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Release: Dec 21, 2020 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between Well Go USA's R-rated Blu-ray and Well Go USA's uncut 4K UHD / Blu-ray

- 23 differences, incl. 7 alternate scenes & 12x additional footage in the R-rated
- Difference: 44 sec


David Cronenberg has made genre fans happy for decades, but his son Brandon is now attracting attention as well. In 2012 he presented Antiviral, which already showed parallels to the works of his father. In Possessor, released in 2020, these approaches are spun out further, although Cronenberg junior also goes his own way. In the psychological science fiction thriller, contract killers can take over the consciousness of strangers and thus carry out their murders in perfect camouflage. However, the protagonist's boundaries to her own reality become increasingly blurred. With Sean Bean and Jennifer Jason Leigh, you can see a few familiar faces in supporting roles.

The classic body horror has received a modern makeover and similar to David's works, Brandon does not hold back with explicit scenes. It was a bit too much for the American R-rating and so the distributor used this for its marketing scheme: The title was expanded to Possessor: Uncut and therefore unmistakably advertised that you get to see the uncensored version here without MPA release. The film carefully places its very few brutal sequences over the full runtime but goes quite over the top in these well-doses moments. You also get to see some sex, up to very short hardcore snippets.

In the US, DVD, Blu-ray and 4K UHD are available since December 08, 2020. Uncut options are clearly recognizable by the yellow cover art with "Possessor: Uncut" wording. On DVD and Blu-ray, a censored R-rated version with a red cover motif is available as well, whereby this is the only option on DVD, while on Blu-ray, as mentioned, you still have the Uncut alternative. In this form, the film lacks just under a minute of violence and nudity moments. As is so often the case, some alternative material was used. All in all, a version that's still watchable and which was only deprived of intensity. Nevertheless, every genre fan is advised to buy the uncut version.


Runtime information is arrange according to the scheme
R-Rated Blu-ray / Uncut Blu-ray

The Uncut version indicates the original state of the following film for starters.
Not included in cut duration/amount.

12 sec

05:22 / 05:34-05:36

Holly continues to stab the lawyer in two short close-ups.

1.8 sec

Alternate scene / Additional footage in R-Rated version
05:23-05:25 / 05:37-05:38

The uncut has an additional close-up from the side where the knife is pulled from the stomach. The R-rated instead stays longer in the medium long shot.

R-Rated 1 sec longer


05:25 / 05:38-05:39

After all, half a second of the next close-up was also seen in the R-rated. But in the uncut it's actually a bit longer.

0.5 sec

05:26 / 05:40-05:44

Before we get to see her shoes, Holly stabs the guy a few times more.

4.2 sec

Additional footage in R-Rated version
05:27-05:28 / 05:45

The shoes are seen a moment longer in the R-rated. The follow up shot of Holly also starts a few frames earlier.

+ 0.9 sec

05:30 / 05:47-05:48

This shot of Holly is seen a few frames longer in the uncut version and the following one starts earlier: She pulls the knife out of the stomach a first time.

1 sec

05:31 / 05:49-05:50

This bloody shot is also a bit longer in the uncut version.
In the R-rated version, the following shot of Holly starts 5 frames earlier (not shown).

Uncut 0.9 sec longer

07:27 / 07:45-07:47

After Holly is shot, she is seen on the ground a little longer. More blood spurts from the bullet hole on her cheek across her forehead.

2 sec

Alternate scene / Additional footage in R-Rated version
37:22-37:33 / 37:42-37:53

When Colin is granted a view into the bedroom, there is an alternative shot to see. Only in the Uncut you can see the semi-erect penis of the man at the beginning. The woman has her legs spread wide open. In the R-rated, this is filmed a bit tamer, up to the implied oral sex. In addition, the following shot of Colin starts 1.5 sec earlier.

Same duration


Alternate scene / Additional footage in R-Rated version
37:38-37:43 / 37:59-38:04

The next view into the bedroom also deviates.

Same duration


Additional footage in R-Rated version
48:17-48:18 / 48:38

The sex scene starts insignificantly earlier in the R-rated version.

+ 0.6 sec

48:25 / 48:45-48:50

On the other hand, the same shot is much longer at the end in the uncut version. Colin starts to moan as well.

4.9 sec

Alternate scene / Additional footage in R-Rated version
49:27-49:28 / 49:52-50:01

In the Uncut version the montage end up with a tracking shot around Tasya. Colin's penis is visible once the camera has moved down a bit.

In the R-Rated we instead get a closer look at Tasya.

Uncut 8.3 sec longer

61:32 / 62:05-62:06

In an additional shot from the side, Colin pushes the poker longer into Parse's mouth. Of course, this causes more blood to splatter.

1.5 sec

Additional footage in R-Rated version
61:33 / 62:08

The follow-up shot is a few (completely irrelevant) frames longer in the R-rated.

+ 0.2 sec

Alternate scene / Additional footage in R-Rated version
61:33-61:35 / 62:08-62:10

How Colin then turns the poker over again can be seen in an alternative take. But you can't really spot any particular difference.

Uncut 0.2 sec longer


Alternate scene / Additional footage in R-Rated version
62:09-62:10 / 62:44-62:45

In the R-rated you see Colin a bit longer and then we jump to the last frames of the close-up of the mouth. The Uncut switches there earlier instead and shows the teeth in more detail. This way it feels way more explicit when the teeth come loose in the short rest of the shot.

Same duration


62:13 / 62:47-62:56

Parse can be seen suffering from the side for a longer time. Colin repositions again and then peels his eye out in another close-up. The following shot of Colin also starts a moment earlier.

9.1 sec

Note: As the film progresses, there are more and more flashbacks of Colin/Tasya with inserts that are always only shown for a single frame. There you can also see the moment of the eye being peeled out or other censored shots in the R-rated version.

91:16 / 92:00-92:04

Colin hits Michael more extensively with the cleaver.

4.2 sec

91:18 / 92:06-92:14

The severed hand can be seen a bit longer. This is followed by a bloody detail shot of Michael. The follow-up shot of Colin also starts earlier with several more cleaver blows.

8.3 sec

Additional footage in R-Rated version
91:21-91:22 / 92:17

Colin is allowed to strike for an insignificantly longer time in the R-rated version at the end.

+ 0.8 sec

91:23 / 92:18-92:19

When switching to the next perspective, the first hit is removed in the R-rated.

1.1 sec

Alternate scene / Additional footage in R-Rated version
93:06-93:07 / 94:02-94:03

The little boy Ira is hit super briefly through the back and head. The follow-up shot also starts a few frames earlier. The R-rated meanwhile shows Tasya screaming way longer.

R-Rated 0.3 sec longer


Additional footage in R-Rated version
97:39-97:42 / 98:35

Strangely enough, the sound designer is only mentioned here in the R-rated during the credits. This partly explains the slightly longer running time with credits, but was not included in the cut duration/amount.

+ 3.2 sec

The final fade from the yellow background to black also happens a few insignificant seconds later in the R-rated.