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  • Director's Cut (Curse Of The Full Moon)
  • Theatrical Version (The Rats Are Coming! The Werewolves Are Here!)
Release: Jan 14, 2022 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

The Rats Are Coming! The Werewolves Are Here!

There is an ancient curse on the Mooney family. When the moon is full, they turn into werewolves. The patriarch Pa is kept alive by the extract of a plant from his daughter Phoebe. The eldest son Mortimer takes care of the family business, while his sister Monica mainly causes mischief. The latter also has to take care of the deformed son Malcolm, who is locked in a room with chickens. All hopes are pinned on the youngest daughter Diana, who has been sent to medical school. When she returns after four years of study, she has her fiancé Gerald with her. The latter has no idea what kind of family he is marrying into.

Andy Milligan's family drama about a dysfunctional family of werewolves offers the usual mix of sometimes amateurish staging, mismatched costumes that don't fit the period at all, and a confused plot. But in the end, that's exactly what makes the film so charmingly entertaining. You need a little patience until the first minimalist made-up werewolf stumbles through the picture and the events unfold in the blink of an eye, but until then you are entertained with wonderful dialogues and crude ideas. The film is considerably more harmless than Milligan's other films from the era and even hit theaters with a PG rating.

Two versions on the US Blu-ray

Produced by William Mishkin, the film was shot in England in 1969 under the title Curse Of The Full Moon, along with other films such as Bloodthirsty Butchers and The Man with Two Heads. However, the film was not released in theaters until 1972 in an extended version. After the success of 1971's Willard, about a young man's murderous relationship with a horde of rats, Mishkin wanted Milligan to expand his werewolf family drama to include additional scenes with rats. This explains the incredibly wild title The Rats Are Coming! The Werewolves Are Here!

The additional scenes revolve primarily around Monica. She buys a bunch of rats in a pawn shop because she is bored in the house. When she is bitten by one of the rats, she returns the horde, but when the seller won't take them back, he meets his death in the flames. In another scene, Monica kills her friend Rebecca because she has found out too much about the Mooney family. It is noticeable that the scenes were shot later, as some of the picture quality is much worse. Especially the scene of Monica and Rebecca is completely wrongly exposed and much too bright. The original version Curse Of The Full Moon can be found for the first time in The Dungeon Of Andy Milligan Collection box set with 13 of his films, released by Severin. It is very interesting to see the original version for the first time. This one is even a bit longer than the theatrical version in one plot scene.

Anyone interested in Andy Milligan's films should definitely get the box by Severin. The box is very lovingly designed and many of the films are available in extended versions for the first time. The picture quality is excellent and the included book by Stephen Thrower rounds out the release nicely. The +/- $150 price tag on this is more than justified considering where the price range was for previous releases.


Curse Of The Full Moon: 73:07 min.
The Rats Are Coming! The Werewolves Are Here!: 92:00 min.


The RATS version begins with the PG rating.

The opening credits follow.

RATS: 1:04 Min.


In the FM version, the dialogue scene between Phoebe and Pa continues.

Phoebe apologizes to Pa for letting her temper get the better of her. The latter says that he will be all right in a minute. He says that she shouldn't let Monica upset her. Phoebe asks what they are going to do. Pa says that they can't go outside until after the sun goes down. Pa tells her that moving is out of the question since this is their home. After fall, they want to build a fence around the house. He tells her to worry about food now. Phoebe tells Pa that she loves him.

This is followed by a shot of Mortimer, treating Malcom's burned back.

FM: 1:13 Min.


The FM version fades out as Monica wanders around the room.

In the RATS version, the ghostly creatures tug on a chicken.

FM: 3 sec.
RATS: 24 sec.


After the conversation between Gerald and Phoebe, a new scene follows in the RATS version.

Monica drips hot wax on a mouse tied to a table in front of her by its tail. She stabs the mouse with a knife and eventually uses a nail and hammer.

RATS: 43 sec.


After the scene in which Diana told her brother Mortimer about her baby, a new scene follows in the RATS version.

Monica comes to the pawnshop of Mr. McCarver. She complains that it is so dark and musty there, but McCarver replies that he avoids sunlight. McCarver briefly inquires about Monica's sister and asks what she has come to him for. Monica says that she bought a mouse from him, so McCarver wants to know how the mouse is doing. Monica replies that it has died. Monica says that she needs new pets because she is bored in the house. McCarver asks what she was thinking of, to which Monica replies that she wants rats. McCarver says she's in the right place and offers her a drink. Monica says that the Mooneys don't drink alcohol. McCarver shows her the rats he keeps in a cage. He has accustomed them to the taste of meat and has also fed them human flesh. Due to too much alcohol, the rats have also eaten off an arm and part of his face. Monica wants to buy all the rats and asks McCarver not to tell Phoebe about it.

RATS: 6:38 Min.


In a new scene in the RATS version, Monica is seen with her rats. She gives them names. One of the rats takes her hand and is bitten by it. She stabs the rat with the knife.

In the next scene, Monica comes to McCarver to give him back the rats. McCarver, however, does not want to take them back because he has already spent the money on booze. Monica insists on getting her money back. A scuffle ensues and Monica threatens to feed McCarver to the rats. When McCarver goes to get the money, Monica throws one of the rats at him. An oil lamp falls to the floor and McCarver is burned.

RATS: 3:55 Min.


After Monica is chased away by Phoebe, the RATS version has a new scene.

Monica is sitting on a staircase with her friend Rebecca. The woman says that she has a gift for Monica, but won't show it to her because Monica once put a bug in her mouth. Monica says that this was just a joke, but doesn't want to apologize for it. Rebecca wants to leave, but Monica says that she doesn't have to come back if she doesn't get her present. Rebecca shows Monica a snake in a jar. Monica is happy about it and inquires about the sex of the snake. She goes on to say that the frog Rebecca gave her last week has already died. Mortimer discovered the frog and killed it. Rebecca thinks the frog deserved a proper burial. Monica suggests digging him up again to bury him. Monica thinks about the name for the snake. If it is a female, she would name the snake Diana. Monica confesses to Rebecca that she hates Diana. Monica suggests going to the viewing pavilion so Phoebe doesn't catch them. Rebecca wants to go first and take the snake, but Monica won't give it back.

In the next scene, Monica comes to Rebecca in the pavilion. Monica says that Phoebe has not seen them. Rebecca says that Monica is an extraordinary woman. Monica wants to know what she says. Rebecca says that she can see up to the Mooney's windows at night and has seen unusual things there. Rebecca doesn't understand why Malcolm gets chicken intestines because they don't taste good. Furthermore, she has observed Phoebe administering something to Monica's father. Monica says that Rebecca has seen too much. Rebecca asks if Monica can't bring her some food. She further asks if Monica can't give her the silver brooch since they are such good friends. Monica assures herself that Rebecca hasn't told anyone about it and walks away for a moment. After a while, Rebecca hears someone calling for her. When she goes to check, Monica shows up with a hatchet and chops off Rebecca's hand. After that, Rebecca is impaled with a staff.

RATS: 7:26 Min.


The FM version shows only a black screen at the end.

In the RATS version, "The End" is faded in.

FM: 1 sec.
RATS: 3 sec.