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  • R-Rated
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Release: Aug 31, 2014 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB
The Last Horror Movie is an exceptional film narrated from the point of view of a serial killer. He employs a camera man that follows him around and films him as he lays out the logic of his work and kills his random victims in various ways. The thriller manages to manipulate the viewer to some degree and can be understood as a criticism of the exploitation of violence in the media and our own double standards when it comes to morals.

With its gratification of violence, merciless killings and justification of these acts, the film doesn't have the easiest situation in some countries when it comes to censorship. In Germany, even a censored version of the movie was banned and another, even stronger cut version that misses 16 minutes of footage has been green-lit for retail. Of course, this is an extreme case but the US have a cut edition, as well. For the "R" rating (for strong brutal violence and language), almost a minute of violence was removed. Since the murders are very realistic, the cuts are not MPAA-typically just a few frames but rather several seconds long. Also, digital effects and a zoom were used sometimes but cuts are the prevalent method to censor the film. The US also got it fully uncut as an Unrated version and the UK (where the film is from) got it uncut with a BBFC 18 rating right from the start.

Comparison between the censored US R-Rated DVD (by Bedford Entertainment) and the uncensored Austrian DVD (by Legend Films).

7 cuts = 55.2 seconds
0:17:26: Max hits the guy's head with the stone two times more. Blood surfaces on the ground.
1.96 sec.

0:20:41: As Max eventually strangles the woman to death, this takes a bit longer in the uncut version. In order to somewhat hide that cut, the R-Rated has an inserted camera distortion suggesting that the taping is over at that point.
17.16 sec.

0:28:49: Several censorship measures were undertaken in this scene. Max stabs the woman's stomach repeatedly and she slowly glides down the door screaming in shock. While the uncut version shows this in one fluid shot, the R-Rated zooms in so that the stabbing is out of focus and towards the ending of the stabbing there's the distortion that's supposed to hide a cut. This results in a small runtime plus for the censored version.
The R-Rated runs 1.68 sec. longer


0:37:08: As the shots of the stabbing victims become more and more violent, only the uncut version shows the whole carnage.
7.76 sec.

0:46:05: The burning of the husband was shortened in the R-Rated version. In the uncut version, he continues screaming and burning for quite some time. He's all up in flames as he finally dies.
10.24 sec.

0:53:35: The young woman is bleeding heavily from her wound. We only see a small glimpse of that in the R-Rated.
6.4 sec.

1:07:19: The strangulation of the man is longer. His hopeless attempts to catch some air can be heard very clearly.
13.36 sec.