on DVD by Image Entertainment in the USA followed some years later by a UK version of Arrow films. With the US release of the Redemption Blu-ray it became clear that the two DVD editions were unfortunately shortened in two scenes. After Richard suspects the death of Loretta, she appears a short time later as a zombie to call in sick. A little later the sex scene between Richard and his bed bunny Susan is much longer. Since body doubles were obviously used for this scene, which can either be seen in half-light or intertwined, the voyeuristic viewer only gets a few insightful looks. The picture quality of the Loretta-Zombie scene drops a bit in comparison to the rest of the film, moreover there are a lot of dirt and scratches to be seen. I suppose there was a movie-reel change at this point, which caused the scene to be lost for the DVD editions and Redemption has reconstructed it again using 35mm material.
Unfortunately, the two formerly missing scenes don't contribute much to the film. First viewing choice should definitely be the Redemption Blu-ray, as it is qualitatively truely better than the DVD editions. Eurociné fans or other interested folks can therefore choose the Blu-ray version.

To conclude with the euphemistic words of Tim Lucas, who apparently saw a completely different film:
A rarely seen French/Spanish co-production, Devil's Kiss (a.k.a. La Perversa Caricia de Satan, "The Perverse Caresses of Satan," 1975) is the only horror film ever directed by erotica specialist "Georges Gigo", the French pseudonym of Spanish-born Jorge Lui Gigo Aznar. It's an atmospheric and sexy witch's brew that blends equal parts of Frankenstein, Dracula and H.P.Lovecraft, starring a veritable who's who of familiar faces (and figures) from the 1970s heyday of Spanish horror!


UK DVD: 89:11 min.
US Blu-ray: 95:07 min.

The UK DVD movie title fades in earlier.

No time difference.


Movie-fissure: The monster can be seen earlier.

BD: 2 sec.


After Richard has expressed the suspicion that Loretta could have been murdered, the camera pans to the side. The pallor Loretta can be seen. She means that she only feels uncomfortable.

Loretta: "You called, sir?"
Richard:" Oh, here's the mysterious lady. Well? Loretta, you certainly has us worried. What happened to you? You don't look well."
Loretta: "I'm not feeling well. May I go up to my room, sir?"
Richard: "Certainly, Loretta. And if you're not well tomorrow, we'll call the doctor."

BD: 22 sec.


The sex scene between Richard and Susan is much longer on the Blu-ray disc. There isn't much to see, though.

BD: 1:32 min.