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  • Original Version
  • Restored Version
Release: Jul 20, 2021 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

The Devil Rides Out

In the south of England in 1929, Nicolas and his friend Rex discover that Simon, the son of their deceased war comrade, is involved in occult circles. Together with the pretty Tanith, he is to receive the Blood Consecration, which Nicolas just manages to prevent. The group entrenches itself in the house of a friendly couple and must defend itself against the magical attacks of Mocata, the leader of the circle...

Based on the novel of the same name by Dennis Wheatley, director Terence Fisher shows an occult struggle against the black forces in one of his last directorial works. It is unusual to see Christopher Lee in a hero's role in which he, as a well-read aristocrat, takes on the leader of a devil sect. The magical attacks are creatively and excitingly executed and with the seemingly overpowering Mocata as a shrewd antagonist.

Two versions included on the German Blu-ray

The first Blu-ray of The Devil Runs Out was released in the UK by Studio Canal on October 22, 2012. Fans were disappointed, as only a restored version of the film was released, altered in some places by the use of CGI. In some forums, there was a real outcry about how much the film was distorted. The dust has since settled somewhat, as both Shout Factory's US and Anolis' German Blu-ray feature the original version. Anolis also offers the complete package, as the restored version is also included in the two-Blu-ray set.

But how serious are the interventions in the film really? Some of the matte painting effects scenes have been corrected to make the copied-in image fit the background better. In addition, new CGI effects have been added, whether it's the appearance of the Angel of Death or the flashes of light in the finale. The adjustments make the aged effects scenes stand out less. Especially during the spider scenes, the copied-in spider was clearly recognizable as such, while in the restored version it fits better into the scene. In my eyes, a professional and well done restoration that usefully improves the aging effects. The colors and contrast of the original version are better done there.

Picture comparison:

Restored version:

Original Version:


Restored version: 96:16 min.
Original version: 96:12 min.

Comparison between the Theatrical Version and the Restored Version.


The restored version shows the Hammer logo before the film.

The original version shows the BFI logo instead.

RE: 12 sec.
OV: 12 sec.


When Simon's house is first seen, a few clouds have been added to the sky in the restored version.

No time difference.


The second shot of Simon's house also features gloomy clouds in the sky of the restored version.

No time difference.


When Simon's house can be seen again after his escape, the clouds were added again in the restored version.

No time difference.


When the man appears, the restored version shows more of the smoke clouds.

No time difference.


When the man appeared, he was better blended into the background of the picture in the restored version. In the original version, he clearly stands out.

No time difference.


Again the same difference as Rex tries in vain not to look the man in the eye.

No time difference.


The next shot of the man has the same difference.

No time difference.


Once again.

No time difference.


And again.

No time difference.


The same difference as the man is driven away by Nicolas.

No time difference.


In the restored version, the appeared baphoment is not as blurry as in the original version.

No time difference.


As before, the baphoment is again clearly visible in the second shot in the restored version.

No time difference.


In the restored version, the spider was better copied into the picture as it crawls towards Peggy.

No time difference.


Same difference as the spider stands up in front of Peggy.

No time difference.


Same difference as the water lands on Peggy and the spider.

No time difference.


When the spider is hit by the jar, the restored frame shows water drops and glass shards.

No time difference.


When the Angel of Death appeared, a beam of light was added near the door in the restored version.

No time difference.


After the Angel of Death removes his visor, the restored version shows a sea of flames in the background.

No time difference.


During the ritual in the finale, the restored one shows other flashes of light that set the altar on fire.

No time difference.


The death of Mocata in the sea of flames has been digitally remastered. The restored version shows more flames in the foreground, plus the large flame on the right has been edited.

No time difference.


The restored version shows a note at the end.

The original version shows the black screen for longer.

RE: 4 sec.
OV: 2 sec.